Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – H St, NE

This rental is located at 1012 K St, NE:

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The listing says:

“ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED Fabulous 1-Bedroom/1-Bath with Stone Tile Flooring ThruOut BRICK WALL ACCENTS IN LIVING ROOM Kitchen Bar APPROX 700 SQ FT Ready for Immediate Occupancy Close to 3-Metro Rail Stations Washer/Dryer Gallaudet Univ Shopping Restaurants “H” St Corridor Trolley”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,600/Mo.

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  • brookland_rez

    Rents have really come up in that part. I remember looking at a rental rowhouse in 2006 at 3rd and K for $1400. Granted it didn’t have “Stone Tile Flooring ThruOut” but still.

  • Why does the listing say this is in Shaw and “close to 3 metro stations”? Also, it looks like a basement 1 BR. So basically, a 1 BR basement apt practically in Trinidad for $1600/month? heehee. not a good deal.

    • I was thinking “close to 3 metro stations” was a bit of a strech. I guess Union Station and NY Ave/Galludet metro are technically walking distance but what is the 3rd? Benning Rd.? Rhode Island Ave?

      • Eastern Market? Isn’t exactly “close,” unless you consider “15-minute bus ride down Eighth Street” as close.

        • Yeah, it’s a good half-hour walk. Not a bad walk at all, but I would never say it’s close.

      • Looking on the map, I can’t figure out what the third one is supposed to be either.

        And calling a place that’s 8 to 11 blocks away “close” is pushing it, but of course real estate agents are always claiming that their properties are mere “steps” away from Metro, etc.

        • agreed. I think it has to be 10-12 min walk to be “close”–not saying 15 min isn’t doable too. But union station is basically over a mile away. thats not close.

  • Nice that it includes utilities and looks kind of nice, but I don’t see any windows and the ceilings look low. I say overpriced (plus I would never live in a basement.)

    700 sq ft is kind of large.

  • Yeah, this looks like a basement apartment. $1,600 a month even for an above-ground one-bedroom in this neighborhood seems a bit steep to me, but that much for a BASEMENT apartment seems crazy.

    I don’t see a front basement-level entrance. Maybe the house is configured in such a way that the basement tenant enters through the first-floor front door… but if not, I think that would really limit the pool of potential renters. I don’t think I’d want an apartment with only an alley entrance just about anywhere, and especially not in a “transitioning” area.

  • No, no, no (triple no)!

    $1600 for an English basement in Trinidad? What is the world coming to these days?

  • I charge $1600 for a brand new (whole house renovated) two bedroom basment apt in Columbia Heights and it looks a lot nicer than this.

  • tonyr

    For comparison you could rent your very own shed for less than half this ….


  • I live a few blocks away in a larger, above-ground 1BR, and I pay $1100. This apt is overpriced.

  • Whaaattt. Rent is too damn high these days. H st is great to go out on, but you can fiind a 1 bed apartment in a more convenient part of the city for the same or only slightly higher price. Trade-offs, I guess.

  • I live in Trinidad and that price is insane. I rent a whole house with basement for not too much more than that.

    • I too live in Trinidad, but rent a single room for $600, basement apartment for $1100. Enough to pay an entire mortgage. Suggest you raise your rents.

  • This is really a terrible deal.

  • So, I only counted one actual window. No freaking way would I pay 1600.00 for that apartment.


  • Not bad but I mean, for a basement with very few windows… I’m not sure 1600 is an appropriate price. Also, I’d question the legality… doesn’t look like it’s even up to code.

  • Regina: OMG! I love your apartment, where did you get it?

    Classmate: Oh, my mom bought it for me.

    Regina: Vintage, so adorable.

    :: Walks away ::

    Regina: That is the ugliest effing apartment I have ever seen.

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