1414 9th St, NW Changing Hands Again – Getting Renovated

Keeping up with 1414 9th St, NW is getting exhausting. Since Vegetate closed in 2009 the space has become an Ethiopian restaurant called Cafe Eagle then Taqueria Mexicana then an Ethiopian Sports Bar and Restaurant named Eagle (again) then was renamed Northern Restaurant. Whew. It’s now getting renovated and workers on the scene weren’t sure who’d be taking it over. Stay tuned…

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  • Cursed location – everything that has gone in here has been (a) mediocre and (b) not long for this world.

  • It was sad to see the businesses come and go, but hopefully the next business will do the basic things they need to do to attract customers.

    If you were just walking past the building for the past few years, you would never guess that there was anything worthwhile to see inside. The plywood patch hasn’t been addressed since the Vegetate sign was taken down two and a half years ago, and the businesses since haven’t done much more than tape signs to the window letting people know what their businesses were.

  • For God sakes… whoever is working on this place, please take the digital scrolly sign out of the window. Nothing makes me run faster from a restaurant than digital scrolly signs. Well that and pictures of plates of food in the window…

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