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  • Why does this place open in a week and the diner at 11th and Monroe take months upon months?

    • Seriously. Initially the 11th street place was supposedly gonna open last summer, and at this point it’s not looking good for this summer.

      Their coffee is average, in my opinion. It’s no Qualia, but few places are. At least it’s not the watered down gas station quality coffee I’ve found at most places in New York.

  • This is good news for coffee drinkers? Their coffee is worse than Jolt N Bolt’s..

    DC is seriously lacking in this department.

  • Great news for Dupont, yes. But this Northeastern Columbia Heights resident is still waiting for the new Tryst/Diner on 11th…..

  • How is this going to work? Will you have to pay admission to the museum to get into the coffeeshop? Is it taking the place of the little cafe in there now?

  • hopefully management requires that phillips collection visitors socialize when they stop in for a coffee. we’re in the 21st century: there are absolutely no electronics allowed in coffee shops.

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