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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • rant: that jerk who tags everything in the city with his lame “—–•” tag. you suck. you scribble your egomaniacal and ugly tag on beautiful limestone buildings and brick walls. I can not wait until they catch you.

  • Rant: R.I.P. Doc Watson. And I found out yesterday that Harry Crews (one of my favorite writers) died in March.

    Rave: My stepbrother and nephew are in town.

    Rant: So busy with school I don’t know when I’ll have time to see them.

  • alxindc

    RAVE1: Hump Day!
    RAVE2: First cars of Metro are always cool!
    RANT: Can’t think of a good rant these days 🙁

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Doctor thinks he’s found a way to fix my knee, which has been giving me problems for the last 3+ years.

    Rant: The solution is experimental and not covered by insurance, and of course, rather costly. Anyone have any experience with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections?

    • Sorry if this seems like a stupid/not-very-helpful comment but it has worked wonders with animals. I know many horses that have recovered successfully from the procedure (after major tendon injuries) and returned to full work. It’s fascinating therapy and is supposed to be a huge breakthrough.
      Best of luck!

    • I had this done in Germany while I was living there and I felt that it did help some with my knee. Also, I had US insurance while there (Aetna I believe) and they did pay for it, though there was some arguing about it with them. I think I just had to have the doctor write out a justification for the procedure. Good luck!

      • MsNesbitt

        Really? This is encouraging. I also have Aetna, and I know I’m provided with some letter about medical necessity (since we’ve tried other routes, including surgery, which have not been successful).

    • Assuming you’ve already done the Google search but if you haven’t, it’s the latest rage among professional athletes looking to recover from nagging injuries. A-Rod, Kobe Bryant, and I believe Tiger Woods have had it. Hence the reason why it’s so expensive. As someone pointed out, it’s being done on humans now because it’s worked on animals.

    • Isn’t that the same thing A-Rod, Manning, Kobe, Tiger and all of them had done? Damn, you got money like that? Also, I thought that could not be done here and that was the reason they have to leave America to have it done. Good luck.

      • MsNesbitt

        Haha it’s not like, celebrity expensive! It can definitely be (and has been) done here. It’s what they did for Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward – I don’t know about those other athletes.

  • Rant: Why do some women put on 1/2 a bottle of perfume each day? I had to move to a different Metro car today because of the odor.

  • rave: last night’s rainstorm. I sat on the porch and watch the water cascading down the nieghtbor’s steps. And didn’t get bitten by mosquitos.
    rave: I was able to walk home before it started.
    rant: the bus driver that blew right past me while I waited at the bus stop.

  • Rave: US Brazil tonight! My brothers and dad are coming (along with friends) so it should be a great night.

    Rant: Work this past week is so uninspiring and yet, so stressful! I hate it when the boring (yet urgent) admin stuff stands in the way of the interesting stuff.

    • GO USA!!! Kick the crap out of Brazil!!!

      It would be fun to be there, but it’s also on ESPN2 for those of us who don’t want to sweat our asses off and pay $9 for a beer.

    • Some asshole I work with came in today with the flu (or something disgusting that has him a mess), because he has tickets to the game tonight and didn’t want to get caught bailing on work then going to the game. Seriously people, stay home when you’re sick. I have two jobs and literally can’t afford to have someone come in and get me sick so I miss work.

  • rant: work, which is so demoralizing. and the people i work with are clueless and offensive on so many levels.

    rants: i have sent out a million resumes to fix the problem, but haven’t gotten a single response. very discouraging/frustrating.

    rave: it’s wednesday.

    • sorry! I feel your pain. Lately, I’ve been feeling just so disrespected both at work and at home. Can’t wait to move out of this city in 2 months/get a better job and live without passive aggressive, hypocritical roommates.

  • Rave: Last night’s rain storm meant I didn’t have to turn on the A/C.
    Rant: Someone left their poor puppy out on the balcony after the storm. The thing was crying for at least an hour. Of course I couldn’t sleep.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Thank you emails for something I would have done any way.

    Rant/Rave: Promotion

    Rave: It’s almost time to buy tickets to the Marrinsky Ballet!

  • Rave: The international development job has asked for my references.

    Rave: Friend coming in for the weekend!

    No rants today!

    • Rave: Woohoo! Congrats Ew – one more step closer.
      Rave 2: I’m enjoying getting my pre-deployment act together. It’s been fun frantically running around and I’ve got five different lunch dates + 2 drinks + a going away party scheduled with friends. Nothing like moving around the world to make you get together with people you love.
      Rant: I need per diem for all the money I’m spending to say goodbye, so long, auf wiedersehen, farewell

  • Rave: Cooling down.
    Rant: Spending way too much money lately.
    Rave: It’s on the two things I love the most, so I guess it’s okay.
    Rave: Energy.
    Rave: Short week!
    Rant: Making decisions. Why am I never good at this?

  • Rant: Bridge construction on Ridge Road in Arlington VA for a 4th time.. I mean.. seriously? During Rush Hour?!?

  • em

    Rant: Riding home in the Pennsylvania Ave. bike lane last night, no fewer than 4 cars U-turned through the bike lane without checking to see if bikes were approaching. Luckily, I was able to stop or slow down enough each time to avoid a collision, but it was close in more than one instance.

    Revel: Wedding in 11 days!

  • claire

    Rant: “Experience” requirements for promotions – because I’ve been working for only 2 years, I can’t get a promotion (experience requirement of 3 – 5 years) even though everyone around me and above me wants to give me one.
    Rave: Don’t care that much because I’m moving in September anyway.

    Rave: Boyfriend getting offered an amazing job opportunity that he thought he wouldn’t have a chance of getting for years yet.
    Rant: No details yet and this will probably throw a major wrench in our plans to move to another country.
    Rave: But since he’s already 100% telecommute, there’s a chance they might let him work from another country! And if not, there’s always an extended vacation and then moving around the US…

  • Rant: crossing the river on the yellow line last night on the way home from work, we saw that the police had just pulled a body from the river and laid him out under the 14th St. bridge. Gave me quite a jolt.

    Rave: nice bike ride to work today

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh. I wondered why there were police there last night. I usually try not to look at the water because I don’t want to see the dead body that may be there.

  • Rave: Going with my brother to see USA vs. Brazil tonight. Should be very cool. I hope they let me bring my DSLR in. Anyone know the rules on that?

  • Rave: After a failed gardening expedition this weekend, I got my pepper and tomato plants in the ground last night. Hoping to get cucumber and lettuce seeds planted over the next couple of days.

    Question: Does anyone here have experience using ladybugs for pest control?

    • anon. gardener

      I’ve used them before. Not sure how effective it was, or how many actually stuck around. i got them for aphid control on roses – they might enjoy patrolling vegetable plants more. it is worth a try, especially since they are relatively cheap. And it sure is fun opening the box up!

      • Do ladybugs really work as garden pest control? Where do you buy them?

        • thebear

          Most nurseries and garden centers carry them. They’re usually packed in what looks like a pint ice cream container with a breathable mesh on the cover. Frager’s might have them but I’m not certain. You can also order them online. I got some for my balcony garden (mostly herbs, some impatiens and a few other shade flowers) but I don’t think they stuck around for very long.

          • thebear

            Forgot to say that I have found that yellowjackets are great pest control, especially in the impatiens. There usually is 1 or 2 of them crawling around in the foliage. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you…just use care when going to do maintenance (wearing gloves is a good idea) and your plants will be happy.

          • Yellowjackets? Erm, how do I get me some yellowjackets? Do they ship these? The thought makes me laugh but maybe they do. Do you have any suggestions for sawflies?

          • thebear

            @anon1:42 The first few years I lived here (before I started the garden), yellowjackets were a big nuisance…if I was eating outside, they would buzz around and even land on the food. Sometimes, a bunch of them would arrive and I would have to go back inside. I had one of those traps up for a while and took out a good number of them. When I put in the impatiens, though, they stopped bothering us. Now, there can be a dozen or more flitting around the plants, completely ignoring us.

      • I’ve read that they won’t stick around if there aren’t enough aphids (or other pests) for them to survive on. My plot is in a community garden so I’m thinking that there might be enough among all the plots to keep them around. Here’s hoping!

  • I’m telling my boss today that I’m leaving for South Sudan. Wish me luck peeps!

  • Allison

    Rave: I love my internship! They let me do real lawyery stuff! ^_^

    Rave: The homemade chicken noodle soup I made last night is doing wonders for what I thought to be an oncoming cold. I may escape you yet, rhinovirus!

    Rant: New internship with real-people-clients makes me so excited I can’t sleep at night, and I end up sucking a bunch of coffee every morning. Also haven’t and will probably not see husband all week, due to odd working hours between the two of us. 🙁

  • Blithe

    Rave: The value meals at Whole Foods. For lunch today I had grilled salmon, pasta salad with smoked mozzarella, and asparagus salad — with enough leftovers for a good sized snack. Yum!

    Rave: Pool’s open!

    Rant: Somehow several enormous flies got into my apartment — and I realized that with the newly installed screens, I couldn’t shoo them out the window. So, I took my usually crunchy-granola self to the store for some flying -insect spray — and killed them all.

    Rave: Finally getting the hang of barre chords!

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