What the Helen of Troy is This?

Dear PoPville,

While walking through the new Navy Yard park last week during my lunch break, I happened to pass through the old lumber shed that is currently being renovated.

The place is totally gutted with nothing going on at all right now….except for this!
What the heck is a miniature sky tram doing there? Yes…it actually is moving from one side to the other.

Is this some type of art installation? A secret form of advertising for something that is coming to this location?

I have no idea…so very random and unexpected.
Anybody know what this is all about?

I actually went to the baseball game last night and a friend of mine said it was art. Does anyone know more about this piece?

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  • This is a 1940 air version of the Zamboni Machine. It clears the air so the baseballs have less friction when in flight.

  • Public Art project, part of several being planned now. Joint projects between DC Office of Planning and I think COmmission of Fine arts.

  • David Garber

    From http://www.the5x5project.com:

    “Cath Campbell’s Marathon is a working scale-model of the original cable car from Mt Hiei, Japan – source of the 3000 cherry trees donated to Washington, DC in 1912. Threading through the concrete pillars of the Yards Park Lumbershed, Marathon draws attention to the scale and empty volume of a building that is emblematic of wider social shifts away from manufacturing towards a leisure and recreation-led regeneration.”

  • word is that they’re putting a brewery/beer garden in that warehouse

    • It’s actually not in the Lumber yard but will be around the corner. Build out is already taking place at Blue Jacket.

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