Stolen/Missing Dog UPDATE: Returned!

“Diesel is a miniature pincher that lives on the corner of 8th and Randolph St, NW. He usually hangs in the front yard and visits with passerbyers. Walking by yesterday the owner said he was taken from the yard sat night around 10pm. That is about all I know though. Oh and the owner has been checking shelters in case he turns up there.”

If you’ve seen the dog please call 202-545-9448.

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  • How horrible! We’ve passed that pup numerous times while walking our own, he is very sweet. I seriously hope he’s found, anyone who would steal a dog is not able to make a good home for that dog!

    • Many dog owners would also argue that anyone who leaves their dog unattended in the front yard at 10pm (or any time, for that matter) is not able to “make a good home for” that dog.

      • Agreed. I have dogs and I would never leave them tied up – let alone tied up unsupervised. That’s irresponsible pet ownership – particularly since it’s widely known that a lot of little/smaller dogs are used as bait in dog fighting rings and that those dogs are obtained through theft.

        • The dog was never tied up, it was behind a fence.

        • @ blazing sun. Doesn’t matter. Dogs shouldn’t be left unattended like that. Like someone else said, would you leave your kid unattended in your front yard?

          • Be honest, it’s fun blaming the victim. It’s the foundation of self-righteousness and who doesn’t love feeling superior. Who?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Victim blaming FTW.

            Depending on the age of the kid, yes, I would leave my kid unattended in the front yard to play.

            I hope Diesel is found safe and sound very soon.

  • Sadly, this is not uncommon in cities where dogs are tied to posts (or are otherwise left unattended and accessible) in visible areas. People who steal dogs often resell them (especially purebreeds and expensive “designer dogs”).

    Good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t leave a child unsupervised in a certain area, don’t leave a pet there. (Not saying the owner made a mistake – just hoping that some good can come of the situtaion in reminding all of us pet owners to take care.)

    Best wishes to Diesel and his family – hope you are all reunited soon!

    • me

      Example A: Molly

    • I tend to agree that folks should not leave dogs unattended in public areas, since they can’t be replaced like a bike or an iPod. But Diesel was in his yard, on private property, behind a fence. This situation really does not strike me as all that similar to dog-nappings where a dog is tied to a light pole, chair, or some other random place.

      While not totally beyond the realm of possibility that someone would steal a dog from its yard, it is depressing we live in a city where some scumbag would actually do that. Do people have so little respect for the community they would steal a dog directly from the home of the owner? Apparently, yes.

      I hope Diesel gets home quickly and safely.

      • I agree. You should be able to leave something unattended in a fenced-in backyard and not expect it to get stolen. And some dogs prefer to be outside all day.

        On the other hand, I would never leave something of value like a laptop in my backyard, since the area is visible from the upper levels of houses that share the alley. Once I had an oriental rug drying out there, and I covered it with a tarp because I was worried that someone would see it. And my dogs are worth WAY more to me than a rug or a laptop.

      • Agree 100%. It is beyond sad that these are the realities of our community. But just because something SHOULD BE one way doesn’t mean that it IS that way. We all have to lock our doors, take valuables out of our parked cars, walk in well-lit areas at night… AND limit strangers’ potential access to our pets… all because of scum-bags. As terrible as those precautions are, to neglect them when we are aware of the realities is irresponsbile.

  • Not to mention the little ones are often picked up to use as bait in dog fighting rings. It’s awful, and my dog who I rescued was found tied to a post and abandoned and is a very lucky dog that she didn’t get picked up by someone with horrible intentions. Leaving a dog out like this is such bad practice. I hope if this pup is reunited with his owners that they do not continue with the practice of leaving a dog out front at all hours without supervision.

    • +1. These stories make me sick, as do the posters I see in my neighborhood of missing mastiffs and other dogs that the dog fighters would find attractive. Folks, we live in the District where dog fighting is a fact of life. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is. Leaving a dog out by himself is absolute negligence in this city and my sympathy is limited for someone who would be so foolish/idiotic. I know we shouldn’t blame the victim, but this is one case where I’m going to do just that. You’re not living in small town Iowa- time to recognize that fact and act accordingly.

  • OMG – we have a Min Pin too and I would just lose it if he was stolen.

    Then again, he don’t go out to take pee without me.

    As a matter of fact, we never leave him alone outside.

    I was too scared of the hawks and rats (he is only 7.5 lbs.)

    I do hope Diesel if found or finds his way home… never let him out of your sight again.

    Maybe sharpen your fence points, add a bell, and a lock?

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