What the Helen of Troy is This?

A reader snaps this photo of a “Bad Boys Club” license plate this morning. TBD did a good breakdown of 2011 DC License plates in February. They wrote:

“The D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles issued 113,259 tags to District drivers in the fiscal year of 2011. But not all tags are created equal.

As the DMV website states, you can create any number of specialty license plates, sometimes for extra fees.”

You can see the tag fees here. And if you want to create an organization vehicle tag – you can learn how to do that below:

Organizational Vehicle Tags Package

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  • I saw this car yesterday and had the same thought. Weird. There’s a cartoon image of a cop, kinda like a Keystone Cop, so maybe it’s a policeman’s thing.

  • I think their president is Goofus, from the Goofus and Gallant comics.

  • Wasn’t there a story recently about how the low-numbered plates are basically given only to friends and family of the Council and other high-ranking government officials. I suspect “0012” counts as such, right?

    • ah

      No–there are special low numbered DC plates for officials (I think up to 1200 or 2000). They have a special emblem–last year it was a rose bloom I think, and this year it’s some sort of shape. It changes each year in March or April.

      (having typed that, check the link below for full details).

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