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  • can’t read the whole sign. I grew up on Mintwood Place (next to Kalorama Park) and parking was extremely hard to find. Most cars towed were parked in front of a driveway.

  • Yeah, not so sure I agree. If it’s not their parking space why are they parking there? Sure, the first 3 or 4 times I would knock on their door or call the number on the note, but seriously – if you don’t pay for a parking spot don’t park there. Really simple. I had neighbors that pulled this crap for a few months. I talked to them a few times, explained why it made sh*t difficult for me, how much I paid for the spot, even put them in touch with another neighbor that was renting a spot. In the end it took me having to get them ticketed/towed twice. They finally got the point.

    • ah

      +1. Is this a “don’t tow me” I’m just parked here for 30 minutes to unload? Or a “don’t tow me” because I’m blocking your driveway all night because I didn’t want to search for parking? The first is more reasonable than the second (although I’m not sure it’s reasonable).

    • I’ll pile on the cynical bandwagon and also make the assumption this person is somehow inconveniencing others and pleading for mercy.

      Yes, it sucks to park in Adams Morgan, but in cases where somebody parks in a way that’s highly inconsiderate and/or illegal, I have very little sympathy.

      It doesn’t matter if you live close by. If you’re slowing somebody down by blocking their driveway, loading zone, private parking spot, alley, etc., you deserve whatever penalty is on the books. If you need a dedicated spot, then rent one or apply for a handicapped placard.

  • Yes, besides omitting the address, what does the “+ you…” part say?

  • Context?

    • +1.

      Without knowing where this person is parked and what kind of space it is (or isn’t), it’s hard to know whether the request is in fact reasonable.

      It also makes a difference if someone is (say) parked in a certain place while moving into the building, vs. parked there without any special circumstances.

  • Can we see the whole note with address stuff just blurred or blacked out? Can’t tell what the hell is going on here.

  • agreed. way too hard to tell if this is a reasonable request or not if we can’t read the note. PoP can you post the rest of the note? without the address info?

  • I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that is says that if at some point the people need to get out or want to park in their space that the owners of the car that parked in this spot are contactable since they live in the building.
    The point is that w/o the rest of the note shown, it’s pretty pointless since it then becomes speculations as to what the rest of the notes says and hence whether the request is reasonable.

  • Why do people in adams morgan think alleys=parking spots? its so annoying, even if you are just loading/unloading, you cant park and block the alley entrance. it’s used by hundreds of cars and trucks.

  • Interesting study you are running, PoPs. The note itself acknowledges that the one who wrote it is in the wrong.

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