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  • This is actually going to be more of a quick-service operation based on Thai street foods, from what I heard.

  • Mediocre.

  • I’m not an overall fan but the fact that the P St. location has nam sod makes up for a lot of other shortcomings.

  • A shame. Maoz is a great operation. They’re my favorite quick lunch stop in NYC. Sala Thai isn’t bad, but it’s not worth a trip.

  • Really? If I remember correctly, I thought that this space was tiny and Sala Thai usually open up places that are sprawling, no?

  • NOOO! Worst Thai food in the city.

    • I wasn’t impressed with Sala Thai when I went to the one on U Street, but I’ve been very happy with the one near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station.

  • Agree with BW. Went to the U St a few years ago and it was “decent.” Went to the Petworth location a few months ago for takeout and it was INEDIBLE. Literally. A couple dishes went into the garbage, and the other one or two I modified into something else–and drowned in Sriracha–just so it wouldn’t go to waste.

    Maoz was a loss.

  • come back maoz! come back!!!!!!

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