Rendering of The Standard Eleven Coming to Former Laogai Museum

1109 M St, NW

Their Website says:

Welcome to The Standard Eleven, a boutique condominium building of rare quality and character located in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. The Standard Eleven is something different. The design draws its inspiration from the hip “new vintage” style found in some of the most popular boutique hotels and restaurants around the country. The look plays beautifully into the historic fabric of this roaring twenties Edwardian townhome that has been given new life with all-new modern updates and amenities and a newly constructed rear addition. Situated at the confluence of the charming and sought-after Logan Circle neighborhood, the up-and-coming historic Shaw neighborhood, and D.C.’s vibrant new downtown.

The Standard Eleven’s location was rated a “Walkers’ Paradise” by Three blocks from the Metro, minutes away from Whole Foods and an endless variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, theaters, boutiques, and live music venues as well as several blocks to the central business district, the location is unbeatable. When you visit The Standard Eleven, your senses will be delighted by the charming historic details and unique, thoughtful design touches that remind you that these spectacular homes are anything but standard.

More renderings and floor plans here.

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  • In the top picture, is the condo the yellow building? Is there a facade on the front street-facing section/wall of the yellow building? Can’t tell for sure but it looks like they preserved a historical facade, at least the way it is rendered.

  • Three blocks from Metro, three steps from Section 8 housing…

  • But they’ll let you choose a red refrigerator!

  • The entire building is in an alley – every window in every unit looks into the alley. To top it off, it’s literally on top of section 8 housing that is in terrible condition from the back side. Too bad for such a cool boutique building.

    • In the picture rendered, is the section 8 housing that you are referring to the low story buildings where the female (I think) is walking her dog into one of the entrances?

      • You’d think they would want to make the renderings a little more accurate, perhaps by showing a group of 14-year-olds terrorizing a woman walking home to her new million dollar condo around the corner.

      • Yup. That’s it. I was interested in the building until I checked it out in person.

  • Unfortunately, the public housing that occupies the rest of the block will never go away. I love the rendering of the woman walking into the public housing next door with the attack-trained pit-bull.

    Buyer (and any visitors) beware.

    It is sad — but those blocks of sand-colored buildings scattered around our neighborhoods and given me a bad impression. I am terrified when I get stopped in traffic in the 1300 block of Columbia

  • Those places haven’t been public housing since sometime in the 90’s when they were sold off as condos. Several developers have been trying to buy them, along with those on 14th Street as part of a package, but it requires unanamous approval, which they’re finding impossible to get, even when they’re offering around 500k for some units.

    • Thanks for actual facts. The amount of misinformation is staggering. Section 8 housing?

      • No, it is not Section 8 housing. The people who live there actually own their condominiums. They are homeowners, who bought in those areas before they were gentrified. Now, developers want to buy them out, but some of the owners don’t want to sell and believe (rightly or wrongly) that they can hold out for much more than has been offered.

  • oh my god when will the barrage of boutique-y, upscale condos/apartments end? so obnoxious.

  • Believe it or not more than half of the units are under contract. It’s in a good location despite of less good looking neighboring buildings. In a city like this you will find expensive and cheap looking buildings together. It might not be for everyone but it’s what it is if you want to live in a city (unless you are loaded with money).

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