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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: My neighbor is such an a**hole. Does not clean up his dog sh*t and when called out on it acts all pissy and basically refuses to do it. What exactly is someone to do in that situation short of smearing dog sh*t in his face.

    • me

      Pick it up with a plastic bag and put it on his doorstep. He should get the hint, even if it takes you a couple of times. You may ask, why do you have to pick it up? Either do that a couple of times until he does it, or just watch him NOT do it until he moves out.

      • Or pick up a whole neighborhood’s worth of it and leave it in a huge pile on his doorstep. Preferably at night when he won’t catch you in the act.

        Passive-aggressive, yes, but refusing to clean up after your dog is about the most disgusting and selfish passive-aggressive action you can take in the city.

    • Maybe my reference to smearing it in his face is a little insensitive in light of the 14th and W incident. My point really is that I am frustrated because I would never resort to violence on the subject and don’t know how you can get someone to pay basic respect to their neighbors and environment.

    • Call the police the next time he does that. It’s illegal to not clean up ater your dog.

      • Oh, DEFINITELY waste the police’s time and resources on dog crap! (On second thought – NO)

        • Don’t be so dismissive. Just because this is a quality-of-life issue and not a violent crime doesn’t mean that Anonymous 10:12 isn’t within his/her rights to be pissed off, or that Anonymous 10:47’s advice to call the police is off base.

          The main flaw (IMO) with the police strategy is that I don’t think they can do anything unless they see it happen.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m pretty sure the police are grown-up/experienced enough to prioritize calls. It’s not like they are going to not go to a more serious call to go to this one. Hell, they will probably cut this call short if something more serious comes in.

      • I called. They are busy doing forensics on the blood trail from the car break-ins written up in Friday’s rant or revel.

    • The police probably have to catch the neighbor in the act, though.

      Sorry to hear the neighbor is an uncooperative jerk.

    • Be careful – you can’t change people. When you try, some will have really bad reactions.

  • Rave: I had a great mother’s day with the kids, even though their Mother was not there.

  • rant: (if true) a guy getting his teeth knocked out because he asked someone not to litter.

    • I rail about littering all the time and I think it is a really important issue. It is not so much the litter but it is about respect. I think the lack of respect for one’s environment and community really does have a destructive trickle down effect. To me this is the largest tension in these transitioning areas – those that respect and want to improve a place, and those that could care less about everything and everyone around them.

    • He was a gentrifier just asking for trouble!!! (in case anyone doesn’t get it, I’m being sarcastic.)

  • Rant: Supposed to be heading out on a two-week trip for work and still unsure of when that will be (should have been this week). It makes it hard to make any sort of Memorial Day plans!

    Rave: Great weekend in NYC with friends and family.

    Rave: Coming home and catching the tail end of Dance in the Circle- seems like a great time was had by all!!

  • Rant: Turtle park day with a 20 dollar per kid cover charge. I realize proceeds go to benefit the park but that seemed a bit ridiculous.

  • Rave: I finished my first sprint triathlon on Saturday!

  • Rave: Finally made it to Chez Billy. So happy this is a couple blocks from our house, cannot wait for that back patio to open. Dinner was delicious!

    • bfinpetworth

      Agree, the food is very good. I am concerned however, after eating there a few times and having a few drinks, that the menu is too limited to frequent on a regular basis. You either have a very small app/salad or an expensive entree, with nothing in-between. Like a burger or some other french sandwiches. I am not one that thinks the menu is overpriced, I just think we need some other options to make eating there a fairly regular event.

      But, I love it being there and am committed to supporting it as much as possible.

      • Yes, I agree. They need a bar menu or something similar for us to be regulars. Yesterday was a celebration so we were willing to have a pricier (for us) dinner. But it will not be the go-to Friday or Saturday evening spot for us without more in-between options. Will definitely be getting drinks there frequently, though!

      • “But, I love it being there and am committed to supporting it as much as possible.”

        Why? If you don’t like their high-priced format, why are you committed to supporting it? It would make more sense if you didn’t support it and they either had to change formats or another restaurant that the neighborhood wants with reasonable prices moves in. Maybe you think it’s better than nothing, but it’s not your responsibility to spend too much money because they made some bad decisions with their menu. Look at what’s happened to Logan Circle because people are willing to pay too much for food: dozens of restaurants and nearly all of them (except the disgusting commissary) will set you back over $100 for a dinner for two. It’s out of control. I know there are wealthy people in that neighborhood, but I’m willing to bet that they spend too large a chunk of their paychecks on eating out.

        • bfinpetworth

          Good question. And I think I answered it in my original post. While I like it, like the food, and like the atmosphere, I can’t afford to eat a meal there too frequently. BUT, I can stop in for a drink on my way home from work and will continue to do so. Thus I am committed to supporting it and hope they make the changes discussed here…

  • Rant: People stealing potted flowers out of yards/stoops. What the hell. Seems like an epidemic on Q St NW at the moment. What are they doing with them!?!?!

  • Rave: Tried District Taco (DC location) for the 1st time on Friday. O-M-G Delicious.
    Rave 2: Job interview for position outside of this country.
    Rant: Waiting on a confirmation of interview time. Please hurry up.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: after a long commute this morning stuck on the red line, finally arrived to work just to find out that I left my glasses at home….
    Rave: Performance at the tower of the Old Post Office on Fri. was really impressive!

    • my boyfriend and I were walking to the Hirshhorn event on Friday night and stumbled upon the performance at the Pavilion. The ballerinas were was amazing!

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: people who walk their dogs off leash. They cause me great anxiety (of seeing the dog hit by a car) and great fear (that they may attack my little dogs). Just put your dogs on leashes!

    Rave: Great weekend with my elderly parents visiting (79 and 82). They may be getting old but they still like to have a good time. I got my mom a gallon of dark amber maple syrup shipped directly from a small sugar farm in Vermont and she loved it.

    Rave: The parents left this morning, so I and my partner can get our household back in order tonight and enjoy some peace and quiet!

    • A young woman on my street was walking her chihuahua puppy off leash the other day. I think she was trying to train it to be off leash and in her control, because she was giving it treats when it walked beside her and yelling at it when it walked ahead. As I was getting in my car, and older neighbor walked by as she was struggling to get the dog back beside her, and he nonchalantly said, “Just put the darn thing on a leash already.” She turned bright red and picked up the dog. Made me smile!

    • A GALLON of maple syrup? This is still making me laugh! I’m picture this little old couple sitting at the table with a giant jug of maple syrup and stacks of pancakes a foot high.

      • bfinpetworth

        Well, last year I gave her a half gallon and she’s already emptied it. She says she does a lot of cooking with it and makes clear that it is a very “in” ingredient these days…

    • i can not for the life of me figure out WHY people walk their dogs off leash around here, or would want to train their dog to walk off leash in dc. it makes me kind of angry. and i don’t care HOW well trained your dog is, that he will never leave your side, etc. If he will never leave your side, then he won’t mind being on a leash. it really makes NO sense what so ever to me.

      • Agreed. You can have the best behaved/disciplined dog in the world, but there are some things you can’t account for and you never know when a dog will get spooked and run into the street or away from you.

        • Agreed! Also, in many other parts of the world, dogs as pets are not a thing. So a dog running down the street is very dangerous and could be a stray with an infection. For many immigrants in DC, these unleashed dogs are very scary. I see it a lot in Columbia Heights, especially for people with small children. Not everyone thinks your giant lab is fun and happy when he bounds toward a 4 year old.

        • yep. my dog is also dog aggressive, and many times there have been off leash dogs that come running up to mine to want to play or whatever. once even a dog that crossed a busy street to get to us in heavy traffic. all the while my dog is barking and snarling and lunging at them to eat their face off.

    • off leash…ugh. We just moved to Logan Circle area and walked our big dog thru the park last evening and there were a number of off-leash dogs. I’ve just learned to let go in that if anything happens, it’s not my dogs fault (and at almost 100lbs, she’ll rarely be the victim!). My dog can be iffy with new dogs at her age, so when your little dog runs up and barks in her face…guess what? Not my problem if she snaps at you. I don’t get the appeal – if you want your dog off leash, get a yard.

      • the logan circle thing drives me nuts. hey, guess what- there’s a dog park like 3 blocks away, where you can have your dog off leash!

      • Call me cynical, but just wait until some little dog does confront your big dog and your dog decides to react – don’t expect the little dog owner to be understanding or contrite, much less admit any fault, just because they are and you are right.

        • Yeah, this is kind of the problem though…those dog owners aren’t prepared to accept the consequences of letting their little dog do that. That’s what annoys me when folks let their dog run unleashed down the sidewalks, then get offended when my dog feeling constrained on her leash gets bent out of shape.

      • Welcome to the neighborhood! FYI, there are always dogs off-leash in the circle. While I would NEVER let my dog off leash in the city (or anywhere else other than someone’s yard really), the vast majority of the dogs you see off-leash there are well-behaved and won’t bother your dog. If you’re concerned about how your dog might react to them, I suggest you not walk her through it. That’s what I did when my dog went through her recent “really barky” phase. It’s just not worth the trouble or potential heartache (God forbid something happened) when you can just easily avoid the situation…

        • true, i do avoid logan circle, and most of that area, but it’s too bad we have to because others can not obey rules, such as “dogs must be leashed”. if they really want it to be an off leash dog park, they should try to get it to be one. what about people who have small children who are afraid of big dogs running around a park? should they avoid the circle too?

  • claire

    Rave: Doctor says I don’t have an ear infection!
    Rant: Apparently the constant ear popping/crackling is from extreme congestion from allergies. The combination of Claritin, an oral decongestant, and a prescription nasal decongestant spray have not yet stopped the problem though. Two years ago, I started getting seasonal allergies for the first time in my life, and now they’re this bad? Not looking forward to what they’ll be like a couple years from now…

    Rant: No time to relax this weekend between seeing the doctor, working on class assignments, writing posts for my blog, and preparing for my upcoming business trip.
    Rave: Only one assignment left for my class!

    • me

      This may seem like a pain, but perhaps try a different nose spray. I was given 2 before the 3rd one worked for me. I still have the ear squeaking/crackling, but it isn’t nearly as bad and I don’t notice it as often. Good luck- allergies are no fun!

      • Try a neti pot or even better – a neilmed squeeze bottle neti replacement. Works wonders on my constant ear pain due to allergies. And they sell them at Harris Teeter.

        • bfinpetworth

          As a simpler alternative, I use a saline spray available in the drug store and keep it in my shower. It REALLY helps to keep post nasal drip and sinus infections at bay. DC really stinks for allergies.

  • Rave: Finally met the boyfriend’s parents, and I think it went well! In addition to eating his Mom’s amazing cooking, she took me aside to teach me how to make some simple Vietnamese dishes. I was thrilled, because I love Vietnamese food, and it would be so cool to be able to cook some of the bf’s childhood favorites!

    Rant: The spacebar on my keyboard is sticking, and it is driving me insane. Have tried to clean it out myself, but had to resort to calling the helpdesk.Here’s hoping they make it over to my cube some time today!

    • claire

      I love Vietnamese food! I’m pretty jealous… what dishes did you learn to make?

      • I learned how to make summer rolls (with the peanut dipping sauce), and she also is giving me her special recipe for Banh Xeo (the Vietnamese crepes)- apparently the secret is using either Bud, Miller, or some other cheap beer instead of water- it supposedly makes the crepes crispier!

  • Rave: Put an offer in on a house this weekend. Waiting to hear back about it today!

  • Revel: Absolutely beautiful weekend.

    Neither revel/nor rant: I was accident-prone this weekend – strange. I’m not usually a klutz.

  • Rant: There’s a better than even chance I’ll see my ex this weekend at a party. It ended terrible and I’m very nervous and anxious about seeing or talking to her. This is going to be a nerve racking week.

    • Tough spot. I would approach this in one of two ways:
      1) If you are truly not ready to see your ex at a social gathering, then don’t put yourself through it. If anger, sadness, pettiness or extreme discomfort are just beneath the surface of your exterior, save yourself the torment and frolic about with others that night. Don’t worry that your lack of presence will signal that you are not strong enough to face her; rather, it will signal that you have other things to do and it may just serve as a loud reminder to her that you are no longer a part of her life.
      2) If you are comfortable with seeing her again, cordial nonchalance is the order of the evening. Don’t be someone you’re not but by all means, don’t eyeball her from afar all night. You really must be prepared to focus on other people at the party and enjoy yourself in her presence or in spite of her presence.
      3) Finally, if you do decide to go:Don’t drink too much! Don’t drink too much! Don’t drink too much! Regrettable post-break up asshattery will surely ensue.
      Best wishes to you, my friend.

  • Rant: Mother’s day. I am a woman of childbearing age–I am not married and do not have any children. Every year I get tons of “happy mother’s day!” from complete strangers. I appreciate the fact that people are trying to be nice, but it is not like I am walking around with a child. What if I just had a miscarriage? Or couldn’t have children? Or just had a child pass away? I know people don’t mean to be insensitive, but it makes me feel crappy. It also makes me feel like I am not a real woman if I am not married and/or have kids. Frustrating. In addition to this, my new sister-in-law announced she is having a baby yesterday. So I got my Mother a print for mother’s day, brother is giving her a grandchild. I feel like a complete failure as a daughter.

    • I’m so happy you posted this..someone at work on Friday thought it would be appropriate to “celebrate” mother’s day by giving every person that they “thought” had kids a gift–total morale buster…they didn’t know who had kids, who was trying to have kids, who has estranged kids, who hates their kids, whose kids hate them, who is gay and has a non traditional family etc. It was a COMPLETE disaster. Hallmark holidays have no business being celebrated in the workplace.

    • I have to admit that I think this practice of saying “Happy Mothers Day” to someone, well, other than your mother, is mind-boggling. I’m sure the people probably mean well, but it seems a little odd. I would liken it to going up to a random couple on Valentine’s Day and exclaiming, “Happy Valentine’s Day” to the couple.

      • As a mother who did not see her kids yesterday and only received a text from one wishing me a happy mother’s day, I appreciated the extension of good wishes from my neighbors and friends who acknowledged my efforts, even if my nitwit teens did not. It’s also a hard day because I lost my own mother on Mother’s Day four years ago.

        • To soozles,

          Apologies – here is an instance where I typed too fast and didn’t finish or clarify my whole thought. I think it’s odd to say Happy Mothers Day to someone you don’t know. I think that Mother’s Day is a private moment between mother and child/children but one that should take place on all days, not just one specified for the requisite Mothers Day. I, of course, understand why there is such a holiday, as there is a Fathers Day, etc. I have said to friends, colleagues, neighbors (people that I know that have families or children) “I hope you have a good Mother’s Day weekend or holiday” or something like that. I don’t tell them Happy Mother’s Day because they are not my mother but I wish them a good holiday. I wouldn’t say that to someone either I don’t know or someone I don’t know well enough to know what their family situation is. To have strangers come and say this to someone is surprising to me, even though I’m sure they mean well and probably don’t mean to offend. Many people who get that greeting probably just let it roll off their back but if it’s a subject that already may cause some sensitivity to you, then the comment might resonate in a more offensive way.

        • To soozles, again,

          I’m sorry but I hit the post button too quickly. I’m so sorry about your losing your mother four years ago. Some may say that four years is a long time but I don’t think we ever stop missing/loving someone (especially someone who probably filled a significant role in your life), no matter how long ago, because that’s a hole that is never re-filled completely.

          As for your sons – well, it might be a stage and they’ll grow out of it.

          • Thanks. I know it’s just a dumb teen thing, and they’re about to graduate, so life right now is only and all about THEM. I’m sure I was the same way. And face it, at this age, most teenagers don’t like their mothers any more than their mothers like them, but eventually and hopefully we get over it. I remember when I started liking my mother after my freshman year in college.

    • me

      I’m in the same boat. Unable to have children, and it’s devastating. I got the “Happy Mother’s Day” a couple of times, and just smiled but didn’t say anything. Made me feel a little down in the dumps.

      A coworker came in this morning with a bad story from her Mother’s Day. She was out with her family for her first Mother’s Day, as she just adopted a newborn a few months ago. She was giving her kid a bottle of formula and was harassed by a complete stranger about not breastfeeding the child. She was quite shaken up, but didn’t say anything- it’s not her place to defend the fact that her child is adopted to a complete stranger.

      • Ah ha. You have touched on a social phenomenon that I have become quite acquainted with – the breast feeding cult. This cult feels compelled to interject themselves into your business without remorse. My response, congratulations on breastfeeding. I realize it takes a lot of effort but its not like you cured cancer. Plus, it might be entirely unnecessary given the advancements of formula.

      • Oh. My. God. Who DOES that sort of thing?? How awful for your coworker. But yay for adopted babies!

      • I got interrogated once by a woman who worked for some well baby-breast is best group about why I don’t have children? why don’t you adopt? blah blah blah, on and on. I wanted to tell her, None of your effing business, but we were part of a small group and I decided to be polite. Some people are socially tone-deaf, and project all of their anxieties onto the people around them. All you can do is ignore them.

    • Wow. I thought it was just me. I experienced the same thing. Though I know it was not said with malicious intent, the tidings sure did underscore that I’m not a Mom yet and not even in the neighborhood of being one. Also, I stated to wonder if I had that ‘mommy’ look. I really didn’t think I did. Wonder if this happens to childless men on Father’s Day?

    • Is the a DC thing? Growing up in the midwest, I don’ think I ever heard people say happy mothers day except to their own mothers/grandmothers (maybe siblings who were mothers). I usually just answer “Happy Mother’s Day to you, too,” kind of like turning it into a “Merry Christmas” type greeting.

      • I think it’s a new thing for everyone, not geographic. It seems that mother’s day is getting bigger and mroe pervasive every year. My mother has been dead for many years so I don’t usually pay the day much attention, but this year and the last couple it’s been inescapable and i don’t care for it.

    • Try not to take offense. I think it is just people trying to be nice. I was out with my two kids yesterday and people were wishing me a happy mother’s day, even though I am a guy. It was not said in a mocking tone. I personally like mother’s day because so many people seem to make an effort to spend the day with their families. I saw a lot of folks out to brunch, lunch, walking around etc.

    • OMG I said this to my mom on Friday! At work, people kept telling me to have a nice mother’s day. Then, on Sunday, we went to a place with an “expectant mothers” reserved space close to the door. i REALLY wanted to park there. I told my husband, “clearly I’m expected to be a mother, so that must count for something!”.

      You want me to be a mom, work? Try providing maternity leave, Mr Federal Government…then maybe we’ll talk about pregnancy. Oh while we’re at it, those pay freezes/cuts don’t necessarily make me confident we can afford a kid.

    • msmaryedith

      My great aunt and grandmother both told me “Happy Mother’s Day” when I called them–I think it’s sort of a “have a nice flight”/”you, too” (to the gate attendant) response. I don’t take any offense. I’m unmarried/childless–I usually make a crack about having a cat but not wanting to claim to be his mom.

      Also, I have sent cards to women who have been important to me who are NOT my mother. Some have kids, some don’t. But I think it’s a nice time to say “you’re like a mother to me” or “you are an important woman in my life” to an unmarried great aunt, or just another female relative or friend to whom you’re really close. It has always been appreciated. I wish that instead of Mother’s Day it could be something that applies to all women. Especially because some mothers lose children, etc, it seems like you’re almost always bound to find someone with hurt feelings on that day.

      • To mymaryedith,

        I like that you do this: “Also, I have sent cards to women who have been important to me who are NOT my mother. Some have kids, some don’t. But I think it’s a nice time to say “you’re like a mother to me” or “you are an important woman in my life” to an unmarried great aunt, or just another female relative or friend to whom you’re really close. It has always been appreciated. I wish that instead of Mother’s Day it could be something that applies to all women. Especially because some mothers lose children, etc, it seems like you’re almost always bound to find someone with hurt feelings on that day.”

    • Emmaleigh504

      This drives me up the wall! I never ever, ever want kids (no meeting the right guy won’t change my mind), so this Happy Mother’s Day crap pisses me off.

      I also learned from my mother who learned from her mother that every day should be mother’s day. Mothers and Fathers should be respected and appreciated by their kids every day, not one day out of the year.

      • I’ll be okay with any and all “insert group here” days as soon as they declare a “single and without kids” day so I finally get a day… and hopefully the tradition would be that all of my married/with children friends and family give me something of a similar value to all of the engagement gifts/shower gifts/bachelorette party/wedding gifts/baby shower gifts/baby’s birthday gifts/various cards/etc., that I’ve given them.

        Ha ha.

        • As a new mom, I can safely say that EVERY day is “single and without kids” day. Or as David Spade’s character once said on some TV show, “Excuse me while I go do whatever I want with whomever I want to!”

      • saf

        Makes me nuts too.

        No kids, no identity as a mother, yet people try to shove me into that box simply because I am a woman. Grrr.

  • Rave: My deck is finished! Following thursdays rants/raves about digging the post holes, it is all finished! It looks wonderful, and it is built to last another 100 years. SO HAPPY to finally have a deck in my backyard!!!

    Rant: Still disappointed with the Capitals loss. The Rangers are quite the team, and are my odds on favorite to win the cup after seeing them for 7 games.

    • WaPo just posted a news alert that Dale Hunter is stepping down as coach of the Caps.

      • Does this surprise you? In a post-loss interview, when asked whether or not he will continue on as coach, his response was, “This is not the time for that question.” Apparently, for some it was exactly the time for that question.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Migraine

    Rant: I want the world to end when I have a migraine.

    Rant: Medicine has made the migraine go away just enough to be bored, but not enough to actually do anything.

  • Rant: Trying to learn Spanish but I am soooo lazy

    • claire

      Try Memrise (memrise.com) – it’s been amazing for me, like a game but clearly with a lot of cognitive science behind it.

  • Additional Rant: Pulmonary Fibrosis and Breast Cancer- My Uncle “beat” PF through a double lung transplant… it kills as many people every year as breast cancer and there are no survivors!
    As for breast cancer… my aunt has it again for the second time and it has spread. She’s going in tomorrow for surgery. I wish I lived closer to her.
    Lots of love and prayers being sent out to those fighting any sort of disease- it’s a tough road and you have my best wishes!!

  • Rant: I hate people today. I really do. From the asshole from MD who took offense when I quickly honked at him after he suddenly slammed on his brakes for no reason whatsoever and continued to drive incredibly aggressively for the rest of RCP, to the stupid 22-year-old begging for money for Greenpeace who told me I really ought to rest due to my [barely 5 months pregnant] condition, to the weirdo who pushed me out of the way so he could hold the door for me [apparently because I am pregnant and therefore not capable of opening a door by myself?]. You all suck.

    Rave: my kid is awesome. And I’m unexpectedly going to Paris in less than three weeks.

  • Rant: The memories of my kid saying “daddy, a girl in my class said she wouldn’t play with me because I am White. Teacher said: That shouldn’t matter.”

    Come on now, people, please!

    • So the teacher’s response was ‘that shouldn’t matter’ to the student who said that awful thing to your kid? That’s a good response, right? I mean I assumed she elaborated a little more on why it was wrong to say it in the first place.

      • I wasn’t there so don’t know what else she said.

        Makes me recall the words DuBois had to endure back over a century ago — “So, what does it feel like to be a Problem?”

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