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  • The single table outside made me laugh both times i passed it this weekend.

    • Hey, at least one guy likes it. Unless he’s being paid to sit there. Better than standing on the corner swinging one of those signs.

    • The manager is a really good guy, based locally, cares about the neighborhood and wants to make this a good, simple place to stop in. My BLT was great, as was the gelato.

  • The decor was awesome and the gelato was delicious…can’t wait to go back and try their menu

  • Does anyone know if they have Wifi?

  • The stools are kinda cool, but the metal folding chairs … really?!

  • This just made my day. The Starbucks in CP is always crowded and is a tough place to do work …

  • I think the single outdoor table is because they have probably yet to get their outdoor seating permit but threw a table out there anyway just to convey they are open for business. The stools along the window look like the perfect spot to have a slice and a pint and people watch.

  • Always a fan of more cafes, but 4.50 for a scoop of gelato? Christ Almighty.

  • last night I picked up dinner from there to go. It was good. Had a salad and pulled pork sandwich. The chips were good.

    • Stopped in last night for dinner and to get some lunch for today —

      Besides the gelato, the prices were actually pretty great. I got all that food for a fraction of what I would have gotten it elsewhere, and it was pretty great — I had a pesto chicken sandwich which was light and lemony (in a good way), and a margarita pizza to go. As someone else mentioned, those homemade chips were amazing. I had planned to each only a little bit of the pizza for breakfast (saving it for lunch today), but I ended up devouring the whole thing. The mozzarella was really, really good.

      There’s not much beer selection to speak of right now, though — only Peroni. Hopefully that’ll change. If not, there’s a bar and some wine, too.

      The staff was uniformly awesome and personable. I’m looking forward to spending way too much money here, especially since it’s going to be open until 11:30ish during the week, according to the owner …

  • I think this place will be gone in a year.

    So the folks who opened it, the same ones that own Sorriso in Cleveland Park bit off more than they could chew. There is some pride the owners will have to swallow first, which will be hard for the husband, so they will fund it awhile past its due before cutting bait.

    Their place in CP does absolulte gangbusters business, but from a variety of factors.

    Their food is good, but not awesome. It is expensive even by DC standards and the service is “ehhh”, but it is in the heart of CP and so has easy access to a lot of foot traffic with fat wallets, and lastly its location literally 7 feet from the entrance to the CP metro.

    You would cry if you knew the monthly revenue that place does (owner who is frequently drunk at the bar bragging, but from what I’ve seen he is probably telling the truth) as it apparently bankrolls the entire family (including kids).

    Having said all of that, I don’t think the owners are particuarlly sharp when it comes to business savvy and wouldn’t be doing well at all if not for the confluence of all the above things.

    So they open up this place in a basement, that doesn’t have a real identitiy and despite getting lots of foot traffic during rush hour, isn’t really on the “beat” for any other time.

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