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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • More of a question than rant

    At 6:47 AM, I was walking on Hiatt towards CH metro and on the East side of thesidewalk near the soccer field there was a LOT of blood. it
    encompassed a lot of area, and the injured person clearly was on the
    move after leaving the pooled blood area.

    I walked right through this. Down the block a little, there were two
    patrol cars and an ambulance. I asked the officer if he knew about the
    blood and he waved me along. It hadn’t been marked with police tape or

    I haven’t found any information. Anyone know what happened? Is the person alive?

  • rant: i counted 119 pieces of trash on the block of irving between 13th and 14th while walking to the metro this morning. i started picking up some pieces but i was not about to pick up that much trash on my way to work. what gives?

    rave: 3 day weekend!

    rave: anniversary picnic/renewing of vows this weekend!

    • austindc

      That’s a butt load of litter for one block. Get with the times Irving Street! Looting and polluting is not the way.

      • It blows down the street from the mall/restaurant going people as well, so … expand your times a getting.

        • yikes, we should do something about that wind! also all the trash blowing there. i was more just surprised; i think there’s a lot of trash on my block, but i would go crazy if i always had to pick up this much of everyone else’s trash in front of my place. it looked like some people had just finished their chipotle soda and set it on someone’s retaining wall for them to clean up.

          • I lived on Irving before the condos and the mall were put up. I had a patio that faced what was the open lot and is now Victory Heights apts., and trust me, the wind (esp. from the buses) blew everything on Irving and 14th across that lot and into my patio. I hated it.

            But those pesky squirrels have got to go. They are ruining the neighborhood.

          • austindc

            Fair enough. I cheerfully withdraw my accusation of looting and polluting. I definitely see a ton of trash scudding about from 14th street.

            Rave: people like Brooke who pick up trash. thank you!

    • austindc

      Rant: squirrels on 1300 block of Irving Street.

    • How did you count the two giant tubs of “Country Crock” margarine? I’m going for 6 – 2 crocks, 2 lids and 2 huge lumps of melting goo! I’ve figured out how to clean up a lot of weird messes, but this was a challenge! (And I’m still wondering what the story was.)

      • austindc

        Yeah, that was messed up. I saw one, and I figured it fell out of someone’s grocery bag, and they were too exhausted to pick it up–probably because their butter intake had made any physical activity way too strenuous.

        But then I saw the second exploded crock, and I figured we were in some sort of Butter Battle, as Dr. Seuss foretold.

    • Wow, you actually counted the pieces of trash in your neighborhood?!

      If I tried that in my neighborhood, It would be a full time job. I think the behavior is borderline O.C. though, but I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV…

      • austindc

        Maybe the trash was already rank ordered and littered in that order. Like, maybe the litterer had a couple of brand new decks of cards and just started dropping them one by one without shuffling. That makes counting a breeze. Or maybe there were other indicators. Like, maybe there was a bunch of litter, and there was also a big box that was labeled “Rush Delivery: Litter – 118 count carton” and then those 118 pieces were strewn about along with the box, which makes a solid 119. I’m just saying that Brooke is probably just incredibly observant, and we should not jump to conclusions mat.

      • i did count them. after i started picking them up and realized they went on forever. then i just walked and counted. i am aware that makes me slightly ocd. that was just one side of the block! and i’m not saying my block is any better. just seems like such a big problem. ok, i’m done ranting, life is good!!

  • alxindc

    Rave: the smell of linden trees is awesome; taking me back to my childhood.
    Rant: no, everything is peachy

  • rant: health issues have me stressed. I try to just take care of myself and not focus on it because there’s not too much I can do at the moment, but when I am constantly watching what I eat and drink, it’s hard to take my mind off it when I have to constantly focus on what’s best for my body.

    rave: said health issues are not that bad in the grand scheme of things. they may change the course of my life for the worse, but they are not life threatening at the moment.

    rant: said health issues may increase my risk of cancer.

    rant/rave: have always considered myself to be a supremely health person so this has me really thrown for a loop.

    • Rant: Stuff like that frequently happens to healthy people. Donna Summer just died f lung cancer and never smoked… Environmental factors are a large part of the picture too. The news media is backed by drug companies and special interests which push stories to them for their own purposes. What the news media doesn’t tell you is that Genetics play the largest role in our health. Just ask you parents (if you’re still able to) what they ate, how much they exercised, what health mistakes they made, and what they suffer(ed) from and you’ll have a pretty good guide for life. People have lived for centuries without jogging and lifting weights, some never exercise at all, proving genetics are the key factor… Enjoy life, It’s never guaranteed.

      • excellent point. my main issue has been linked to dioxin exposure among other things. now that f’ing pisses me off.

  • Revel: Three day weekend, and I’m leaving early today.

    Rant: Doc Watson is in the hospital, in critical condition.

  • Rave: going with my girlfriend to her grandparent’s lake house
    Rant: she isn’t out to her grandparents, who don’t believe in educating women, so I’m straight this weekend.
    Rave: Girlfriend is worth it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Early dismissal for the feds at my place. I’m a contractor so I have to work a full day. No, I am not a high paid contractor; the feds at my place that do the same job get paid more than me. Not all private sector people get paid more than feds.

    Rave: Even if I don’t get paid as much as the feds here, I get paid more than a lot of people in my field. And I love my profession.

    Rant: How did this turn into fed vs. private sector R/R?

    Rave: Wearing red socks for the hell of it!

    • The contractor world is becoming overrun by people who come from areas where worker’s rights are a “bottom-rung” concern. Although I enjoy the diversity, a lot of the mentality of countries without workers rights is slowly beginning to seep into workplaces in America (Low Wages, Little Vacation Time, Dictator-Style Management, Long Hours, etc..)

      I have personally observed caste-system level disrespect among my employees which I’ve had to correct, I’ve had comments said to me about my darker skin color buy colleagues at work.

      Also, a Persian employee that asked me if Jamaicans (My Origin) “Chuck Coconuts” as a sport. I almost fired him on the spot, but then just realized it’s ignorance that I can change with patience…

      I dunno if it will get better, but it sure as hell has been getting worse in workplaces as a contractor in Fed Gov.

    • What is your photo? Is it an armadillo? It doesn’t look exactly like one. Did you just pick it randomly or is there a story to it?

    • I’m a contractor and our COTR just announced that we can leave 59 minutes early, just like our Federal Overlords! And I worked extra time this week so I can leave early.

      I’m sure the feds get better benefits. I don’t get sick leave – any time I have to take off (except jury duty) is paid time off.

    • I suggest you direct your energy towards usajobs dot gov

      • I’ve tried that and it sucks. Contract jobs are much easier to get. I’ll have my master’s degree in two years. By then I’ll have all kinds of places to find a new job.

  • Rave: Marion Barry…

    In attempting to remove one foot from his mouth, he firmly placed his other foot in. Saying something racist while you are apologizing for other racist comments is just too funny.

    That crazy old racist crack head is a non-stop supply of laughs. Ward 8 must be so proud.

    • And you guys want DC to be a state!!!! 🙂

      • Yep, so we can be just like every other state that has racist politicians!

        Or do you think DC is a rare exception to the rest of the USA?

    • I still don’t know what he’s done for ward 8. It’s still crappy compared to other wards that have progressed.

  • talula

    Rave: didn’t see any waterbugs in the hallways or in my apartment this morning

    Rant: my mother is putting down our family dog today, and I can’t be there 🙁 He’s old and we all saw it coming, but still. I’m at work struggling to hold back the tears. He’s just a dog, but he was the best dog.

    • RIP to your dog! Condolencese to you. I know the exact feeling and of course it’s normal to be so emotional. They’re family!

    • That’s so tough! Hugs to you! Maybe try and dig up all the pics you can of your old family dog- all the funny, goofy, cute ones you may have online or at home. It’s nice to remember how much they are a part of the family!

    • Sorry to hear this – is there a place where you can go and have a good cry?

    • I’m sorry, I know what you’re going through. *hugs*

    • So sorry for your loss. My mom and dad had to put down our ailing 12 year old Great Dane a few months ago and it was hard on everyone, especially my mom. Maybe you could send your mom a card and/or something else since you can’t be there right now (i.e. framed photo of the dog?). It always helps when others acknowledge the loss of an animal- helps us know we’re not alone in our grief.

      • talula

        Thanks for the kind words everyone. My other siblings are with my mom and everyone, including myself, came to the decision. Had a good cry in the bathroom stall at work this morning.

        @Anon 12:04 – Sorry about your dane 🙁 Our dog is great dane mix and is 12 years old too. He is/was the most lovable, affectionate, goofiest dog ever. Basically a 105-lb lap dog that was afraid of almost everything.

        • Awww, he sounds like a sweetie!

          My condolences to you.

        • Aww. Yes, Great Danes are the best. There is just something about that breed that makes them so sweet and wonderful. At least your dog will no longer be in pain. He knew he was well loved, I’m sure.

    • not just a dog, your pal…. hugs to you

  • Revel: The ones who so courageously sacrificed themselves for their family, friends, and country, that we can celebrate them with a nice break to start summer.

  • Taxi Service

    This is wack. A month ago I could take a taxi to / from the airport for about 16 – 18 bucks. I just give the driver a 20 and say Thanks. I went last Friday and it cost me 22 bucks with the new prices what the heck? I also saw the meter jump up TWICE at stop lights when we were sitting perfectly still, how does that happen? If we are charged by the mile how does the meter increase when we are not moving?

    • Try uber.com. They are a little more expensive than a regular cab, but you get picked up in a CLEAN town car by a uniformed driver. You set up the account online and download the app to your smartphone and when you need a cab, just hit the app and put in your location and it tells you where the nearest car is. I like it for when I’m working late in SW. You get a picture of the driver as wll as the car’s license plate which makes my husband very happy. Oh and they round down the total…so if your total was $15.68, they round it down to $15. Also you don’t have to tip them. It’s included in the fare, which is charged to your account. I love these guys. I went from CH to DCA a few weeks ago and the cost was $28. Well worth it in my opinion.

  • Rant: I am so blah today. I am a little burnt out and need a day or two to chill out, but I used a lot of my time off to go to job interviews – for jobs I didn’t get. Sigh. Just emotionless right now.

  • Rave: Celebratory week at the lake with my Mom, in-laws, God-daughter, and the dogs.

    Rant/Rave: Would have been Dad’s 66th birthday this Monday, but I get to go to the cemetary this year to say thanks and that I miss him.

  • Rant: Sister is going through a tough time with my nephew, who is having serious health issues. Every time she calls, it’s with bad news (which lately has been every day). I want to be supportive and give her the shoulder she needs in this tough time, but I’m weary and at a loss for how to help her.

    Rave: Much-needed three day weekend.

  • Rave: EUROVISION!!!!!! I’m so excited, the final is tomorrow. I know the music is horrible, but I just love it anyways.

    Rave: exactly 2 weeks to go until European championship.

    Rave: 3 day weekend=pool, cookouts, sleeping.

    no rants today.

  • Rant: Feeling blah today. Moving slowly and not really into this whole work thing.

    Rant: Stressful weekend of driving to Jersey for two days of helping my parents pack up my childhood home. And I can only help for these two days so I also feel extremely guilty about not being more helpful.

    Rave: Family potluck and baby shower on Sunday. I miss my extended family so much. Baby shower is for my uncle and his new wife- Uncle is the one who had a double lung transplant!

  • Rave: Last day at my current job, I’ve enjoyed my years here but am excited to move on to the new position!

    Rave: This afternoon starts the beginning of one whole free week to do nothing! Staycation before the new job will do me well.

    Rant: It is sad to say goodbye to co-workers I like, I’ll miss them and their oddities.

    Rant: New foster dog will be a bit difficult to place, she’s super high energy (Husky) and toy/food aggressive with other pups. We’re working on the issues, but people who can deal with this stuff don’t come calling very often. Sigh.

  • Rant: My company is having an all hands meeting for everyone from offices across the country and that is cool but this morning I got an e-mail inviting me to a “Women’s Gathering” prior to the start of the general conference.
    I don’t know which is more offensive… being invited to a “Gathering” or the fact that they are having a specific meeting for women. Seriously, some people (females I guess) need to get a life!

  • Rant: I miss Downton Abbey

    • Rave: I caught up on Game of Thrones while I was at my boyfriend’s last weekend. I hate that Joffrey!

      • I too enjoy watcing HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’. I hate King Joffrey and I hope someone will kill him. John Snow on the series is sexy and he’s a virgin.

        • I like John Snow and his half brother (I forgot his name). For kingdom takeover, I want it to be one of the Stark boys, Peter Dinklage, or the dragon girl. Fantasy is that dragon girl marries one of the Stark boys

          • I agree, John Snow’s half brother, King Stark is hot. Another great series I am hooked on is Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’. Pope Alexander and his sons were something else. Now, I see why I left the Catholic Church and I am a non practicing Catholic. LOL In those days, the Pope and Archbishops had sex with women and they had children. Pople Alexander and his family were like the Mafia in those days. Overall, ‘Game of Thrones’ is my favorite. Peter Dinklage character is a riot and he knows about his brother and sister incestrous relationship. It will not be back on for 2 weeks, I guess because of the holiday weekend.

    • +1. Just finished watching the season 2 on DVD. I’m glad Lamont Video had it. Season 3, where are you?

    • I miss it too, but last night stumbled on to a bunch of parodies of it on YouTube – I was searching for Jennifer Saunders who it turns out had done one (with Joanna Lumley) and that linked to the others. Not the same of course but they were fun.

  • Lame self-pitying rant: I no longer have any close friends left from college. I was effectively cut off from my circle of friends when I had a rotten break up with my ex-boyfriend (also from the group) a few years ago. I feel like you’re supposed to have all these college buddies to visit at reunions or invite to your wedding or whatever, and it is weird not having that. And also weird seeing pictures of them all meeting up and going on trips together on facebook.

    Revel: Is it terrible that I don’t really even care that much? The friends I’ve made in all the years following undergrad really are the best friends I’ve ever had, who are non-judgmental, accepting, and fun. Screw college, I guess. Maybe I just had crappy friends back then.

    Rant: It is pretty lame as an adult to even care about the number of friends you have, haha.

    • Screw high school, screw college, carpe diem dude.

    • Elza, I know what you mean. I went through the same thing when my ex and I broke up 6 years ago.

    • You know, people always frame college as this crucial bonding experience, but it’s only 4 years, and our personalities are pretty transitional during those years. I’m in my mid-30s now, and when I got married, I only had one college friend attend out of our 150 guests (and she and I stayed close after college through work). I still meet up with my college friends for a beer when I have a gig in their town, but I’ve found that my DC friends have become firmer fixtures in my life.

    • talula

      I am in your EXACT situation! After graduation my college bf and I broke up, and I realized all my college “friends” were really his friends, and none of them kept in touch with me after the breakup. After a while I deleted all his friends from my facebook because their pictures and statuses reminded me that I never made friends of my own in college.

      So yeah, screw college. I now have awesome friends that I’ve made on my own after college and in grad school!

      • The worst part of it for me is that most of them started as my friends, became friends with both of us, and then maintained relationships with him instead of me when we broke up. Which is fine and all, but still weird as hell. It feels like a personal failure on some level.

        I should probably just not look at facebook.

        • Exactly

        • If you don’t want to delete them from Facebook, you can hide their newsfeed. I do this for friends who over-post – I can look at their status when I’m so inclined but don’t have to know what they cooked for dinner.

        • Feel for you Elza! I had something similar happen, not a breakup but a fight with my old college roommate, who brought her gun-loving-alcoholic-she-broke-up-with-him-anyway boyfriend with her to our group house when she moved to DC. She needed support when she dumped him, but somehow I ended up losing out in the friend tug-of-war. Part of it was one of the other bastions of our group was a sort-of ex of mine. Luckily this all happened before Facebook was invented! Depending on how long you were together, you could tell anyone who asks that he just couldn’t keep up with you in bed ;D

    • I’ve realized that I have very few friends from college that I actually keep in contact with–mainly because they’re all married and living in the Midwest. I’m single and livin’ the life in DC, so we really don’t have that much in common!

    • It’s good you have a new circle of friends you made as an adult. Those will probably be stronger relationships anyway.

      I lost my entire circle of friends I had when my boyfriend and I broke up 6 years ago. It was incredibly difficult… and still kind of is, I haven’t found many new friends since. I still see them occasionally and it makes me really sad and angry all over again.

  • Rave: Dinner and art opening with a friend tonight.
    Rave: 4 Day weekend.
    Rave: Getting to see family soon.
    Rant: Money stuff.
    Rant: It’s heating up here. Soon to be summer. Not looking forward to it. The heat makes me oh so hostile!

  • Rant: When I transferred from one Fed job to another, apparently my old agency cancelled my health insurance, which they shouldn’t have done. So for the last 2 months, I’ve been paying my part of the premiums out of my paycheck, but my coverage was cancelled as of early April. And it’ll probably take a few weeks to fix, knowing the HR departments at both ends, as well as the insurance people, as communication just never seems to happen easily. Guess I’ll have to make sure not to break a leg or anything this weekend!

    Rave: Long weekend at the boyfriend’s, making plans to move in next month! Stressful and crazy times ahead, but so worth it in the end!

  • Allison

    Finally got all my anxiety about applying for clerkships out by implementing a David-Allen-style project management system. GTD’d, yo.

    • Ooo, what is this project management system you speak of? I need something to help me get through the daunting task of finding a new job.

      • Allison

        Getting Things Done, by David Allen.

        It’s a combination organization/project management book, but since I’m already pretty physically organized, I usually skip straight to the chapter about project management and follow the steps until I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

        It’s all about reducing general stuff (i.e. “Find job!”) to specific next actions, (i.e. “1. Update resume. 2. Decide references, 3. ask references”). Once you have outsourced and automated the function of keeping track of all the moving parts from your brain, your mind is freer to do the things you actually need to do without suffering from crushing anxiety.

        • Cool. I need a book like this. I am terrible at organization and it is starting to get embarrassing. 🙂

          • Allison

            Heh, my job in an alternate life would be a licensed professional organizer. So, if I fail horribly at being a lawyer, maybe I’ll call you up someday and you can be my first client.

  • Not a rant/rave, but a questions: Has anyone checked out that ramen place in Adams Morgan that opened this week?

    • Not yet, but I plan to this weekend seeing as my usual ramen spot is closed (people’s noodle bar). I’ll rant about it on Tuesday if it’s bad…

  • Rave: Sunny Florida for the weekend with my boyfriend to visit my parents, go to the beach, eat good BBQ and watch baseball

    Rant: Flying out of IAD

    Update for those interested: I just came back from the big interview. It went really well, but I was first to be interviewed of all the applicants, meaning I probably won’t hear back for a couple weeks. The job is perfect, and I know I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t work out. My anxiety will likely be sky-high until I hear one way or the other…

    • Allison

      Good luck, ew!

      Question: If I have a long window within which to schedule interviews, and I know lots and lots of people are going to be interviewed during that time, do you think it’s better to go first, last, or somewhere in between? I’m worried with my mousy demeanor and a resume that is probably indistinguishable from that of my peers except perhaps by font that any impressions of me will just get lost.

    • Thanks for the update Ew – SSudan I hope you get it! I just found out that I’m leaving sooner than I thought…like before July. Now in a frantic rush with my head cut off to get out of my lease, sell my furniture, break it to my boss and do my regular job.

  • Revel: My mother! Enough said

    Rave: Still sick, but feeling the best I have all week!
    It’s Friday and heading out of town tomorrow morning

    Rant: Bad drivers!

  • Rave: I am getting my very first cat today! I pick her up tonight.

    Rant: So excited I can’t concentrate at the office.

    Rave: Excited!

  • Rave: Getting my first tattoo tonight! A friend and I cut a deal when we were both unemployed that, when we both had gainful employment, we would celebrate with tattoos. I’m getting a cross on the arch of my foot.

    Rant: ……although I’m probably going to chicken out. I was never really interested in tattoos before. I think this is one of those “do it before you’re too old” kind of things.

    Rant: HUMIDITY! I can’t get a decent hair day to save my life! Whoever said yesterday that they officially hate their curly hair–I’ll trade you for my wavy hair.

    Rave: Pretty chill weekend to be followed by stressful week but then two awesome weekends!

    • Allison

      Take a pain killer before you go!!

    • Getting a tattoo is exciting, particularly if it is something very meaningful (which it seems yours is). Be careful, they can be addictive! I have gotten 6 in the last 5 years (all meaningful and hidden while wearing work clothes). They are painful, but I think you’ll find that’s part of the experience. You’ll never forget the meaning of gainful employment, and what your tattoo symbolizes, because it’s etched into your skin.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Don’t listen to those wienies, tattoos are not painful. They are uncomfortable, but not painful.

      Have fun with the experience!

      • Allison

        I read once that people with very fair skin are more susceptible to pain. Something about red-heads requiring more Novocain at the dentist. I wonder if that applies to tattoos, as well.

        • me

          It’s more that we have issues with pain meds not really working with us. After 6 shots of novocaine, I will still feel the cavity being fixed. Shots of morphine and dilaudid? I can barely feel any relief from severe pain. I don’t bother taking any pain meds in my normal life, since they don’t work. So, I guess that has accustomed me to having a higher pain tolerance!

          • Emmaleigh504

            That’s interesting. I’ve had times at the dentist where the numb junk doesn’t work, and boy does that suck.

            I would like to read more about this.

          • anon. gardener

            It is complicated – redheads are more susceptible to certain kinds of pain and less to others. Wikipedia does a good job of explaining, and has links to the studies – search for “red hair”

          • Emmaleigh504

            Very interesting. Now I’m curious if this pain stuff only happens in white red-heads or if it also happens in POC with red hair.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m so pale I’m see through, to me tattoos are nothing more than uncomfortable.

    • uh, yeah, that tattoo kind of sounds like a horrible idea.

  • Rave (?) : all of my summer clothes are a size or two too big. Weird, the clothes I wore all winter still fit.

    Rave: opportunity to update/upgrade wardrobe.

    Rant: I spent most of my adult life in grad school in small isolated towns with no fashion sense, so no money or incentive to dress nicely. Now I have no idea where to shop. Any ideas for a petite woman in late 30s?!? I work in a suit-free zone.

    Major rave: that this is my problem.

    • DC sucks for that. There are a few nice places on U st by 16th that sell good dresses.

      For chains: Zara, JCrew, on occasion Ann Taylor Loft, Madewell.

      If you have a New York trip planned any time soon, check out Uniqlo and Topshop.

    • I know Banana Republic and Ann Taylor often have petite sections of the store, even at the outlets. The last time I went to Tyson’s Corner mall, BR had an entire store just for petites, while the ‘regular’ store was somewhere else. But I am 5’8” so don’t listen to me about petites.

    • Nordstrom has a whole petite section as well

    • I’ve found Macy’s to be a pretty reliable source of petite clothing. I’ve also found some great clothes at Good Will on South Dakota.

    • novadancer

      I drive to Tysons specifically for the BR petite store – their pants fit me perfectly (5’2)! I also recommend the gap online as they have a pretty decent work pant collection as well as Ann Taylor Loft. I also 2nd Macy’s… INC makes some stylish petites.

    • anon. gardener

      The Talbots Clearance Center in Springfield. HUGE petites section. they stock actual Talbot’s clothes, not made-for-the-outlet clothes.

    • The Unique Boutique – there are a couple downtown (19th near M, I near 17th?) has fun stuff.

  • Rave: The pink blueberry plant I ordered came today – I’m hoping I’ll get a few berries this year.

    No rants – looking forward to a long relaxing weekend with family.

  • Rave: These “criminal records online” ads I’m seeing here at PoP! One of them looks like Chares Manson.

  • PoP:

    I know the ads are an important part of your blog (aka, revenue) but some of them creep me out. There was one probably for bed bugs (you don’t notice them) but I scrolled away from it quickly. There was another one recently that was creepy. It’s not a criticism (more like an observation) and I know you can’t pick and choose your revenue sources. Probably the only one who thinks this.

  • Blithe

    Rave: It’s my birthday! I got to sleep in, and I got to start my “morning” in the afternoon — two of my favorite things. I get a holiday weekend to play in, and, not only are the pools open — it’s actually warm enough to go swimming!

    Rave: The rose bush that my mother transplanted from her mother’s yard is always blooming on my birthday.

    Rant: NONE! Which is actually another Rave!

    • As the late, great Chuck Brown would have said:
      “Go Blithe, It’s Your Birthday! Go Blithe, It’s Your Birthday!”

  • RAVE: My inbox is down to 35 messages (inbox zero within reach!), all the piles on my desk have been filed or recycled, and all those shared e-folders have been cleaned up and organized. HEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO 3.5 day weekend!

  • Rave: Took a day of leave today, so I am already into the four-day weekend mindset. The only useful thing I did all day was take stuff to the dry cleaners, and that may be the only useful thing I do all weekend.
    It’s almost 6pm – is it too late for a nap?

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