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  • I love to see murals in DC, but I’m not a fan of the overplayed urban angst figures or this artist in particular. but hey, glad to see the local arts being supported.

    (shouldn’t they have painted a base color over the plywood?)

  • They aren’t particularly appetizing images, so I don’t know why a restaurant (even an “out there” one like Rogue 24) would pay someone to put them up.

  • I think murals should be somewhat uplifting and soften the natural hardness of cities’ concrete and congestion. I appreciate the artistry of this mural and like the horse and sort of like the red bird. But overall, it’s depressing, like a depiction of the plague or botulism. I agree with Anonymous in questioning why a restauranteur would want this on his or her wall.

  • angst? really?
    I see a humorous little ghost-y and a riot grrl ‘dia de los muertos’ Don Quixote (or maybe sancho panza).
    I prefer this to water colors of sailboats any day.

    • I don’t know, it looks like she ate some really, REALLY bad Mexican food and actually died from food poisoning. But that’s just my own personal interpretation.

  • love those murals!

  • claire

    I’m surprised at the negative reactions to these murals. I think they’re fun and unique!

  • I live in the area and am a fan of these murals. I enjoy walking my dog down that alley from time to time and the murals add an interesting visual element.

  • I think these look awesome. I’m surprised about the negative reaction of so many, but I guess art is subjective.

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