The 5pm Post – Friday Evening Concerts Kick Off at Yards Park – Monster Band 5/4

From an email:

“The Yards Park Friday Evening Concerts kick off this Friday, May 4th with Monster Band! From 6:30-8:30, Monster Band will perform its modern hits on the boardwalk stage! Buzz Bakery, Red Apron Butchery, and STIX food truck will sell food this week while ChurchKey will sell beer and wine. Concerts run for 20 weeks and are free and open to the public.”

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  • this is supercool!
    great alternative to crazy crowded jazz concerts on the mall

  • claire

    Sounds pretty awesome – wonder what beer exactly Churchkey will be selling, I’m hopeful for something good!

  • With all of the great Blues artists and bands in this area, you would think they could have at least one Blues show in this series.

    • There are weekly blues nights in SW, if that helps–I forget if they’re at 7th st landing or at Westminister Church, but it’s one of those.

  • I want to like this because I live nearby and I love outdoor music. But I went once last year and the rock band was so incredibly loud that I couldn’t stay. There were just a handful of sad picnics scattered around, so why the need for all the amplification equipment? Maybe I’ll have to come back and see if it’s better on a jazz night.

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