Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

This rental is located at 1727 Massachusetts Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“NO SMOKING, NO PETS. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED IN RENT! 2 BLOCKS TO METRO, Beautifully updated unit, full size fridge in new kitchen. Roof deck & 24-HR front desk.”

This studio is going for $1,650/Mo.

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  • Why is this being featured as Dupont? Even the listing identifies the rental as Shaw.


  • Got it, thanks. The listing, though, does identify it as Shaw. A little strange.

    On another subject, PoP: What is up with your site? In the last few days, posts have gone missing, I get messages that the site might have been a target of DoS attack and that PoP is offline… what is going on?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Real estate data is populated by MRIS they often make mistakes. You got those messages because the site migrated to new servers this weekend. If you ever have any questions or concerns please email me directly at princeofpetworth(at)gmail thank you.

  • I hate that a studio costs this much. What a crock.

    • Me too. And I am not even renting anymore (thankfully).

    • Then why did you move here? Not trying to be snarky, honestly curious.

      • not the same poster, but i moved to dc and got a studio on mass ave near dupont for $800. yes that was in like 2003, but rents here have sky rocketed unlike a lot of other places. i would move in a heartbeat if i could find a job in the city i wanted to move to.

      • I’m the one commenting above you who is not renting anymore. Personally, I am ok with the high cost of living here because my partner and I have good salaries and we are willing to trade off other luxuries for living in a vibrant, walkable area. But I think it’s sad that even the smallest apartments are unafforable for a lot of Washingtonians. I do recognize that this is one of the nicest neighborhoods in DC, but prospects are not that much better elsewhere. You might be able to shave $200-400 off your rent by living in a less desirable neighborhood or the suburbs, but the quality of life decrease can be significant.

        • I agree. And while salaries may be good in DC, for most people the salary increases have not kept up with the rent increases of the last few years, which means people are paying more of their income towards rent. I realize high rents are a trade-off for the good economy in DC, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still lament the rents.

      • Many of us moved here before a studio apartment cost anywhere near this much.

        Even when it doesn’t affect us personally (because we’ve bought or whatever), we still look at the rents and shake our heads in disbelief.

        • I agree with your comments. When I moved from my parents apartment in 1980 I moved into a studio in the Dorchester House on 16th & Euclid. My rent was a staggering $219 dollars. Yes, that’s correct – $219.00!! When I purchased my house and moved out in 1996 my rent had grown to $452.00. So when I see $1,600 and up for a studio I shake my head and I wonder how can anyone pay these rents for apartments. I was lucky to buy a house three blocks from my old apartment. But I just don’t know how people can rent and be able to save money to buy a house. I was born and raised in D.C. and even though I love it and really want to stay here – it’s really scary. I’m not begrudging progress – I’m just making a statment.

      • For a job? That doesn’t pay well. But that I love. I don’t know, why does anyone move anywhere? The point is that the rent in this city is ridiculously high and I think most people can agree to that.

  • This makes me want to send a fruit basket to my landlord.

  • Jeez, can one at least watch some “Captain Kangaroo,” or is that not allowed either?

    • Sheesh, all it says as far as restrictions is “NO SMOKING, NO PETS” — it’s not like it also has “NO MEAT ALLOWED IN KITCHEN.”

      Maybe it’s not the best way to start off an ad, but I suppose at least that way it doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

  • I used to live in this building. The photo is actually of the building next door. 1727 is the building on the right that’s cut off. It wasn’t a bad place to live. Utilities were included for me (and it was hot in the winter!) so that’s like cutting $100+ off the rent. Still, not a good deal since my 900+ sq ft 1br was only about $1800/mo in 2007, but this is a fantastic location.

  • Just think of it this way, it’s only 13 cents per sq/ft a day!

  • man, it’s nuts but when you look at studio prices in less desirable neighborhoods this probably is where the market’s at for Dupont…

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