Some Serious Beer Pong Rules

I once played a vicious game of vodka pong. It ranks very high on the list of stupidest things I’ve ever done in my life. Even though it was almost ten years ago, it still hurts thinking about it…

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  • Thinking about your vodka pong game makes my head hurt.

  • The number of re-racks is key. Not sure what “courtesy reracks” means, if unlimited then I disagree. Two or fewer ups the challenge (and potentially lengthens the game).

  • #1 is garbage. I don’t know who introduced double-backs and when, but they ruined a once noble game. It used to be called Beirut and was played by warriors. Now it’s “beer pong” and played by people who have to devise rules to indicate “on fire.” Very sad.

    • If playing singles. I am a fan of the one ball make it take it rule. Its a shooters game no blowing fingering or bouncing. One ball “Make it take it” shows who the true shooter is, all the other rules i can deal without it.

  • am i the only male that has never played beer pong?

  • games people from the midwest play

  • Good lord. Is this how policy wonks play pong? They probably have three previous drafts written out on other scraps of wood.

  • #5, #7, #11 , #12 are all utter crap.
    #2 only chicks can do .
    #10 is key, none of this leaning halfway over the table.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I hate “effing” either man up and say the fuck-word or use a different word. I have concluded by the use of “effing” that these people are NOKD and should be shot (metaphorically).

  • Good god, there are some old bitter people who post on PoP.

    These kids are trying to have some fun.

    Lets not over think it. Did you guys spend all your time in the library in college, or did you get out a bit and play a game or two?

    And whoever said only people play beer pong are from the midwest, you’re unbelievably dumb and wrong.

    Persronally, I wish I could play beer pong every night, rather than go to happy hour or pay 7 bucks for a craft brew. But, everyone grows up some time…

  • On the post title: It’s called Beirut.

    On “The Rules”: Aren’t 1 and 3 contradictory?

  • wow. beerpong is more confusing than cricket.

  • the house rules have to be written down or else you spend forever arguing

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