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  • All the entertainment districts need many more (U Street, 14th Street, Adams Morgan, H Street, Dupont Circle, Georgetown, etc.). On many nights on some blocks every single rack and street sign has bikes locked to them.

  • Question: Why did they install the trees BEFORE they installed the bike stands? Ask any neighborhood biker and they would have predicted exactly what to expect with that bonehead move.

    • austindc

      While both responsibilities fall under DDOT, I believe there are actually different groups responsible for planting trees and installing bike racks. These will oftentimes be installed at the same time if the project plan requires it, but in terms of maintenance and improvements, the two may not always be on the same schedule. My guess would be that the Urban Forestry division is primarily interested in getting trees in as quickly as possible to reach their canopy cover goals, and maybe they figured that most people knew better than to lock bikes to saplings.

  • Someone in my neighborhood likes to lock their bike to the yield sign in the median. This makes me chuckle every single time I see it.

  • A lot of the rack space near DC USA seems to be occupied by bikes that are more or less permanently locked there. My guess is that they belong to residents of the surrounding condos and apartments. It would be nice if there were a way to institute a time limit so that others could use the space too.

    • I’ve had that problem with the bike racks in my apt bldg. Most probably belong to people who moved out years ago!

  • And don’t lock them to trash can enclosures either. Those enclosures have doors that swing open so the trash collectors can empty the cans. When people lock their bikes all over them (as in the example above), the cans are hard to use and impossible to service.

  • I came here to say there are virtually NO BIKE RACKS in Adams Morgan on 18th Street. I know it’s been under construction for a year, but seriously. Throw a few bike racks up for us. I don’t even bother going to this section of DC for this reason (and a million others).

    • They began installing the new bike racks this week (see the third picture) and there will be a TON of them when the project is done. Relax. They are on their way

    • I hope the rest of the Adams Morgan construction/streetscape is more successful than where they filled in a right-turn-only lane on the northeast corner of 18th and Columbia.

      Most of the time that space seems to be empty. (There’s a Capital Bikeshare rack, but I think that would’ve fit there before the construction project.)

      It just seems like a lot of time and taxpayer money for something with limited utility.

      • Closing that island off was the an improvement for that corner. I am very pleased with the corner being a corner and not island hopping to cross the street.

        There were plans to put benches and a sculpture there – to make it a plaza space… those plans died.

        • Before, there were “No Turn On Red” signs, so pedestrians could cross both sections of roadway without having to compete with cars turning right.

          I can’t remember if they ended up changing the signaling patterns (I’ve moved elsewhere since then), but at least when the island was first created, pedestrians crossing from the bank/kiosk area to the Starbucks area were having to compete with cars turning right on green, and it was a bit of a clusterf***.

          A little mini-park with actual plants would’ve been nice there. Oh well… maybe someday.

  • These pictures remind me of how close the Adams Morgan streetscape project is to FINALLY being completed. It’s gonna be so much nicer! The only thing I’ll miss are the mature trees.

  • Kind of strange that the sign says it wants to have that close relationship. The way I see it, if the trunk is small enough to attach a bike to, it’s too young.

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