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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: So much to study and not enough time!
    Does anyone know if the Woodbridge Library in NE has a good study area? I will be just around the block for another engagement on Saturday and would like to study there before and/or after. Any good recommendation around the petworth/columbia heights area to study for the rest of the weekend?

  • Rave: first
    Rant: sick

  • Rant: Had no clue The Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing at The Verizon center last night. And then to find out it was supposedly sold out on the first day.

    Rave: Having been to a lot of concerts I know some tricks of the trade was able to get Section 5, Row H tickets on the floor for $63 right before the show started (not scalped tickets, you just have to know what to ask for or they will try and play you at the window). What an awesome show! The energy at the show was crazy and of course RHCP rocked out!! Can’t wait for Coldplay.

    • Awesome that you got to see the Chili Peppers- I saw them for the Stadium Arcadium tour, and the show was amazing, especially the light show part.

  • rave: FRIDAY

    rant: ordered a comfy cone for my dog and had it shipped overnight. just got it and i think it’s going to be too small! ugh *throws money down toilet*

    rant: dog is limping even more on her paw then she was 2 days ago. hopefully the antibiotics start helping soon. keeping her walks short, but she doesn’t like that too much :/

    rant/rave: networking. sometimes it seems like it’s the only way to get anywhere. but if you don’t know anyone, you’re screwed.

    rant: the coming summer.

  • Rant: Crazy chick across the street and her weekly, drunk, incoherent cell-phone shoutfests with what I assume is her boyfriend. City acoustics can be awfully annoying. As can drunk psycho neighbors.

    Rant: $125 photo speeding ticket. I cop to speeding, but a $125 is BS. These stupid cameras have got to go.

    Rave: Good workouts all week. Sore, blistered in all the appropriate places. First race in 22 days.

    • Perhaps you should tyr slowing down and obeying traffic laws. You have but yourself to blame for the ticket. Take responsibility.

      • Sure, I deserved a ticket. But $125 is, well, highway robbery.

      • You know, things aren’t really as simple as you like to pretend. Penalties for speeding are a necessary component of traffic enforcement, but the fines in DC are ridiculous and not on scale with other traffic enforcement camera programs. If DC officials really cared about public safety, they would actually work to get police to pull people over. But camera enforcement tickets are about revenue generation. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a camera 50 yards after the speed limit on New York Avenue drops from 50 to 35 coming into the District.

        Some of us have to work and don’t have the luxury of being metro accessible. Yes, I know people shouldn’t speed, but not everyone who drives a car can afford a $125 speeding ticket. It’s way too much.

    • Allison

      -_- We must have the same neighbor.

  • RANT: On the S1 bus this morning, this guy burst out with a very rude, “DO YOU MIND?!” without any real reason. Apparently, a hispanic guy sitting in front of him was playing music on his phone without headphones. Yes, annoying, but that outburst really wasn’t necessary. He then proceeds to talk to his girlfriend next to him about this music-playing guy (which is how we all find out what his problem actually is), but not directing his question of “could you please turn that down?” to this guy. Then he shouts, “DO YOU EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH?!” Seriously, dude? I can’t handle that level of aggressive stereotyping that early in the morning.. I hope that guy steps in dog poop on the way to work, and stubs his toe before he goes to bed. That’ll show him!

    Rant: Now I’m in a piss-poor mood, my coworkers have been acting weird and making me think I’ve done something wrong, and I just want to crawl back into bed. Sunshine and LOL Cats isn’t even doing it for me this morning.

    • novadancer

      perhaps not the best way to handle it. However… nothing po’s me more than inconsiderates who think I want to hear their crap music blasting!!

      • Dude was out of line with the English comment, no question, but anyone playing music without headphones while sitting on a bus deserves to be yelled at. Noisy confrontation is not always the response, but neither is quietly doing nothing. It seems like most people lean toward the latter, and consequently the rude continue unabated with their bad behavior.

        • In all honesty, I couldn’t hear any music. His girlfriend next to him couldn’t hear it either.. could have all been in his head! It was just a yucky way to start the day because his behavior was totally out of line.

    • This makes me laugh, if only because it reminds me of my trips on local buses in various places in Latin America (where on at least one occasion I’ve ridden next to a goat), but agree that on DC Buses, passengers should not have to endure noisy headphones.

  • rant: people who drive down residential streets in the middle and expect you to wait until they pass.

    rave: people who know how to drive on the right.

    • I agree. I think the problem is that too many people don’t know where the edges of their cars are and so they over compensate by driving in the middle of the road. I blame both the rise of the SUV and the loss of the hood ornament.

      • I’m intrigued… how does a hood ornament help in this scenario? I think they are awesome and always have, but have never thought of them as having a real function….

        Or perhaps it just that people who are into details like hood ornaments, pay more attention to the details of their cars in general and thus know the basic width of their auto.

        • Blithe

          My car has two little black things on the hood where the windshield wiper fluid comes out. I’ve always used them to park — when the right one seems visually aligned with the curb — I’m good to go. Maybe hood ornaments can be used in the same way?

        • The hood ornament tells you where the center of the front of your car is in relation to the road. I always found that this helped me gauge where the sides were. With modern, bubble shaped cars its not always apparent where your car is in the lane until you get really used to the car. A hood ornament would help.

  • Rant: Unsure how I have spent so much money in the last two weeks. Moving expenses and a new metro commute are rough 🙁

    Rant: Reading about how much people pay for rent in the FQOTD. Due to circumstance beyond my control, I’ve had to move every year since I moved up here (on my 3rd place now) and it seems like staying put is the only way to mitigate huge rent increases and avoid the horrible costs of moving.

    Rave: Friday! Going to the EU embassies open house, with wine tasting event at the Austrian embassy!

    • Allison

      I know how you feel re: moving costs! It seems like moving can be almost prohibitively expensive for those who don’t have a whole lot of savings built up (which I am going to quickly blow through soon.) I mean a $650 “move in” fee for a condo building? What the hell man, what the hell.

      • A $650.00 move-in fee!? That sounds really high to me. I get the concept of a move-in fee, where I’ve normally seen in the $200-250 range, which seems more reasonable.

        • Allison

          I guess the huge move in fee is because they’ll give us exclusive access to the loading dock for the whole day, and our very own elevator, and need to protect against damage to the common areas, but I thought even for all that it was a bit much.

      • In my case, I actually got really lucky and didn’t have any sort of move-in fees or additional deposit to pay for my new apartment- just $250 upfront toward first month’s rent. But coming from a situation where I lived with 2 other people and moving to a new place essentially by myself for 3 months (new roommate moves in in August- she is paying rent, but I’m basically left alone to stock the apartment with basics), I have to get a bunch of stuff I didn’t have before like household supplies, ironing board, lots of kitchen stuff (rarely cooked before last year). Trying to accumulate things as needed, but it seems like I need them all now 🙁

        • To ew,

          Well, no move-in fees are the best. I do understand the reason for them, though, when they do exist.

          A thought for your ironing, though. Do you have a table or even a bed that you could use, in the interim. It’s not ideal but as a temporary solution, you might be able to do this.

          • Yes, I could. I just need an iron 😉 Definitely an item to check Craigslist and Freecycle for, too, no need to pay top dollar for brand new.

        • I swear by Good Will and Salvation Army for these types of things. Good luck and congrats on the new place!

          • Allison

            +1 to Goodwill! They test all their appliances individually before placing them on the shelves. I got my favorite bedside lamp from Goodwill, and I often say “I love lamp” before going to bed at night.

  • Rant: 2 hour commute home last night. Because of whatever the hell was going on on 95 NB, everyone and their mother was trying to for alternate routes and getting into accidents on those. There was even a crash in the middle of a highway I tried to get on to bypass the traffic on 29. I felt bad for the people in the accident, and was willing to give the emergency personnel all the time they needed, but I was on a serious time crunch. I almost didn’t make it in time to pick up my son for daycare, but…

    Rave: I did. 🙂

    Rave #2: My first Mother’s Day this weekend.

    • Curious – if you were going to be late, could you have called the day care to let them know so that they at least knew you were on the way?

      Congratulations on your first Mothers Day! Hope you are able to revel in that this coming Sunday and every day as well.

      • One would think, but our daycare sells the leftover children to gypsies at 6:01. It’s nerve-wracking, trying to fight your way through the crowd of Romany at pick-up time.

        Joking aside, lots of childcare places start charging a surcharge… $20 every 5 minutes or something, whether or not you call to say you’re stuck in traffic. And it’s upsetting for a little kid to be the last man standing when all the others have gone home.

        • I understand that it’s upsetting for a child to be the last one picked-up from daycare, but hopefully it’s not a situation that happens a lot. I also get that a child may not grasp that in the way hopefully an adult understands the idea that “…sometimes life gets in the way and things don’t go smoothly or work like clockwork.”

          I think it’s disgusting to charge a surcharge like that for being late. I’m sure there are people who are chronically late (for whatever reasons) and this surcharge was put in place as a result but that is an arresting upcharge.

          • Blithe

            It’s also “disgusting” — to find out that your work schedule has been increased for an unknown amount of time to because someone else didn’t plan well. Childcare providers have schedules and appointments and commitments too. And they can’t just put their job responsibilities on the shelf until tomorrow — they have to stay alert, focused and patient until the parents come in to pick up their kids. So, yeah, the extra fees are annoying — particularly to those of us who are usually on time, but I’d bet that without the fees, many parents are pretty lackadaisical about honoring the scheduled pick up times.

          • I work with Child Care providers. They have kids and families to go home to as well. There are so many parents that are chronically late that the fines are a necessity. It sucks for parents but it sucks for child care providers to get home 1 hour later to their families too. Also, Child Care is one of the most regulated businesses around (for good reason!) but providers could not have a license to be open after certain hours or don’t have the ratio of staff to children if kids aren’t picked up on time. The upcharge sucks but it’s probably not done out of greed but out of necessity.

          • To Anonymous 12:23,

            The truth is that people in other industries have their work schedules increased (and sometime for an unknown quantity of time) and are not compensated for other people’s lacking or ability to plan ahead or organize their time or do their job adequately. It happens all the time. If you’ve never experienced this, then consider yourself lucky. As I said in my response to wdc, I’m sure that this surcharge was put into place because there are some people who are chronically late and for whatever reason don’t respect other people’s time and that is why these added charges are put into place. I accounted for that scenario. I still think it’s a disgusting upcharge for when people are late because “life gets in the way beyond one’s control (e.g., traffic) and one is subjected to said penalties. Yes, I know this is how life works. How can you filter out those who would use that as an excuse from those who were legitimately stuck in traffic. It gets a little dicey to differentiate.

        • Yes, to this. I think our daycare charges $15 per minute or five minutes after 6:30. I suppose I could’ve called and hoped they would be so kind to stay late, but they’re not obligated to stay late without charging me. Thus, the tension. My little dude was one of three left, and I think he knew that something was amiss.

        • Yeah, my coworkers with small kids start checking the traffic reports obsessively around 2:30 pm. I must say, it takes commendable effort to raise children in this area. Between the high cost of living, the traffic, the terrible city schools that force most parents to live in the suburbs and endure long commutes, and the jobs that expect them to work long hours, it’s no wonder that they’re stressed and crazy all the time!

    • I’m glad I didn’t have rehearsal last night! I usually take 95 N to 695 to get there.

  • Rave: New job! Start the beginning of June and it’s a huge raise!!! I’m really excited about the position, but a bit sad to leave the old firm.

    Rave: Great friends who helped in the job search and pushing the resume through. I vow to pay it forward in the future!

    Rant: None today, except I can’t wait to get home and relax this weekend, and celebrate!

  • Rant: Jim Graham. Uses my tax dollars to pay for trips to Vegas for him and his staff (see WAMU article) while he seeks to increase the taxes I pay on alcohol (see W Times article). Meanwhile he fails to support great initiatives to increase the tax base (see PoP posts about All Souls) and considers an alcohol moratorium. What a joke.

  • claire

    Rant: Ear infection (I think). My ears have been painful on and off and making crackling noises constantly for the past week. I’ve never had an ear infection before, but I’m pretty sure that’s what this is, and it’s really bugging me. Was hoping it would go away on its own, but that’s not seeming so likely now. And I’m flying in a week and really don’t want my eardrums to burst!

    Rave: Was able to make an appointment at the new NoMa urgent care center for tonight so hopefully I can verify that it’s an ear infection and get on antibiotics ASAP.

    • Take decongestants, STAT! Sudafed, anything. A ruptured ear drum as an adult has to be one of the painful things I’ve ever experienced!

    • Yes, as previously mentioned, take Sudafed as soon as you can. I had to fly with an ear infection and it hurt so bad I wanted to cry. And it hurt for days after.

    • It actually just sounds like you may have a blockage — make an appointment with an ENT and they’ll be able to suction out the extra earwax that’s crackling/putting pressure on the eardrum. You’ll feel 100% better in no time!

      • claire

        Now I’m starting to wonder if I should’ve tried to make an ENT appointment instead of an urgent care one… but wouldn’t be able to do it until next week and would have to take time off week. So I guess I’ll see how the urgent care doctor does. Will definitely be stopping by a pharmacy later to pick up Sudafed, among other things…

    • Echoing everyone else on the sudafed. Do you have allergies? My ears crackle constantly when my allergies flare up, but luckily a dose of sudafed usually takes care of it.

      • claire

        Yes, and they’ve been especially bad this spring, so that might be related (although I’ve never had this symptom from allergies before).

    • Blithe

      You might also want to try using a decongestant spray right before you board the plane. I learned this the hard way….

  • Intern friend is looking to sublet 9th and K street NE. Any options on the safety of the street/neighborhood? Thanks

  • Rant: A week after scheduled closing, we are still not scheduled with a new closing date because the previous sellers had no title insurance and the building has a lien (which wasn’t mentioned in the questionnaire)…and we have to move out of our current place tomorrow. Rendering us homeless. The “relocation company” won’t agree to a pre-settlement occupancy, or to pay for a hotel room for us (with our 100lb dog).

    Altair Global Relocation doesn’t care about where we live. I’m certainly glad my husband came back from Afghanistan for this!

    • If your husband is in the military, would you be eligible for temporary lodging facilities (TLF) or temporary lodging quarters (TLQ)? We moved around quite a bit when my dad was in the Marine Corps, and we were able to live in these facilities before a house opened up on base. Not sure if this would apply to your situation, but just an idea.

    • Title issues pop up all the time, and often get resolved at the last minute. I often get asked to sign off on lien releases for loans that were repaid decades ago, even after current owners had title insurance. Hang in there.

      Also, board the dog. It’s like a doggy sleep away camp.

      • She is ridiculously expensive to board – 100lbs….

        but as of now, it’s worked out and we’re closing this afternoon. It took a week. However, I won’t believe it until we close. The relocation company was ridiculous and we’ll be writing a letter about their poor customer service. Who says, “not my problem!” when people might be without a roof over their heads because of your fault?

  • Rave: The wild irises on Roosevelt Island are blooming and will probably peak this weekend. They are incredible this year – a sea of yellow (on the swamp trail.) Go see!


  • rave: being flown to my home state for a job interview! first time ever; hope i impress them enough for the job!

    rant: apparently the allergy season is waayyyy worse there right now; don’t want to look like i’m crying at the interview (ha!)

  • Rant: Coccyx pain. Went to my chiro who felt around and did some adjusting, but it still hurts to sit. Not horrible pain, but nagging and annoying.

    Rave: FRIDAY. OMG.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Coming to terms with the fact that my eyes have changed from grey to green. (I hate green.)

    Rave: New baby white rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! (White rhinos are my fave even if my avatar is a black rhino.)

    • I’m so jealous – you had grey eyes…I’ve only known 1 other person to have grey eyes.

    • Rave: That wonderful, terrifyingly adolescent feeling I get when I’m involved with someone Really Special — and hoping that things will play out well.

      Rave/Rant: Sigh. I’ve been playing a lot of old school R & B songs, and actually LISTENING to the lyrics! Cause, y’know…. See Rave above.

  • Rave: parents are visiting!
    Rant: parents are visiting, and since they are both foreign and from midwest, they refuse to listen to my advice about not leaving anything in the car, or erasing the circle marks from the GPS on the window, or not walking around at night with an iPhone in hand. Hope they don’t become a victim of their own stubbornness.

    • Another Rave: talked them out of taking the tour mobile and into riding the 32 bus instead. Saving them $100 in process. DC tour mobiles are a rip off!

    • Ugh, my parents are also foreign and live in the midwest and do the same thing. They are paranoid about me locking my door at night (and like to jiggle the handle as they leave just to make sure it’s “secure”) but are utterly unconcerned about the parking situation.

  • Rave: Last day at my current job!
    Rave: Have already handed in my blackberry, so I have an entire weekend ahead of not checking emails or responding to work demands!
    Rave: Start new job on Monday and received a nice email today from the project manager stating how excited she was and making herself available for any questions.

    Rant: Have to get through lunch with my boss and a few coworkers. I’m a socially awkward penguin at it’s finest.

  • Rave: Happy to get of the city for a week

    Rant: Hate crossing West Virginia Avenue Ne, near Gallaudet
    Whether you have the walk sign or not cars turning from florida to wv, or vice versa still speed along as if you are not crossing! DC has the most self-fish drivers (and peds sometimes), that I’ve ever seen!!!

    Am I the only one who gets anxiety about this intersection?

  • Revel: Wow, so many people have great deals on their rent! Can we have a PoP apartment swap–like, when someone is moving, they pass their great deal on to someone else? I’m kidding, but…I want all of your apartments.

    Rant: I am still drunk from last night because I am a derelict of society. And I have to fill out a million expense reports at work. I am the worst.

    Revel: You know how annoying it is on the bus when people have music playing SUPER loud on their headphones and everyone can hear it? This morning, to my joy, a guy actually requested that someone please turn his music down. It made me so happy! Let’s fight back again loud music players!

  • rant: BF’S car window was smashed in for the 2nd time in 6 months. Nothing was taken, but the glove box was ransacked. Policeman said there’s been a major upswing in car break-ins in the past couple of weeks.

    rant: Blood was left on the car door, and apparently trails of blood were found on 15th Street where many other break-ins occurred but they don’t do forensics on car break-ins.

    rave: weekend!

  • Rave: Tomorrow is the annual Great Brookland Yard Sale!

  • Deflated rant: Was totally looking forward to my grad students’ final project presentations, but they were all dull dull dull. Felt myself wishing for last spring’s class instead.

    Rave: Gorgeous day out today! Will at least have the windows open while grading projects this weekend.

    Rave: Also giggling at aohk’s “socially awkward penguin” comment.

    P.S. Love the picture on the post! What’s the context, Blinkofaneye?

  • rant: my building turned off the water without any notification starting at 10pm last night. pretty annoying.
    rave: just got a space heater at my desk. i can stop shivering daily now.
    rave: going to jersey to see my mom for mother’s day this weekend!

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Went to Dr’s on Monday, been on drugs all week, back is feeling 75% better. Wish I had gone sooner.

    Rave: Lunar Massage is teh awesome.

    Rant: Hubs needs to visit Dr’s for rash on leg, found him a Dr, called & made appointment, told him and he said he needed one closer to work (but hasn’t done this for himself yet after months with aforementioned rash). Guys can be so dumb sometimes.

    Rave: Bartender at Granville Moore’s is holding stools for us to watch the Caps game tomorrow night!

    Rave: A weekend without being in excruciating pain.

  • Rave: Saw my FAVORITE band last night–The Nadas! They’re a band from Iowa and they’re out here at least once, maybe twice, a year! Not only that but one of the lead singers recognized my friend and I from last time and came over to talk! Love those guys.

    Rant’ish: Show lasted till almost midnight. Just barely caught the last train home and definitely feeling the lack of sleep today. But it was worth it!

    Rave: Lots of plans for the weekend! Just not sure which ones I’m going to choose.

    Rave: I have awesome co-workers and an awesome boss. Job’s not so hot but the awesomeness of the people makes up for it.

    • One more Rave: Brought back some jelly beans from Texas that have habaneros in them and am having a great time watching the different reactions as people eat them. :o)

  • Rant: Allergies. This is my second major bout of the season! I am on Allegra-D and a corticosteroid nasal spray already. Anyone have any other suggestions besides holing myself up inside?!

    Rave: It’s Friday!

    • This may sound weird but – try being obsessive about washing everything — including yourself. On really high pollen days, I’ve had pollen on my clothes and in my hair. Dumping the clothes in the hamper and a quick shower before I start spreading pollen around inside actually seems to help.

      • This works, at least for me. If you have contacts, take them out when you get home and put on glasses. I also take Claritin D every day religiously, and use Nasonex. Last year, I would forget to take it sometimes and ended up with a full-blown sinus infection. This year, taking it every day plus the nasal spray, I’ve been OK.

      • Forgot to add that I tried switching from Claritin D to Allegra D earlier this year, and it didn’t work for me at all. Have you tried switching from one med to another to see if either Claritin or Zyrtec work better for you than Allegra?

        • Thanks for the suggestions. I do have to get better about washing myself and clothing. I use the neti pot in the shower. I used to be on Claritin but it stopped working for me, so I switched to Allegra. Maybe it’s time for Zyrtec D. I hate allergies!

  • Rant: I was in a cab last night and apparently the cabbie cut someone off or something. Anyway, the offended other driver (white guy) pulls up next to us and proceeds to call the cabbie a “stupid N-word.” This happened right in Glover Park. Maybe I am naive but in my 38 years of life I have never seen or heard someone wield that word in such a manner. I was completely shocked.

    Rave: The cabbie was Pakistani so the outrageous insult kind of confused him. Good thing or else there might have been a fight. I would have totally had the cabbie’s back on that one.

    • I’ve had the opposite experience except it was a sexist insult that was being shouted at me by a cab driver! It’s infuriating no matter who you are!

    • Emmaleigh504

      You’ve never heard the n-word thrown at a cabbie or never heard it thrown in anger? Sadly, in my 30 some odd years I’ve heard it thrown in anger and as a put down by whites to non-whites way too often. I’m always a little surprised when people say they haven’t heard it, because I’ve heard it so much in my life.

      • I used to be the only non-black person in my department and my boss used to joke around about everyone being “negras” and all of the cultural connotations that went along with it. I know its not quite the same but it made me really uncomfortable–not exactly something I was comfortable joking around with as I was too afraid of saying something that someone might find offensive.

  • rant: a huge jerk with his jerk friends at target. he was incredibly loudly saying disparaging things at women in the store as he strolled around and telling one woman how sexy she was, etc. so i obviously looked up at the spectacle from what i was browsing. and then he says to me “don’t worry about me boo, you’ll find yours some day.” i told him, “thanks, i’m happily married.” and then he proceeds to shout loudly throughout target “YOU AIN’T GOT NO ASS. MY SHORTY GOTTA HAVE AN ASS! YOU AIN’T GOT NO ASS!!” all i could think to yell after him was “you shouldn’t be talking to people you don’t know like that!!!” (lame.) a woman next to me was like “what? did that just happen?”
    double rand: i wish i had a better come back, like “i may not have an ass, but at least i have more respect thank you ever will. asshole.” excuse my french, pop.

    • I think you need a better one that that. How about “the jerk store called and they said they were all out of you.”

      • How about something like:

        “Damn, and here I thought I was going to meet the man of my dreams during the middle of what is most people’s work day, at a store generally known for being a single rung above Walmart.”

      • Or, “Up your nose with a rubber hose!”

    • Allison

      I may have seen this man before. It was disgusting the way he was strolling through Target like he was shopping for women rather than groceries. He’d bend over 90 degrees to look at their asses, comment on everyone loudly, and was generally obnoxious. Target employees should be watching out for this guy; when I worked retail, I doubled as security.

  • Rave: I move tomorrow! I couldn’t be more excited!!! Goodbye crackheads and dark basement apartment!

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