Ace Hardware Store Coming to Former CVS Space in Woodley Park

2616 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in April the CVS Shuffle occurred when CVS moved from 2616 Connecticut Ave, NW to corner of Connecticut and Calvert Street. Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up about an Ace Hardware moving into the former CVS space at 2616 Connecticut Ave, NW next to McDonald’s. According to their Website:

“We’re looking to open the doors mid-August

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  • That space seems a bit small for a hardware store, but even a small hardware store in the neighborhood will be a plus.

  • Even small independent stores like Old School Hardware in Mount Pleasant are a big asset to their neighborhoods.

    This Woodley Park space might have extra space in the form of a rear loft, basement, or even a pop-up second floor.

    Is this Ace part of the ever growing Gina Schaefer – Marc Friedman Logan/Glover/Tenley/etc chain?

  • This is great news. I used to patronize that place on 18th (Express Hardware) and it was so overpriced, and the owner was never helpful — the only hardware store in the area! Hooray for ACE joining the hood.

  • I just wet my pants. Peace out Express Hardware!!

  • I was hoping that spot would turn into a good, neighborhood coffee shop, but a hardware store isn’t bad, either. Definitely better than some of the other alternatives.

    • I’m a big fan of Cafe Sorrisso which just opened up around the corner on Calvert. If you’re looking for good a neighborhood coffee spot, that’s it.

    • There’s also Open City around the corner, they make superb coffee.

      • I like Cafe Sorriso and Open City, but neither one is a traditional coffee shop. That’s what I was hoping for.

        • Woodley Park is still an expensive place to do business and I just don’t see a “traditional coffee shop” making money here, especially if you want it to be locally owned. The only ones who could make a go of it MIGHT be the corporate chains but if that were the case Starbucks would have jumped on this instantly.

          As a WP resident, I’m quite happy with Open City and Sorriso (even though waits at the former can border on ridiculous and the latter is a bit expensive for what it is). Looking forward to having a hardware store too! Now if only we had the space for a REAL grocery and not the markup closet that is Manhattan Market…

  • This is excellent news for the neighborhood!

  • Nice. At first I was a little disappointed that something “cool” wasn’t coming (like a good restaurant or retail, since that is something the neighborhood doesn’t really have much of either), but actually, this is great. No more having to drive/metro up to tenleytown to pick up some nails or paint and stuff.

  • What?! That’s amazing!

  • it will be nice to be able to walk to a hardware store and not deal with the parking situations on 17th street or glover park (and, i am happy that this space will be occupied by a resident-focused business, which can be the exception to the rule in woodley park).

    speaking of markets, i read that cleveland park just rejected a farmers market proposal because of the presence of brookville market. does anyone know if woodley park is considering an expansion to the weekly farmers market on the corner of cathedral and woodley place?

    • A hardware store is great — a pop-up 2nd story for it would be great too, let’s hope a resident-focused business does well enough to justify that.

      For the farmer’s market, I’ve heard that the local synagogue in Cleveland Park is talking about hosting one. I hope everything can work out with Brookville, they’re a great community asset — but so is a farmer’s market!

  • Awesome news. I am a fan of their other locations—big shout out to the Glover Park store, which was a lifesaver when I moved into my last fixer-upper. It will be great to have a branch withing walking distance.

    • I now live near the Glover Park hardware store but cant remember the managers name of the store but I’ve had a couple of interactions with her and she is awesome. I love the employees at the store they are all so friendly and helpful. Not a big fan of some of the other hardware stores in this chain. Work 2 blocks from the 5th street one and its atrocious. Junky, dirty, unhelpful employees that just stand around talking with each other, the finger point of its over there doesnt work for me. I stopped going in there.
      I used to live near 17th street True Value and miss it so much.

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