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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am

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  • R.I.P. Chuck Brown – The creator and Godfather of Go Go. A true DC legend!

    • +1000-go go will always be the soundtrack of DC to me.

    • I never saw him live. Same thing happened with Danny Gatton. He played locally for years and I had many chances to see him, but never did. I figured he’d be around for decades, then he went and shot himself.

      I need to start going out more and seeing more bands!

    • I tried so hard to like go-go. I tried and tried and tried, but just couldn’t ever even pretend to enjoy it. That said, as a pioneer, a creator and a musician, it’s sad to see “the godfather” go…er….go-go.

      • You should check out the recordings he did with Eva Cassidy. They’re mainly Jazz, Blues and R&B.

      • I am a native Washingtonian. I have never liked listening to Go Go music. However, I enjoyed ‘Bustin Loose’ and ‘Doin the Butt’. I grew up listening to Mowtown, Delfonics, Blue Magic, Chicago, Fifth Deminsion, Stylistics, Mama’s and Papa’s, Looking Glass, etc.

  • Rave: Have a very important phone interview today.
    Rant: God I am terrible on the phone! And trying to find a quiet place to do this outside…
    Rave: I think I am well prepared. Bringing cheat sheets so I don’t stutter too much.
    Rant: Nervously sweatin.

    • Good luck, UtterlyAnon! I can definitely empathize with your feelings about your career, so I really hope something good comes out of it for you! By the way, I am also equally bad on the phone with a big phone interview tomorrow, so I’m right there with you on that.

      • Thank you and good luck to you too! Let us know how it goes.

        • Hi ew and utterly anon – I like to have my phone interviews in the park. I had a Skype interview yesterday – that was really nerve wracking.

          • Oh boy. I hate skyping… with anyone! How do you think it went?

          • Well…at least I hope. I’ve gotten much better at interviewing – surprised myself. But there was a scare about ten minutes before the call ended – they thought their internet was about to go out. Couldn’t IMAGINE that happening in the middle of the call especially from my end.

          • Luckily there is an empty office in my building I can use, but I am definitely taking a cheat sheet with me. I got some great tips from someone inside the company so I feel good, but I don’t necessarily think I have what they are looking for just yet, so that’s intimidating.

    • Good luck. I always do better with phone interviews. I get more nervous during in-person interviews. I aways struggle with answers to questions like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and “Why should I hire you?”

      • I hate questions like that! I am anticipating the worst one “what is your greatest failure”, and have tried writing possible answers out to that one. I hope it’s good enough. I can’t stand those weird questions though.

        • “My greatest failure is that I work too hard and need to try to socialize more with my coworkers.”
          “My greatest failure is that I am too detail oriented and will obsess over a project until it’s perfect.”
          “My greatest failure is the shining light of my awesomeness, which tends to blind those around me.”

        • binpetworth

          My greatest failure is that I constantly eat at my desk, and my keyboard is full of crumbs.

    • Why on earth would you wanna be outside instead of in a quiet controlled enviroment?

      • ha – i would similarly urge you to find a quiet spot inside if you can. i know it can be tough getting away from work folks though.

        one time i had a phone interview and i found a nice, quiet park. about 5 minutes into the interview, a boys basketball team started running towards the park and they did sprints and drills around the park and then a car alarm started going off! it was a bit distracting. 🙂

        • Sorry, laughed a little at that! There is a very quiet park near my office that I am considering. I can’t do it in the office because it’s so small, everyone will hear me. I thought about doing a different floor, but don’t think people would enjoy me standing outside of their offices to do it. The bathroom – no way. Hmmm….

          • it was pretty hilarious! and everything worked out in the end. but it was a bit hard to concentrate on my end. i’m sure you’ll be fine! if you see a sports team headed towards you, move on out! good luck!!

        • So crazy that this happened to you. I once did a phone interview at a quiet cafe, only to have an elderly gentlemen fall down the cement steps on his face and start bleeding like crazy. I ran over to him while in the midst of answering a question, thank God a bunch of other people appeared to help him too and I was able to finish. Never again.

          • WOW! So crazy. You should have said “excuse me for a moment, I need to go save someone’s life.” Did you get the job?

      • Don’t know where else to go.

        • I’ve found that the library is a good place- speak to the librarian and perhaps they’ll let you use a meeting room. I did phone interviews at MLK library and West Library in their meeting rooms- the librarians were very helpful about letting me use their space.
          Also- it helped me to get dressed up for the interview as though it was in-person and standing while on the phone. If you can use a headset or a bluetooth thing, it’s much easier than having to hold the phone to your ear the whole time! Good luck!

    • Yeah, I agree with Kam–you do not want to be doing a phone interview outside. Maybe you’re at work and need to get away from your desk, but find a empty office or meeting room/ask a friendly coworker if you can use their office to make a personal call/sit in your car if you’ve got one/go home.

      Pick a place, bring your cheat sheets of items to hit upon and you’re golden. Also, sweat all you want, cause no one can see! Good luck!

    • Cheat sheets are smart! FWIW, prior to something like this, I try to talk myself down by saying “It’s just a meeting. It’s just a meeting.” so as to not focus on its importance beyond that. It helps, but I usually hav eto tell it to myself many many times. Good luck!

  • Rant: hate when people give me options on the tasks I assigned to them. It makes me do their job, because I have to stop what I’m doing and decide and do your job for you pretty much. Just give me one thing that’s good! (rant about design tasks)

    Rave: NYC this weekend. After a horrendous experience with Airbnb, someone finally came through and we got quite a deal.

    Also – bye ME! good luck in Michigan!

    • Eeep! what happened with airbnb?

      • Rented a great apt and the reservation got cancelled 3 days before we were supposed to arrive. Apparently fraudulent host, though I had my suspicions. But we found a place at a last minute through their stand by system.

  • Rave: Beautiful weather and a fun-filled weekend in tow!

    Rant: Horrible dreams of my ex (and another woman) that were way too vivid and made me wake up feeling nauseous. Yes, it’s just a dream, but for some reason, this stuff lasts with me for at least half a day.

    Rave/Rant: No idea how to feel that my ‘first love’/guy who broke my heart is contacting me again and being flirty. Do I want to head back down that road? No idea as I feel rather lost in this world of sex and relationship turnstiles.

    Rant: My good friend’s brother is struggling to live as he needs an organ transplant. Absolutely devastated by this news, as he’s young and doesn’t deserve to go through this.

    Rave: I know I will get through this.

    • I’m sorry about your good friend’s brother- it’s so hard to sit by and feel helpless! I had two close family members receive transplants (double lungs and liver) and the wait and unknown is difficult and the road after even harder. Best of luck- make sure you and everyone you know and care about signs up to be an organ donor!!

  • Rave: I’m off tomorrow and leaving early today. Acoustic gig tonight, and my birthday’s this weekend.

    Can’t think of anything to rant about today.

  • Rant: Two hour commute into work today.

    Rave: No one at work seemed to mind.

    Rave #2: My parents’ house in the midwest went up for sale last week, and they’ve already received 4-5 offers as of yesterday. The sooner they can sell that house, the sooner they can move out here!

  • Rave (I think) new alley light.
    Rant (I think) is that black bubble on the top of the new light a camera by any chance or am I just being paranoid?

    • Maybe it’s a sensor, to turn on the light as dusk falls? Or maybe they’re watching your every move. 50-50.

  • Rant: Still bummed that my parents sold our childhood home. I’m very excited for them and they’re not moving far but we all love that home so much. Now to help them in the massive process of downsizing by 2/3s!

    Rave: Beautiful weather- hoping to get outside and enjoy it today!

  • claire

    Rave: Feeling so much better about my life today! Managed to knock a couple things off my to-do list yesterday and then relax and get a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling great.
    Rave: After a couple weeks of nightmares, had pleasant dreams last night about eating at Toki Underground and planting herbs in my garden.

    Rant: Trying to plan a group present for my boyfriend for his birthday, but I just don’t understand this one friend of his. He was responding to emails and seemed to be in for the present, but then randomly put out there that he was going to buy something else (& one of my initial suggestions) and tried to recruit a couple people on the email chain to go in on this different group present with him… if you wanted that to be the group present, why not say so and have us all go in on an even nicer version??
    Rave: Not going to let it get to me, and going to make sure my boyfriend has the awesome birthday with awesome gifts from his friends that he deserves regardless.

    Rave: Last day of work before a three day weekend, followed by my trip to Istanbul! My first full day there will be spent doing a 6-hour food tour (!!) and then shopping at the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, and then the rest of the time I’ll be attending a conference. I know some of you folks on here have been to Istanbul before – what kind of things should I be looking for at the bazaars to bring back for friends & family?

    • Sounds like an amazing trip Claire! I’m sure you’ll love it. Have you tried the teux deux app for to do lists? it’s amazing. It’s free browser based app, simple, and it automatically moves undone items into the next day. It sinks with a mobile app that costs a few dollars. But i just have it as my home page for my internet browser. Might help you organize your bizzilion tasks better!

    • I would recommend hammam towels (aka Turkish Bath Towels) they are easy to find in the Grand Bazaar and come in all sorts of beautiful colors (they’re great to use as beach towels, table cloths, etc) and won’t be too much weight to pack. If you have friends or family who cook, you can’t go wrong with spices, especially those that are hard to find in the US like Sumac or Persian Saffron (my brother is still raving about it!) You’re going to have a great trip, I lived there in ’05 and ’06 and still miss it every day!!!

    • Also I would splurge on some pottery. It’s actually pretty expensive, but it’s wonderful. And tiles. And yes, hamam towels! and those blue eye bracelets that are a dime a dozen but i’m still sorry that i didn’t buy one. and I need to go back to Turkey obviously.

    • Backgammon set! My husband and I loved playing backgammon and in Istanbul, they play it everywhere! We picked up a couple of beautiful sets and now my family plays- make sure to get one that travels well. We find ourselves taking it with us everywhere, just in case.

    • greenroofgoddess

      Definitely spices–whole nutmeg, turmeric, black sesame seeds, green cardamom pods, dried persian limes, saffron (but only the good stuff). Also goat’s milk or olive oil soaps are lovely and travel well. And be sure to grab a bag of olives to eat while you stroll through the market.

      And if you have time, buy an ear of roasted corn from the vendors near the Bosporus ferry and take a round trip before sunset–you’ll be riding with the commuters heading home, but have the ferry to yourself on the way home. The ferry captain even invited us up to the bridge!

    • No to the group present. Just, no. That tradition needs to die, b/c he’s not a prima donna or royalty, you don’t need the stress, and your friends just want to get together and don’t need to give gifts to a grown up unless the birthday ends in a zero.

    • Ditto on pottery – you can find some lovely, small inexpensive items that are great as gifts (don’t forget to buy some for yourself). I also like buying small bags/coin purses/etc because they are practical and unique. And yes, buy one of those blue bracelets. Maria, next time I pass through Istanbul I’ll get one for you 🙂

    • maybe a gift for yourself… I got THE most beautiful handmade necklace at the Grand Bazaar. It is cloth and glass beads. I’m sure it’s impossible to find the stall again, but you can even pick your own beads and the man will make it for you. I wear mind all the time.

      Otherwise… scarves.

    • claire

      Wow, thanks for all the recommendations! I’ve got a local to help me bargain so hopefully I can get some great hammam towels, jewelry, pottery, scarves, and spices!

      As for the group present, it’s kind of a tradition for us, and when everyone pools their resources, you can get one really worthwhile, meaningful present (the rule of thumb is usually something hobby-related, too pricey for them to justify getting it for themself). For my birthday, these folks got me a really high-end chef’s knife (amazing!).

    • The top three things to buy in Turkey are: leather, gold, and textiles (rugs).

      There are a vast number of leatherworkers in Istanbul as well as shops selling leather clothes for very very low prices. There are shops that custom-make a leather jacket for you in just a couple of days. One shop I went to had 40 types of leather to choose from.

      There are all sorts of different kinds of rugs from different regions, featuring different designs. Most textile shops will explain the differences if you ask.

      Don’t buy anything at the Grand Bazaar unless you want touristy stuff. Mainly tourists shop there. If you decide to purchase something, haggle for it. Prices are lower outside of the most touristy places.

      The cheapest place to buy foods like Turkish Delight and baklava is at the airport (Ataturk) on your way.

      You will find lots of cool clothes and high-end shops on Istilkal Caddesi with very good prices. If you want a scarf (shemagh/keffiyeh) you can find stalls selling them in a tunnel down by the Golden Horn (I can’t remember where, exactly). They had loads of different designs and I haggled down to two scarves for 10 Lira.

  • Rave: Both the Nats and Orioles are having great seasons (so far) and the weather looks perfect for their weekend series in DC with Saturday’s game set to be broadcast in primetime on FOX Saturday night. Also the weather will be perfect for the Andrews Air Show this weekend. 🙂

    Rant: I only had 1 number in last night’s Powerball drawing. 🙁

  • Rave: Working from home…outside!

    Rant: Tired of online dating and dating in general. Time to take the oath of celibacy, I guess. 🙂

    • I think of dating as a thing I do when all my ducks are in-line. I haven’t dated anyone for 2 years now because I’m trying to get my house renovated, I’ve made tons of friends in the mean time, none ended up being compatible enough for dating, but my dating plans are on hold for the next 6-8 months while my house gets rebuilt, then its on… no rush, I think I’m like wine, getting better with age… 😛

    • When I was dating–nowhere near celibate.

      Now married–celibate.

      • Being celibate is pretty much the same as single life for me these days… Don’t take it too hard…

        The only benefit is that I don’t have to compromise when it comes to what’s for dinner. the last 3 women I’ve dated were vegetarians, I got tired of compromising every time we ate together. That and I also don’t get nagged about taking out the trash 🙂

  • Rave: have been going out with this wonderful woman. she is smart, funny, has a magenetic personality and is drop-dead beautiful.
    Rant: it has been about 6 weeks going out with her. she just moved here from the west coast and taking things really slow. i dont want to overwhelm her while she adjusts to a new city
    Rave: i really like her and hope things work out. and she seems to be enjoying her time out with me 🙂

    • Have things gotten intimate yet? More details are needed before we can give your situation the proper attention it so deserves.

  • Rant: Being “set up” for failure at work by spineless co-workers that I’ve defended numerous times before… A result of a lack of top-level management which creates a negatively competitive work environment. I’m humble, and I do my darndest to communicate and create a friendly workplace, but some places will never grow a proper company culture. I need to learn to embrace this without internalizing it, and to stop worrying about it.

    Rave: 20 job-opp voice mails yesterday because I updated my resume on Dice.Com! But I still don’t trust headhunters.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The make up of my office is shifting and not for the better.

    Rave: Fun happy hour with the old work gang last night.

  • Rant: Don’t think my interview on Tuesday went well 🙁 I answered all the qs and asked several about the program but it only lasted 40 minutes (1 hr was allotted). Just felt like I was rambling the whole time even though I practiced. I’m crazy qualified and really want it. Still sent a thank you note.

    Rave: Wine with friends tonight!

  • Rant: $150 speed camera ticket for going 44 on NY Ave at 1am (in a 35, coming back from the airport). $150!! Any advice for appealing?

    Rave: Beautiful weather in DC!

    • Not to be heartless but I think you deserve the ticket. There are pedestrians on the street you know and every extra 10 miles per hour you are going faster means you have a) less likelihood of spotting them in time b) killing them.

      What’s your hurry at 1 a.m. anyway?

      • me

        Especially in the middle of the night, it’d be that much easier to NOT see someone when going faster than the speed limit by that much. I hate to say it, but I agree that the ticket was deserved.

      • Actually, there are no pedestrians on that stretch of NY Ave. The camera is right after Rt. 50 becomes NY Ave right around where the Washington Times building is. There are retaining walls on both sides of the street. It’s built as a highway and the camera is a speed trap designed to do exactly what it did–bilk someone out of $150 when they weren’t doing anything dangerous.

        • There were absolutely no pedestrians out. Like Anonymous said, this was not downtown NY Ave. It’s basically highway out there. And I’d hardly call 9 miles over reckless.

          • Agree with those that said 9 mph on that stretch of NY avenue isn’t reckless or dangerous. WTH? That’s just stoopid.

          • It’s not reckless but again, what’s the hurry? I see people zooming around DC like they’ve got ants in their pants.

            Just slow down a bit and make everybody a little safer and save yourself a ticket. That’s all.

          • me

            It’s not reckless, but the time of day does not determine if the posted speed is valid or not. At least now you know for next time, so you won’t have to get another ticket.

          • Absolutely, people need to stop driving around this city of ours as if they were in Paris. Have a bit of civility behind the wheel. Slow down and save a life.

          • This is entirely tangential, but “Absolutely, people need to stop driving around this city of ours as if they were in Paris” made me think of the Beastie Boys’ “I’m eatin’ crazy cheese like you would think I’m from Paris.”


    • Unfortunately, you cannot appeal camera tickets – unless you weren’t the person driving your car, it was stolen, etc.

      Don’t waste your time going down there trying to appeal… it won’t work (speaks from experience.)

    • speaking of speed cameras, i could have sworn i saw one go off when i was using a zip car the other day (oops) – was about 10 over i think. i typed in the zipcar’s plate though to dc.gov and it didn’t show any tickets associated with it. this was monday that i was driving so i wonder does it take several days for a ticket to be associated with a plate, or would it have been there by now?

  • rave: devils beat the rangers last night!
    rant: too much work to do, not enough time to do it in.

  • rant: when I click on the “Open Thread” hyperlink to see previous open thread posts, I get a “Page not found” error.

    • and of course after trying it several times and getting an error, I post a comment and it suddenly works. I think it’s going to be that kind of day…

  • Rave: Going to see an advanced screening of Battleship tonight!

  • RAVE! my boyfriend and I took tomorrow off for his birthday (we never take days off. ever.) and we’re GOING ON A DC DUCK TOUR! I haven’t been on a duck tour since I was about 6, in Boston. man oh man, I am so excited.

    1/2 RANT: it better be good — $35 a ticket.

    • If youre a dc resident you can get your ticket for free with a paid ticket.

    • It is SO MUCH FUN! My husband and I did the same thing for his birthday a few years back. It’s fun to be a tourist for the day, and see the city from another vantage point. It’s pretty cool when the boat/vehicle goes into the water. And you get fun duck-quacker noisemaker things — definitely good for some photos!

    • I went as a birthday present to my boyfriend and it was super fun. One bit of advice – try to get there a bit early so you can sit near the front. We arrived just before departure and had the last row of seats. We had to breathe in a lot of exhaust.

  • R.I.P. Donna Summers, The Queen of Disco!

    They say it comes in threes.

  • Rave: Free tickets to Zoofari!!
    Rave: Beautiful weather!
    Rant: None (knock on wood)!

  • Rave: Great win by DC United last night.
    Rave: Great soccer on TV and at RFK this Saturday.

    • Why are the DC United games almost never on TV anymore? I like the team, but it’s not like I can go to every game in person.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: just getting off of bed and feeling terrible with some kind of cold. That’s it :(.

  • rant: i used to love everything about living in the city, but lately I have been getting more disillusioned with the near constant stories of random assaults, muggings, murders, etc. I feel scared a lot (I used to be a confident person! or maybe I was just naive) and the anxiety is ruining my enjoyment of living in D.C. 🙁 I hate to say it but the suburbs are looking more attractive by the minute since I don’t make enough money to move to the really nice (i.e. safest) parts of the city. Maybe I need to just stop reading PoP…

    • Or get more involved and don’t tolerate this behavior. Support the police and force the council to make stricter laws.

    • Just remember that for every story you hear about someone being beaten, mugged, murdered, etc., in the city, there are hundreds of thousands of stories about the people who weren’t–it just isn’t news that all of those people woke up, went to work, came home, and had an otherwise uneventful day. The bad stuff is news because it doesn’t happen to the vast majority of us. That doesn’t mean you shouln’t care, take precautions, or work towards positive change… it’s just a way to keep irrational fear and anxiety in check.

  • Rant: The District of Columbia ranks 10th in the country with having a bed bug problem. Where are bed bugs coming from. I’ve lived on the earth and in D.C. for over 50 years and I had never seen a bed bug.

    Rave: I am getting Verizon Fios in my Ward 4 apartment building.

    • i was on the bus last week and a woman seated behind me with her two kids said to one of them “you better take off all your clothes before you get into the house. i don’t want those bed bugs in the house. bed bugs are bad news, and you never get rid of them.” i promptly got up and moved seats. jibbley jibbley jibbley.

      • [email protected]; bed bugs is scary and serious. I think about them too when I read the Metro bus and go to the movies. I live in an apartment building and some tenants have had serious problems with them. Management will not exterminate the entire building because they say it’s too costly. However, the D.C. Department of Health and DCRA can come in a force the landlords to do the buildings.

        • Bedbugs are one phobia I don’t consider irrational.

          My building had an outbreak and it took us over a year to get rid of them. Twice-weekly visits from exterminators, monitoring traps on every hallway, even a visit from a sniffer dog! The outbreak was on the opposite side of the building from me, but spread quickly to 6 or 7 apartments!

          My advice – if you hear even a rumor of bedbugs, run as fast as you can!

    • me

      I don’t want to burst your bubble, but Fios is awful. We have 3 DVR boxes- two randomly turn off to sleep mode and then don’t record what we’ve set to record, and all three of them will freeze at least once every two days while watching it so that you have to reboot them and wait a few minutes before you can watch again. Internet isn’t horribly fast, and honestly, the cost-to-quality for what we get is sucky.

      I feel like a dick now for putting down your rave. I hope that you have a much more pleasant experience with it. 🙂 I know others that haven’t had any issues… I don’t know what it is about ours, as we’ve even had them send us new DVR boxes…

      • I’ve had Fios for two years and haven’t had any problems with it.

      • Thank you for the info on Verizon Fios. I am not getting DVR boxes. All I want is regular cable t.v. and the Internet. I am already a Verizon phone customer. I had been getting a free WiFi signal for 3 years in my neighborhood, but it disappeared 2 weeks ago. Now, Jack Benny, me, have to break down and pay for the Internet. LOL

        Is Verizon Fios Internet better than Comcast Internet?

  • Rant: My sons, who are black teenagers, were cornered by the police last night at 14th and Spring St. while coming home from their jobs at Nationals Stadium. They were quizzed on where they were going, where they lived, what they were up to.

    How do I coach them for this type of situation? I told them to always be respectful, but clearly they are under no obligation to provide information. I let them know about some of the assaults that had been going on (ala yesterday’s discussion about the Q St incident) and that this may be their reality for a while just because they’re black teenagers. I hate it and need to protect them and prepare them.

    Rave: they pretty much took it in stride and said it isn’t the first time it has happened. Pretty easy going for the most part.

    • Poor kids. I feel sorry for them (and you) that this is indeed their reality at the moment.

      Do you think it would help if they wore their work IDs on to the way to and from work? Stadium employees have a sort of badge, don’t they? (And yes, yes, I am fully aware of all the horrible historical implications of suggesting minorities display an officially sanctioned ID. Just trying to think of a way for the kids to get home without drawing negative attention.)

    • How old are they (do they look?) and what time was it?

      Not that I’d be surprised if they were profiled/harassed, but my white teenage kids used to get caught up in the whole curfew thing, and the cops seem to get a little more interested in curfews about the time the weather warms up.

      • They are 18-year-old seniors who wear their pants lower than I do (I regularly come up behind them and hike them up), and it was around 11:30. I also told them to call me if they have a problem. I walked past these cops two hours earlier on my way home from the metro without being questioned.

        • I think having them call you and then handing the phone to the officer might be helpful. The stadium ID suggestion seems good too, but insulting to consider it would be necessary as proof they are actually coming home from work. Perhaps you could call the district commander or the MPD ombudsman and express your concern that your children are being profiled?

    • Unfortunately this will be their reality for longer than a while. Maybe their entire life. They may even obtain their Phd from Harvard and still be racially profiled as grown men. Just ask Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. Unfortunately for some people their skin will always be their sin.

    • It would be nice if you told them to be respectful and provide the police basic information that they request. They may have fit the description of some suspects and instead of making the officers more suspicious, they could tell them that they were returning from work and that would be the end of it.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Some knuckleheads robbed the 7-11 around the corner from me at gunpoint last night. I go there to buy smokes fairly frequently and always briefly chat with the ethiopian clerk who works the night shift, and every time he complains about how low class and rude the “locals” are. I usually try to change his opinion, but it’s probably a lost cause now.

    Between this, all the muggings in my neighborhood, and the weekly occurance of being called a “cracker” or “faggot” because I won’t give someone money or cigarettes for free, I find myself becoming more and more cynical towards the plight of the urban poor in our city.

  • Young, black female here – being called “sister” & “sweetie” every time I walk by a hobo is no fun either.

  • Rave: Got a ticket for tomorrow night’s Nats game with my good friends!

    Rave: Had a hospital-wide picnic today! Great food, live band, beautiful weather, and now I smell like BBQ. They treat employees really well here.

    Rant: My schedule has gone from packed to zip-zero-zilch! I had plans/classes/outings almost every night and now I have nothing after work, just going home. Kinda’ nice but kinda’ boring.

    Rave: My birthday is rapidly approaching and, because it ends in a zero, I should get presents! Or so says Anonymous 11:51 a.m.!

  • Rant: lady health problems. Frustrating/scary.

    Rave: Almost Friday.

    • Oh no- definitely hoping for the best for you on the health issues. Those definitely can be frustrating/scary.

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