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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Ew I did it!! I got the job. I’m moving to South Sudan.
    Rant: Not a damn thing.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: Found out a man was lurking on our front porch last Friday looking in the windows, etc..

    Rave: The neighbor who called the police that resulted in the guy being arrested. All this happened last Friday while we were out of town – we didn’t even know it happened until last night.

    Rant: Not feeling safe in your home.

    • What type of security do you have? If you have none, you can buy inexpensive options that will deter/scare people from entering your home. They sell simple door/window alarms that go off when the magnets are separated and I had those throughout college – they sell wireless ones that call you if tripped, and you can even do something as simple as an alarm sticker. I researched a lot for our move!

      • bfinpetworth

        I have pretty good security. Steel bar security doors, security alarms on all doors and windows, glass break alarms, motion detector lighting and timer lighting on the inside. Yet it still feels really sucky knowing that some dude was scoping the place out. He was also looking in a neighbor’s window.

        • Get a dog

          • I don’t think this is really a good reason to get a dog — not all dogs can be relied upon to bark and/or scare away intruders, and having a dog is a pretty serious commitment.

            If I remember correctly from previous posts, bfinpetworth already has dogs, but they’re small dogs.

        • yeah it is frightening – in college, my upstairs neighbor came home to find a man climbing in her window – we were all very freaked out, so that’s when I started alarming my apartments. However, the best defense is knowing your neighbors and watching out for each other and each other’s property – which it seems like you do! Hopefully THAT’S somewhat comforting.

        • bfinpetworth

          Yes, I do have two dogs, but their combined 28 lbs isn’t too intimidating to evildoers…. We did have a beautiful black shepherd mix that pretty much intimidated everyone, but sadly she passed last summer and we don’t have the time needed to properly raise another large dog right now.

  • Rave: Playing soccer last night- tons of fun, I’m a little banged up from the game but hey, we won!

    Rave: Too many good things going on this holiday weekend- tough to choose.

    Rant: It’s our anniversary and my husband has to be in NYC for work and I couldn’t join him…

    • Can you find something great do without hubby – hit the spa? Brunch with girlfriends? My husband and I have been apart a lot, so I always tried to celebrate events that way (largely to avoid sitting on the sofa with chinese delivery and a Real Housewives marathon).

      • Thanks for the suggestions and helpful push :-D. I was contemplating working late to free up my time for later in the week when he’s back or just going out and having fun… I think I’ll just go out and have fun (without him!).

        • …I often picked a restaurant I knew he wouldn’t really be in to and met girlfriends. Best use of time while he’s gone – I get to try a place he wouldn’t go AND go out!

  • Rave: Last work day, headed to Chicago and Milwaukee for the long weekend – the first “vacation” for my husband and me, 14 months after our wedding and can’t wait! Sun deck, pool, great Chicago food, visiting my close (and now pregnant!) girlfriend and her husband.

    Rant: Really want a new job. It’s really, really hard out there. I feel for everyone trying to accompish the same thing – I am happy I have a job, but there’s no where to go from here and I don’t want to be a Fed for 40 years in the same seat whose only skill is “knowing everyone in the building”.

    Rant: DC crime. WTF? Where are the foot patrols? I always give police the benefit of the doubt, but I wish they’d get out of their cars/hang up their phones and start to know the community they police. Walk around and observe!

    • Have a wonderful trip this weekend!
      As for the police, I agree with you! I regularly see 5 cop cars around my neighborhood and the cops are constantly on their phones or those laptops in the vehicle. It seems like they never look up and interact with the community, let alone police!!

    • nail on the head with knowing everyone in the building. Ugh such a stupid skill but it augments the talking ish skill.

    • While you can point to a split second observation of them, you have no idea what they are doing within the community to make sure we’re all safe. They work hard, often thankless (ie, this post), very dangerous jobs. I’m always thankful that they’re here but oftentimes they can’t do much about the random acts of violence other than follow up and police accordingly, which I have found they have almost always done in my interactions with them. Crime has a lot more to do with the neighborhood and the society than it does with the cops. Just sayin’.

      • Of course it’s just an observation, but as the spouse of someone in the US Military, if my husband – when in uniform – sat in a car and talked on his phone outside a 7/11, I’d be really pissed. Are many of them working while in their cars/on phones? Of course. However, if the neighborhood is the problem, then maybe they should get out of their cars in specific areas and meet the neighborhood residents. I personally do not feel like they are policing appropriately given the spike in crime earlier than normal. Maybe we don’t have enough cops for foot patrols, but that’s another issue.

        • Your analogy with the military really doesn’t make any sense. Foot patrols also don’t equate to lower crime rates. You’re assuming that because they’re on computers or phones they’re not working which isn’t necessarily the case. I guess I would just caution against judgements like that.

          • when you’re talking about where you took your girlfriend out on a date while in your car with the windows open on your cell phone…in a cop car…I’m not making a judgement.

            and yes, the uniform analogy stands in that I give all law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. It’s never as simple as it seems, but the appearance of an effort might help – at least help the residents of the city feel like something is going on, which is more than they feel know.

            And I’m also aware that crime is lower than it was 35 years ago (my parents lived here during the riots), which for some PoPers seems to be an OK enough stat for them.

      • “They work hard, often thankless (ie, this post), very dangerous jobs.”

        We (the taxpayers) already pay police officer’s salaries and pensions. We also make sure that they have a nice car to drive and gasoline to put in it, free of charge. That should be thanks enough.

        Incidentally, being a police officer isn’t all that dangerous. For example, farmers in the U.S. have a fatality rate of 41 per 100,000 versus 18 per 100,000 for police officers. Loggers are almost five times per likely to be killed on the job than are police officers.

        Only one District police officer has died from weapon-related trauma in the last 12 years, and that was Clifton Rife II on June 2, 2004.

  • Rant: I attempted to go to Tasti D’Lite last night. It was too confusing. How do they have that many flavors? Some are self serve and some are not? Everything is really expensive? There were like 5 different menus? I did not understand. So I left.

    Revel: Getting out of DC for the last few days! Good dose of life perspective.

    • Check out the “ehhh, what is that?” nutritional info, too. Probably a great idea that you left!

    • Elza, your description made me chuckle!

      I had a similar feeling the first time I went to Amsterdam Falafel — felt overwhelmed. But it sounds like Tasti D’Lite has way more variables!

  • Rave: Getting motivated about my job search again. After many interviews that I thought went great, followed by rejection after rejection, I felt completely defeated. I needed a little time to sulk, but I’m getting back in the mood to go after something great. Yippee!

    Rant: Dropped a major ball at work. Oops.

  • Rave: Huge congrats to Anonymous getting the South Sudan job. What an adventure.

    Rave: Follow up interview landed for the international development firm on Friday. They asked me to come in for the second interview only 2 business days after the phone interview.

    Rant: I am very, very bad at not fantasizing about getting this job. Already visualizing too many things in my head, which could lead to a rough letdown, as it has way too many times in the past 2 years.

    • I hear ya on that “fantasizing about getting the job” thing – I do that all the time, and it’s never worked. I’ve only gotten the jobs I assumed I had NO chance of getting!

  • rave: I went to the DMV this morning to get my brand-new DC license and it only took 1 hour!

    although getting my RI one shredded was sort of sad. I love my home state.

  • Rave: VaBeach to Potomac Mills this morning = 2hrs
    Rant: Potomac Mills to Arlington = 2hrs

    • VB to Potomac Mills in 2 hours?! Were you going warp speed?!

      • Just gotta know when to open it up. I routinely make it from NE to Hampton (and vice versa) in 2 hours. If you catch it with no traffic and not a lot of cops it can be done.

        • Hmm, I am tempted to call BS! 🙂

          I drove from Fairfax to Newport News regularly for college, and the best I ever did it in was one morning at 3am, made it in 2:16, and that was hitting 90 for decent stretches. If you can actually do it in 2:00 flat, good for you! That is a bit too fast for me haha.

          • No lie. My wife and my brother have been present multiple times and can vouch for me. I have no reason to e-front.

          • You do have to keep it at or above 90 and know when to get into what lane. I hate getting stuck behind people.

          • My apologies, I meant DC not, NE.

          • Kam, you do realize that 90 is 25-35 miles over the speed limit for most highways? And that speed limits exist for a reason?

          • Anon,

            Very aware. Thanks.

          • Kam, just hope you don’t make some unwitting victim very aware too. Do humanity a favor and don’t think you’re above the law. This particular one exists to keep us safe.

        • bfinpetworth

          Well I just want to say that I HATE people that drive that fast on the highway. I’m fine with 75 or 80, but when you start going past that, you are engaging in aggessive driving and putting other people at risk, including the passengers in your own car. Slow the hell down and enjoy life a little!

          • And I HATE when people just do the speed limit in the 3rd lane. It is for passing/faster traffic.

            Do you really think there is a big difference between 80 and 90? Of course I don’t drive that fast when there is traffic nor do I weave in and out of traffic.

            But thanks for your concern and remember to stay out of the fast lane. Please and thanks.

      • my record is 2hrs36min from oceanfront to Shirlington. no tickets!

  • Rant or Rave? I miss Fenty

    • Fenty was a miserable human being, but he was a wonderful mayor. I wish we could have him back.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Having issues with comcast over my broken internet. No one there seems to know what is going on or how to use the telephone.

    Rave: Coworker loaned me a fun book to read, so not having internet isn’t too much of a hardship.

    • My internet (through Comcast) has been very slow and has also been dropping out periodically in the past few days…I figured that they were throttling our speeds because I watch a lot of Netflix. This morning our internet was completely out. Now that I see your comment I wonder if it’s not just my apartment….

      • Emmaleigh504

        That’s exactly what mine was doing. I don’t have an answer yet, because comcast kept giving me the run around and I cannot deal with them for more than 15 mins without want to yell at them.

        Hopefully tonight I get a solution.

  • Rave: Feeling awesome. I’ve lost 11lbs. Today I’m wearing pants I haven’t tried on in months because they used to make me feel like a stuffed sausage. I do not feel like a stuffed sausage today. FTW.
    Rave: Fun dates.
    Rave: Holiday weekend.

  • Rave: After two weeks of oral steroids and 2 days of topical steroids, my ‘Nairobi eye’ is getting better.

    Rant: Steroids => increased appetite => weight gain. Trying to turn that around but it’s a challenge.

    • Glad you are getting better. Is it possible that the weight gain is from water retention? I took prednisone years ago for a condition and my doctor also prescribed a diuretic.

  • Rant: Feel like a zombie today. I’ve had two cups of coffee and I feel like I’m sleeping on my feet!

    Rant: New class looks challenging, with a much more strict professor. All of the written assignments have to be submitted to turnitin, and all have to have tables of content, subject headings and page numbers. Didn’t have to do that last semester. I guess that’s grad school for you – nobody told me it was going to be easy!

  • Rave: I actually have a Saturday free for once! I’d like to use it to help clean up the T St Park, as I saw signs for clean-up parties on Saturdays a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure if it’s still going on. Anyone know?

  • Rave/Rant: decided it’s time to go back to get my PhD, but cannot figure out what my research goals are…

    Rant: in the middle of a break out and no plans for the weekend… the worst. Also, probably losing the few friends I have with this.

  • Rave: 4 day weekend coming up
    Rant: I keep thinking today is Thursday
    Rant: Finances. A little overspending lately, but it won’t kill me. Just need to be more aware.
    Rant/Rave: Thinking it might be time to just up and move and find work when I get there. Or start my own business. Never know until you try right?

  • RAVE: Rehoboth trip tomorrow! So excited I can barely stand it. Just me and my SO! While I love big family trips, we rarley go on vacation just the two of us so I am really looking forward to this.

    Rant: saw something on the news ticker about two bikers getting in accidents but can’t find any info about it. Does anyone know if these people are ok?

  • pablo .raw

    Rave?: Long weekend coming and I don’t have any plans other than taking photos at the Rolling Thunder.
    Rant: If I don’t find any activity, I’ll have to clean up my storage room 🙁

  • Rant-found fleas on my perfect little angel of a pup
    Rantx2-exterminating costs are insanely high
    Rantx3-I have to sleep in a flea-infested bed until the Orkin man comes (if anyone has any other exterminator recommendations I’m all ears).

    • I don’t know what the size of your infested area is, or what you have tried before, but when my cat got fleas and brought them into my basement, which was covered wall to wall in thick carpet, I found this spray online that worked amazingly well. The brand is Adams and it’s in a blue spray bottle. Basically you spray it directly on your animal (it’s safe!), shielding the eyes and ruffling the fur back, as well as coating your carpet often with the spray, especially around baseboards. It took a couple of weeks of vigilant spraying, but it did exterminate the fleas from my cat and the room (including my bed– yuck!) for about $20.

      • I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with roommates and we’ve never had this happen before so I had no idea how best to proceed. I don’t know how long he’s had them for, but I saw the first one on my floor last week while I was doing yoga in my bedroom, and found the first one on my dog last night. We don’t have carpeting, which I’m starting to realize is a major blessing, but my dog spends the bulk of his day in my bed sleeping inside of my pillow case so I’ve been contemplating torching everything (never google image flea infestations when trying to sleep in a bed that probably has fleas).

        I’m looking into purchasing the Adams spray right now. You’ve made me feel much better about what I feared was a disaster.

        • Have you tried using Frontline (?) on your pup? That always seemed to keep the fleas in check for our animals.

          • That stuff is the best. Always gets rid of the fleas on my dog, even when he’s covered in the buggers. I usually just vacuum 5+ times a day and the ones around the house go away, haven’t tried any sprays or anything yet.

          • I usually religiously apply the stuff, but ran out, ordered more, and forgot about it at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately my roommates and I have been taking turns walking the little guy all over the place, and I guess he picked them up between the time it took me to get the new Frontline shipment and apply it. I have learned my lesson…

    • You can vacuum with Borax to get it out of your carpets – you could also use on other soft fabrics, like your couch and vacuum with an attachment. Wash all your bedding, including pillows and doggie begs/towels, in hot water. You can also ‘bomb’ your house. Just be sure to cover electronics and your smoke alarms.

      • errrr I meant doggie beds

      • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be boiling every toy, pillow case, and sheet as soon as I get home tonight. We don’t have carpeting, but I’ll try the borax on my couch and whatnot. Is it safe for pets to be around?

        • My indoor-only cat had a flea on him last week. I wonder if we’re going to see a bumper crop of fleas this year? Anyway, this reminds me of the great flea infestation of ’86 when I was a kid and we had 4 cats. Fortunately, fleas aren’t as difficult to get rid of as bed bugs and I think a few suggestions on this post may be a little overkill. My mom was able to get rid of all of the fleas once and for all by shampooing the carpets using a rented rug doctor.

          • Sorry, I reread the string and see that you do not have carpet. Oops.

          • When I called my vet last night to figure out what to do he told me that he’s been getting multiple calls of a similar ilk all week and that tis the season for fleas, so your theory on the uptick (no pun intended) in DC area flea infestations might hold water.

        • disclaimer – and i should have put this up front – i haven’t used it since i was in high school when our dogs had serious fleas – and our vet then said it was ok to use – but you may want to double check with yours since rules/opinions seem to change all the time!

          put your pet in a separate room when you do it – don’t leave it lying around – and vacuum it up quickly and thoroughly.

  • RAVE: “working” from home today 🙂
    RANT: homeless lady sitting on my door step almost every morning for the past 2 weeks, what should I do? It doesn’t help that she is always so polite and apologetic but next day she is there, she seem pretty well outspoken and just having a rough time, I feel really bad but don’t know what to say…

  • RAVE: Haven’t been reading this for a few weeks, great to see the same people hanging out here 🙂
    RANT: heath issues
    RANT: there is a homeless lady on my door step every morning when I go to work (for the last 2 weeks), she is very respectful and apologetic and probably had a good life at some point, but I can’t figure out why she has selected my door step for the last 2 weeks, I have tried to point her to the park nearby but she said she is just tired of walking and need to restle a little bit, she doesn’t loiter or do anything harmful but I feel very awkward seeing and living her there every morning..I dont want to be insensitive, what should I do?

  • rave: food coma from Tapas truck lunch… so… happy… right… now… need… nap…
    rant: trying not to think about how much I need to do in the next week and a half to get my grad school app in by June 1st – yikes!

  • Rant: CVS. If self check-out is a mandatory requirement of all customers, please just get it over with and post a sign saying so. Also, if you are going to have cashiers standing around behind the counter only to point me to self check-out when I know that I need something from behind the counter, stop putting certain items behind the counter. Finally, I would use self check-out a lot more if it didn’t always result in a ‘please wait…assistance is on the way’ delay whenever I use my own bag.

    Rave: Four day weekend is on the way. Father Time, please, please, please hurry! I’m so worn out that I’m ranting about something as banal as CVS. Clearly, I need a nap.

    • You are so correct in your self checkout rants. May I add one? Make the bagging area larger so that when I have more than five items I don’t have to build a tower of stuff and pray that it doesn’t fall over before my payment goes through!

    • We must have both been at the same CVS just now. I prefer the self check out only because it sometimes saves me from having to deal with surly cashiers.

      Rave: got some great deals (including free stuff too!) using coupons at CVS today. I’ll be hitting up Walgreens with coupons for free stuff later.

      Rant: The self check out rarely scans the coupons correctly and I then become one of those people holding up the line while I wait for a CVS person to deduct my coupons. Sorry everyone in line behind me.

  • Rave: The 2 new cheesesteak trucks. I had Philly Cheesesteak Truck last week and it was good and I just had Steak bites, just as good.

    Rant: I have a weakness for cheesesteaks. No bueno for the midsection.

  • pennyworth

    rave: drogba redeems himself after the ACN
    rant: he’ll probably go to china with anelka

    rave: dc united whooping ass
    rave: got my ticket to usa v brazil
    rant: the price

    • Yay USA vs. Brazil!!! Cannot wait- my whole family is coming down from Jersey for the game and we have a bunch of friends meeting up. It’s going to be awesome!

  • Rant: Every single day my boss comes into work at 2:00pm or later. Today it was 4:00pm.
    Rant 2: He then proceeds to bitch about how much work he has, how I’m not doing anything fast enough and he doesn’t have time to oversee all the ‘little things’.

    Rave: I have a new job. I’m leaving.

  • Rant: Our realtor has ‘heard a rumor’ that our dream home has structural issues. I don’t think that can ever be good news.
    Rave: If this is the major problem on my horizon then I guess life is good, even if I’m bummed right now.

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