Sakuramen Opening in Adams Morgan Today, May 22nd!

2441 18th St, NW

Back in Jan. 2012 I mentioned that a new Ramen shop might be coming to the former Jumbo Slices and Kabob space at 2441 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan. They are opening today! Their Web site says:

We’re just a couple guys who are passionate about ramen, which we feel is the ultimate comfort food, inspiring childhood memories of sharing with family and friends. Our sole focus is to create the best ramen on the planet, without using artificial flavorings of any kind, sourced from pure bone broth coupled with the freshest ingredients available.

We do NOT favor any particular style or cultural influence when it comes to our ramen dishes. With an unbridled approach to culinary creativity, we strive to deliver a unique dining experience that highlights a fusion of diverse flavors from across the globe. From ramen houses in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul, to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, we are pleased to see that others love ramen as much as we do… and so we are especially proud to open our doors in Washington DC, in the heart of a city we love to call home.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Humbly Yours…

You can see their menu here.

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  • Place looks great. Will be in there often.

  • Menu looks good to me. Hope their ramen is as good as that other place with four seats and a sixteen hour wait list.

  • Love the mural!!!

  • The evolution of Adams Morgan continues. Welcome to the neighborhood. Looking forward to trying it out.

    John Andrade – Owner, Smoke & Barrel and Meridian Pint

    • Asylum killer

      • People killed Asylum by not going to it.

      • +1.. Now that Asylum and Toledo Lounge are but distant memories and MiG is moving there is almost no reason to go to Adam’s Morgan.

      • Your comment is unfortunate for two reasons. First, it’s distracts from Sakuramen’s achievement and second, you fail to realize that when a business can no longer pay its rent or bills it must close.

      • You do realize that Mr Andrade ran Asylum as well, right?

    • John, as an Adams Morgan resident I applaud your decision to open Smoke and Barrel. It’s a beautiful restaurant and the food is delicious. Now if I could just develop a taste for bourbon….

  • burritosinstereo

    I can’t tell from the website if they have a vegetarian option 🙁 but lucky I live just down the street so I can walk on over and find out in person!

    • Agree- are there any veggie options?

    • You could always order the, oh I don’t know, ramen.

      btw, this is how I see all vegetarians who ask that question about new restaurants…especially bbq joints = 🙁

      • One ramen, no broth, coming right up!

      • Uh, we like to go out to eat too. And if you haven’t noticed, our numbers are on the rise, so restaurants are just being business smart to offer vegetarian/vegan options, and business dumb to not do so. Yes, even bbq joints.

    • To clear things up Sakuramen is our traditional vegetarian bowl. We look forward to seeing everyone here!

  • Can’t wait to go! The DC Miso looks delicious…

  • Just keeping up with the Joneses (or Toki Underground) in this case.

  • I’m super excited for this! As much as I’d love to go to Toki, it will be great to have a place walking distance to home.

    • +1. So happy to have this in the neighborhood. H Street NE might as well be in Loudoun County as far as I’m concerned.

  • The food in the photos look delicious but whoever was responsible for writing the website content needs to try again; seems amateur. I hope it’s great b.c I’d love to have a place to go to that is close.

  • This is tangential, but the photo reminds me that I always wonder how that botanica (upstairs from Sakuramen) stays in business.

  • just ate at momofuku in NY for the first time this weekend. hope this comes close!

    • Wow…we might have hit Momofuku at the same time this weekend! Saturday afternoon…about an hour or so before the 4pm closing (they re-open a little later for dinner). It…was…MAGICAL! I love it when places live up to the hype. I really want Sakuramen to work and I’m concentrating on hitting them at the sweet spot for nearly all DC restaurants: between about a month/six-weeks after opening (so as to avoid the ‘please bear with us…we know your experience was sub-par…but we’re still working out the kinks’) and about six/eight months after opening (about which time they just stop caring)…. Looking forward to making my triumphant return to Adams Morgan…which I ‘aged out of’ about 10+ years ago when I gave up the JS (jumbo slice) and Tom Tom.

      SAKURAMEN: Please expect me +1 for lunch in several weeks…maybe even a *very* early dinner. Can’t say I can promise much later than that because….I mean, it’s ADAMS MORGAN (insert ominous music here….). You don’t want to be caught up there after dark. I’m just sayin’….

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