Stabbing in the 1300 Block of Columbia Rd, NW

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Sent by @DCPoliceDept around 6:10pm:

“Stabbing in the 1300blk of Columbia Rd. NW. No lookout given.”

@IAFF36 tweets:

“Stabbing – 1300blk Columbia Rd NW – male stabbed in belly, treated & transported to trauma center”

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  • Looks like summer really is starting early.

  • Wow. I was literally waiting for a bus at 13th and columbia at the exact time this was reported. That scares the hell out of me.

  • The DC alert says the suspect is known.

    “UNIT 3021 CONFIRMED A Stabbing in the 1300blk of Columbia Rd. NW. Suspect known. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20120233377”

  • At least there were no bullets. Conditions are improving the in nation’s capital!

  • I can’t believe people are implying that repeated incidents of crime are somehow correlated to being near public housing. Just because it’s true does not make it an acceptable thought.

    • But it is true. I’m all for housing assistance, but it’s been a huge failure having it concentrated in just a few areas. It needs to be integrated in all areas of a city to work. Another reason to vote for Anybody but Jim Graham.

      • Public housing is funded by the federal government and has nothing to do with Jim Graham. Are you willing to call lawmakers and lobby that they should put (at least) hundreds of millions of dollars towards revitalizing these communities and making them mixed-income, while also guaranteeing 1 for 1 replacement for all current residents? If so, awesome.

        • I don’t claim to understand all the ins and outs of housing subsidies, Section 8, etc., but an article I was reading in the Post yesterday made it sound like the D.C. Council had _something_ to do with affordable housing:

          Wasn’t there someone from HUD on here a while back? Maybe that person could come back and clarify federal vs. District involvement in subsidized housing?

          • Graham and Council have quite a bit to do with public housing. The city often provides “incentives” to private developers to build subsidized housing even if the developers are getting low income housing tax credits throug the feds. Council also provides funding for “New Communities” which is our local version of a federal program HOPE VI. This money is meant to redevelop BArry Farm, Park Morton, and two other huge, problematic public housing projects. for those of you who pay market rate for housing, your recordation tax is used to fund the housing production trust fund, which is a local pot of money that is for “gap financing” on low income housing that the city builds. You better believe Graham and council have quite a bit to do with low income housing. Further more, one to one replacement is also a failure in most mixed income developments. How is that deconcentrating to keep the same 300 units of low income units on the same lot…even if you do throw in another 150 units of market rate? If the City really cared about deconcentration they would start relocating some of these folks to Ward 3. Of course Ward 3 would complain that their schools are already over capacity (which is true) and only agree to senior housing…which is code for “OLD poor people aren’t as scary”–

    • just because you don’t want it to be true, doesn’t make your compassionate stance right or even helpful.

      • It is not a compassionate stance. The notion that the government should decide where people live and with whom with is condescending and harmful. If the bureaucrats provided assistance in a manner that enhanced choices we would find that people would not choose to live in such areas.

        • James – your characterization of the issue is very much off base. The government isn’t telling people where to live. It’s making subsidized housing available for those who wish to pursue it and are eligible to do so.

    • Haha that was good

    • @ anon: “Just because it’s true does not make it an acceptable thought.”

      Acceptable thought? Somebody notify the Thought Police. It’s a perfectly legitimate thought, even if your idealogy conflicts with it.

    • I suspect that you’re being sarcastic, because it’s that type of attitude that allows such crime to persist in our cities.

  • Well, it’s a good thing the DCPD is so focused on preventing these serious crimes!


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