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  • Can someone educate me on this? Doesn’t a junior one bedroom mean it does not have a bedroom? There is nothing junior about the bedroom, it doesn’t exist. Can we just call it a studio then?

    • alissaaa

      I always thought a Jr. one had a separate room for the bedroom but it didn’t have a door to separate it off from the living area. This looks like a studio plain and simple.

    • The definition of a Jr 1 bedroom as I see it, is a studio apartment but with the ability to put up a wall to make it a “bedroom.”

      The condo building I live in in SW has junior one bedrooms, but it has an actual bedroom so I’m not sure. This looks more like a studio than a Jr. 1 bedroom.

    • I believe a junior one bedroom has a separate room, which can have a door, but the “bedroom” does not have a window. I believe by law it needs to have a window in the “bedroom” to be a one bedroom.

      Or at least that is my understanding. I live in a junior one bedroom, and it is decidedly not a studio. I have a separate room, and its pretty large, but its…well…dark 🙂

    • To be considered a bedroom, a room has to have a closet, a window, and a door (it’s a little more technical than that, but that’s what it amounts to). Every junior one bedroom I’ve seen has a room that’s missing at least one of those three components. Sometimes it’s basically a studio with a sleeping alcove (no door), but sometimes it’s a normal-sized basically a one bedroom that they can’t advertise as such because it’s missing part of the legal definition.

  • What is up with the street-level window directly above the toilet? That seems like a poorly planned layout.

  • I have a feeling that there might be a windowless bedroom through that open door in the second-to-last photo.

    Not sure, though. It’s hard to get a sense of the layout; a floor plan would’ve been helpful.

  • It makes me depressed when I see a tiny apartment with little light renting for this much. Not that I pay much less… but at least my apartment has plenty of natural light and more than two feet of counter space in the kitchen!

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