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  • This belongs to a very cute elderly couple who like to drive it REALLY slowly around the neighborhood. They even have a vanity plate: “MRMSB.”

  • brookland_rez

    That might be stretch to call it a “sweet” ride. There’s nothing sweet about 1970’s American cars, IMO. 1950’s? 1960’s? Yes and yes. 1970’s? Junk.

  • Wait, PoP – you do know what a landau is, I’m hoping?! It refers to a pseudo-convertible. The padded vinyl roof is meant to imitate a convertible. The original landaus were convertible carriages.

  • PoP, not sure if you were aware, but a “landau” was (back in the day) a “four-wheel carriage with a top divided into two sections that can be folded away or removed and with a raised seat outside for the driver.”

    I knew it was a kind of carriage, but I didn’t know until looking it up in Wikipedia just now that it was named for a city in Germany.

  • clevelanddave

    Landau is the type of roof- half cold hard Detroit steel and half naugahyde. The hood ornament is an aftermarket Rolls Royce piece not original to the car.

  • Chevrolet Caprice–looks like a ’75

  • The owner of this car once drove a large truck (e.g. Mac) and had the “Flying Lady” from a Rolls Royce on the hood. He transferred this ornament to his car after retiring. He often cruises slowly through the alleys reflecting on their past. He’s an engaging conversationalist.

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