Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Carver/Langston

This rental is located at 1810 H Pl, NE:

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The listing says:

“Come see this 3 bedroom 1.5 Bathroom townhouse located in NE. Open living area, renovated kitchen with a cozy breakfast nook. Washer/dryer in unit. Master bedroom has large closets. Light filled second bedroom. Third bedroom would also work perfectly as an office! Security system included. Off street parking for TWO cars. Located steps from Safeway and the new Aldi market!”

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $2250/Mo.

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  • $2.2K to live in Little Viet Nam! GTFO

  • I think it’s a little high. There are better deals to be had in the area. But when you consider the new apartment buildings a block from here will be renting 2 bd apts for this amount it might not be such a bad deal.

  • I really can’t see a POP reader living in Carver Langston, or maybe I can.

  • And it’s usually about this time in the comments when somebody innocently asks about personal safety in the neighborhood only to get lambasted by the next half dozen posters who accuse them of never having strayed east of Rock Creek Park. 3…2….1…begin

    • Love it. But, seriously, I have no idea what this neighborhood is like. Anyone who’s familiar feel up to giving a description?

      • I live south of Benning Road, and am up there quite a bit– like a lot of other NE neighborhoods, Carver Langston is nowhere near as dangerous or uninhabitable as a lot of people think, and it’s near a lot of things, including the upcoming trolley.That said, for these reasons this is an area where it would be better to buy than rent, and $2250 strikes me as absolutely ridiculous. Of course I hope they get it, because that would indicate if I need to rent my house anytime soon I’d be able to more than cover my mortgage.

        Another thing, it’s close to H but this is not an area where you’d want to regularly be walking to/from places after 10 pm (and I have a very high tolerance for sketchy locales).

      • It’s one of the classic high death toll areas of the city zoom in. According to this map 49 people were killed in that neighborhood between 2005-2009. Not just shot or stabbed or beaten but killed.

  • No way.

  • You might as well live in Arlington if you’re going to live this far out in DC.

    • Eh, if I had to choose I’d live here. It’s still a much shorter commute and I’m sure it’s less expensive than Arlington.

      • It depends on how you commute, and from where in Arlington. I’m moving from a few blocks away from here today, and my commute on the only form of public transport (the X2) is about 35 min to downtown, whereas my new place 2 blocks from the Pentagon City metro is looking to be about a 20 min commute. By car yes you may be right, but this area is not too accessible with only public transport. Also, while this place is super cheap, the rent differential for me is marginal one way or the other.

        • Pentagon City? Bummer for you.

          • I think I speak for the entire human race when I say I’d rather live in Pentagon City than Carver Langston.

          • Why, what’s so great about Pentagon City? Unless you love shopping?

        • Well, not all of us work downtown. If I lived here I’d just hop on my bike (or drive) and shoot down to my office on M Street SE. Doesn’t seem like it would be that bad.

        • It definitely depends how you commute. I cycle commute to georgetown from this general area each day and it’s 25 minutes door to door. I seriously doubt you are going to get door to door from Pentagon City in 20 minutes, but I suppose if you lived and worked on top of metro stations it’s theoretically possible.

    • Yeah, because Arlington has something like H Street nearby, like this place does.

      Not saying it’s a good deal (at all) but that’s a pretty ridiculous comment.

  • is that a real estate video or a porno? there’s no excuse for shakey-cam in a professional video when you can get a tripod at target. just sayin.

  • Wow, that place looks tiny. Combined with the location, terrible deal. Overpriced by $400-$500.

  • I used to live on H Street. Across the street from this rental is a rough row of multi-units that house a criminal element – a lot of trouble on that block and on all blocks east. A block south is H Street – where I lived – probably the nicest, most well kept block in that area, and then one more block gets you to Benning – so a bit of a schlep to the X2. I lived there for 3 years and heard numerous shootings – many of them murders – and hence the reason I left. It got to be difficult to walk by all the drunks and junkies that hang on 19th, or by the bus stop – and the amount of litter was depressing, and the endless yell-talking. All the trouble wore me out. That being said – I was never robbed or mugged. I did have my bike stolen, but managed to steal it back. But that is a ridiculous amount to expect for rent on that block. As a previous poster said – you could buy for that – the requested rental amount is more than double my mortgage – 2bd/2ba – identical in renovation.

  • I live on H St., a block south and I will just say this, I see new neighbors every week. Apparently, it isn’t that bad and IMO it isn’t. If you speak and respect people there are no problems. I don’t know of anyone that has had their car broken into or that has been robbed. When violence does happen, it is directed at a particular person and there is usually a reason if you catch my drift. I see new neighbors moving in all the time because they know the area is up and coming. For the most part, it is a middle class/working class neighborhood with people doing the best they can.

  • And I too hope they get that much because that is all the better for us. ; )

  • Apparently Evolve is the worst property management company in the city… at least according to this craigslist warning: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/2980842030.html
    They also have a pretty bad rep on Yelp:

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