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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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Rave: Servers have been slow because of a huge surge in traffic over the past few months.
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  • Rave: I get to move into my brand spankin’ new apartment in 8 days. So long damp, dark, and dungeon-like basement apartment and crappy neighborhood! I will nooooot miss you!

  • Revel: A new Constitution and the end of the exclusive rule of the CP in China? Really? That distraction would help lock in the controlling corporate interests there for sure.

  • Rave: The Petworth market opens today and it’s Friday! Super fun-filled weekend ahead.
    Rant: Bikers who make the unwise and very unsafe decision to stop dead in their tracks in the **MIDDLE OF GEORGIA AVENUE DURING RUSH HOUR** to b!tch out a bad driver and almost cause a multiple car pileup. (Yes. I’m a fellow biker. But that doesn’t mean I condone the actions of people who make poor decisions like that, which ruin the reputation of urban biking for the rest of us).
    Rave: So many about my life in general!! 🙂

  • Rant: Got called in to work early because a colleague called out today… I seem to always be pulling their weight. The cycle of HR is slow and unresponsive. What happened to personal accountability in the workplace?

    Rant: I make a comment about outside looking like it’s gonna rain and the concierge at the front desk of my building disagrees with me saying that she is a Christian and that the “Lord is in control of the weather” I tell her I’m a Buddhist and that i turn to WTOP for my weather guidance. I think she hates me now.

    Rant: Gave $1000 to a HUD inspector for my home renovation inspection (only takes one day to do). I am apparently in the wrong line of work.

    • ‘the concierge at the front desk of my building disagrees with me saying that she is a Christian and that the “Lord is in control of the weather” ‘

      wow. your colleague is a nutjob. it’s one thing to be a nutjob on your own time, but to speak it aloud at work is ka-razy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hello Crazy Pants! I can’t believe a passing comment about the weather induced an “I’m Christian” comment. Christ doesn’t need to be in every single conversation and it’s bad form to randomly bring him up while at work.

      I feel for you and think your reply was perfect.

      • You are wrong about this. Having watched a lot of sports, I know that christ often impacts who wins a boxing match, college football game, and any number of sports.

    • What does that even mean, anyway? Like her imaginary friend in the sky has never let it rain before?

    • Maybe she’s trying to get you to take your small talk elsewhere.

  • Rant: stupid internet/casual speak memes.

    • This. — Can you please just say “I agree” or “This is true”? What the frig does “this” even mean? Even “+1” is better.

    • Random — 99% of the things people say are random are not. A person walking down the street cannot be random. They were born and are on their way somewhere… there is nothing random about them. Better words you can use are: unrelated, irrelevant, arbitrary…

    • Literally — like “random”, 99% of what you’re relaying is not literal at all.

    • Whatevs, sorrs, ridic, etc. — just say the whole word. You sound like an idiot.

    • Yay — when did this become a word? Yea was the proper way of saying it, you know, yea or nay. And please do not confuse it with yeah.

    • When people use “hashtag” in conversation. Jesus.

    Yes, I am a curmudgeon, but I’m not as old as I sound.

    Revel: these are all things that I really don’t care about, they’re just annoying.

    • This is funny – all of your rants. Blame the short-hand short-sightedness on the evolution of txting, I mean texting. What is with the #’s!?

    • I agree completely! And I’m still in my 20’s.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My new, hated, stupid, made-up word is “”adorkable”. “Ridonkulous” is also in my top 5 of hated, made-up words.

    • AMEN! re: ‘yea’. And the ‘literally’ and ‘random’ thing is right on, too. To be honest though, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to respond with a + one million to your whole post. 😉 I’ve never heard or seen the ‘this’ thing – that’s a new one for me but I suspect I would find it just as annoying.

    • +5. I don’t think your example of “random” misuse quit hits the mark, though, so I’m not awarding credit for that one. I agree it’s misused, as in it’s not random if 2 people who share 99% of the same demographic characteristics encounter each other in a place where others of that same demographic congregate.

      Random would be, I’m walking down the street with a friend, and they get bonked by a meteor.

      • OP here. exactly, it’s not random to run into someone, it’s chance. and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “So this random dude…” or “omg, that restaurant was like so random!” or “she randomly came up to me and…”


        • Unfortunately for you, language is not a static thing. It evolves – especially in colloquial form – and values that we assign to words are relative. So, deal with it, I guess.

    • ha, I’m pleasantly surprised that people agree with me. I thought I’d get flamed and told to “get with the times and the new culture” or some crap.

    • Blithe

      I’m WAY fond of “Yay”! Which does NOT mean the same thing as either “yeah” or “yea”. (And I bet this post just gave you one more thing to grumble about….that’s WAY worse than ‘Yay”.)

      • binpetworth

        You’re correct, blithe. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “yay” as “An exclamation of triumph, approval, or encouragement.” I’m guilty of using it, but only in the context noted in the OED, not as a synonym for yes or right on.

        And that’s my word nerd note of the day. Everything else in Anon’s original rant I agree with.

    • Rant: Hyperbole. It literally cannot be true that 99% of people misuse the word literally. Unless we’re talking about Joe Biden. He literally went to the school of not knowing how to properly use the word literally.

    • Can I add Schizophrenic? It does not mean how people use it. And those that have it do not have multiple personalities….

    • I agree and just want to add “hipster” and “douchebag,” the two most meaningless terms ever, which simply translate as “people I don’t like.” Folks, there are no hipsters in DC. Ok, maybe two or three, but this is the least hip city in America. And when did an old school feminine hygiene product reemerge as a pejorative? That was something my friends and I used to say in the 70s when I was ten and didn’t even know what it was. If I were king I would smite these words from the language.

      I am a curmudgeon, and I am old too.

    • I hate the abbrevition “DMV” to refer to this area. It was clearly invented by people that don’t live in DC proper. I don’t llike those people and have petitioned for years to destroy all bridges connecting DC to Virginia and to erect a walll between DC and Maryland. Some might call this extreme, I call it progress.

    • It troubles me when people use the word “rape” and “traumatic” inappropriately. Overheard on the bus “I was so raped by customer service….” – Unless you were sexually assaulted, you were not raped.

      “Taking the LSATs was really traumatic” – unless you thought you were going to die, it was not traumatic.

      • 100% agree on the ‘rape’ comments. Not cool. Perhaps I am overly sensitive having been a victim, but I cringe when I hear people say it in that context. And don’t get me started on rape ‘jokes.’

  • Rant: people who run with iPods and don’t pay attention to ANYTHING. Example: 16th and Euclid, light turns, cars get a left turn signal, pedestrians have a red while cars are turning. Stupid girl starts running across 16th. Cars honking, me waiving arms in her face from across the street and yelling to go back to the curb and NOTHING. She had no freaking idea that she almost died. My props to the driver, I would have run her over on purpose, or at least nudged her slightly.

    Rave: friday! weather is nice! i have common sense to not run into traffic while wearing an ipod!

    • Rant X 2 – How about anybody who uses an iPod and thinks it entitles them to be oblivious asshats? I can’t count the number of times people with iPods wont move to the back of a crowded bus, nearly walk into me, nearly amble into oncoming traffic/a bicyclist/an open sewer, or casually stroll along and delay people trying to get around them on the sidewalk. City living requires some amount of being considerate, people!

      • Per the rant above, I totally love the term “asshat.” I nominate it to replace “douche bag” for those that find this latter term objectionable.

      • Can we add people who are playing with their phones while they’re walking and can’t see anything else?

      • Can we also add people who simply are not looking in the direction that they are moving?

      • Allison

        Indeed. I always love the guy who has his headphones on the bus so loud that he can’t hear the bus driver (and everyone else) yelling at him to *move back!* because the bus is crowded and he’s taking up the aisle, leaving the back half of the bus’ standing room empty. It eventually takes someone to punch him in the shoulder.

  • Rant: Almost got run over by a biker AGAIN on 15th. At a crosswalk. I am a pedestrian, I have the right to walk in a crosswalk when I have the signal. She SAW me and still proceeded to bowl through the crosswalk. Seriously.


    Rave: Maybe going to the Kinetic Sculpture race in Baltimore tomorrow?

    • I went to the Kinetic Sculpture Race a couple years ago! It was great!

    • I understand your rant, Meg, however it goes both ways. I was very shaken up this morning when a pedestrian decided to start walking across the street (at the last minute=gives me no time to stop/AND it was my green light, they had a do not walk sign). This happens constantly. Bikers are not the only ones to blame.

      • I totally agree, it goes both ways. Pedestrians shouldn’t be jumping in front of cars or bikes if they don’t have a signal. My vitriol, however, stems from the fact that I have been nearly run over by bikes at this intersection many, many times. They don’t stop.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Got lost in the burbs this morning trying to get to work.

    Rant: My sister’s cat talks way more than mine and all. night. long. (Please don’t die Francesca!)

    Rave: My sister’s kids, who I’m watching for the weekend, are super cool and so well behaved. My sister and her husband have done a great job raising them.

  • Rave: Awoke to my lover saying something like, “was that a porn dream?”

    Revel: 20+ years together and we still are finding new moves.

  • Rave: Going to my little sister’s dance concert tonight at my old high school. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see my old dance teacher.

    Rant: I miss dancing. Stupid knee, I’m way to young to be restricted to low impact exercises for the rest of my life.

    Rave: Very glad the high school version of me decided to get a degree in engineering and not dance.

  • Rant: Hipsters need to stop writing their names in the drying sidewalks during pavement restoration. Seriously, I’ve seen it in action 3 times now between Shaw and CH neighborhoods.
    This is worse than people tagging property with paint but I guess defacing and destruction of property rules don’t apply to people on retro bikes.

    • wow. your ire sounds a little misguided. I’m pretty sure this behavior isn’t limited to what you call “hipsters”.

    • I love seeing names in sidewalks!

    • I think everyone likes to do that. I’m still proud of the initials I carved into the sidewalk in front of my parents house in the late ’80’s. And, no, I wasn’t a hipster 5 year old. And, yes, it is probably lame that I take pride in an act of vandalism from 25 years ago.

      • Two points here. First, you were 5 years old not a grown ass adult. Second, you presumably did this outside of property your parents owned where I’m sure most of your neighbors don’t identify little Sally’s hand print and name as vandalism.

    • This kind of behavior isn’t exclusive to hipsters, but I think the earlier Anonymous might have been thinking that hipsters don’t have the excuse of having grown up in poverty, etc., and really ought to know better.

    • There’s a really funny one at 18th and S.

      “Hadron collider? I barely know her.”

      That had to be a hipster nerd.

    • There’s a quotation from Rumi in the sidewalk on 19th St in Mt. Pleasant. That I like.

  • Rave: Almost overwhelmed by weekend’s potential. Passport DC, Derby, Nats games, Cinco de Mayo, brunch plans –so much good to do in the city!

    Rant: Someone stole our garbage can! Our house numbers sprayed on it and everything. Stupid thieves.

  • Rave: Had an amazing dinner at Eatonville last night, Dad coming to town for a few days–looking forward to eating and drinking too much :-), checking out this Wine Riot DC thing this weekend at DAR Constitution Hall.

    Rant: JUST found a dead bug in a pistachio. GROSS.

    • Allison

      Oh man have you tried the duck at Eatonville? SO FREAKING GOOD.

    • Second Rave that totally slipped my mind this morning: My wallet that was stolen last month was returned to me (sans cash)! Apparently, the guy who stole it chucked it in the Metro system, where it ended up in the lost and found office in Hyattsville, and they mailed it back to me. All gift cards, momentos, and even one penny, are accounted for! This is the first time I’ll ever say this: THANK YOU METRO!

  • Wow. I would have been happy to agree with your rant re. inattentive parenting if you had stopped before your three-point list, which comes across as highly misogynistic and bitter.

  • Rant: Got pulled over by an officer on foot patrol for talking on my cell (sans hand free device… oops) at 3100 Military Ave this morning.

    Rant2: $100 ticket

    Rave: DC Police enforcing traffic laws. I was happy to see her out there.

    Rave2: She told me if it is my first driving while distracted ticket (it is) and if I send in the appeal form along with an order form showing I ordered a hands free device, that the ticket will be dismissed. Hooray great reminder that I need to be better, and not having to get crushed in the wallet for it!

    • thebear

      The District could make enough to declare a budget surplus for the next 5 years from a single day of busting “That don’t apply to me because I have Virginia tags and we don’t pay attention to No Turn on Red or Yield to Pedestrians anyway!” types at Dupont Circle.

  • Misogynistic much? Jesus christ.

  • Hey PoP, this post is over the top misogynistic, racist, and violent. Can we please delete?

  • My personal favorite part about the post is when it turns to a race issue at the end instead of focusing on disliking them as women.

    One more reason for me not to have children: so I can be a disruptive drunk in public all by my lonesome!!!

  • Rant: So apparrently there are streets in G’town that are 24 hour resident only parking. That is outrageous. I pay taxes in the city and am not allowed to partk on the street? What justifies this, other than a rich tax base that has the ear of their local council member?

    • Um, you’re not a Georgetown resident?

      Being a city resident and paying taxes doesn’t mean you get to park anywhere in the city you wish at any time.

      • Right – normal resident parking restrictions should apply. Not making it a private street for these people. Would you be in favor of every neighborhood adopting this policy? Nobody can park, except in their own neighborhood?

        • You do realize of course that DC has some of the LEAST restrictive parking policies of any urban area. In most places, Boston, NYC, Chicago etc. parking is for residents only at night and on weekends, with limited parking during business hours. Here we have limited parking during business hours (2 hours in most cases) and UNLIMITED parking at other times, with the exception of some resident only zones (note they exist on capital hill as well). In addition, the resident zones in other cities are much smaller, as opposed to here where they cover an entire ward.

          As to the justification arguments, I’m sure someone at greater greater Washington would be able to explain it.

    • They have a few of them on some of the small side streets around H Street. It is for residents who are sick of circling the block for HOURS to find a spot. I honestly wish these resident-only 24-hour regs existed in Adams Morgan.

      • Start going to ANC meetings and suggest it. Georgetown residents were able to push this through because of the school and students parking there all the time. I live in Adams Morgan too, and agree it would be nice to come home on a Friday and not see dozens of Virginia and Maryland tagged cars taking up the parking in my neighborhood. Considering most of these folks are going to drink on 18th Street, that’s even more incentive to restrict parking and (hopefully) discourage driving.

        • Do you think it will have a chance at passing? What would happen to the weekend/night business for all the bars, etc. on 18th Street?

        • Getting this more restrictive parking zoning makes a lot of sense to me as an Adams Morgan resident. However, I can see a huge outcry coming from the Adams Morgan BID about this issue if the ANC even thinks about it.

          It makes me absolutely crazy to see MD/VA drunkards parking all over my street. I’m honestly amazed more people don’t wind up killing themselves in drunk driving accidents.

          On my block, however, the issue is that there is no enforcement AT ALL on weekends. People park 1 and 2 cars past the “No Parking to Corner” sign and are there all weekend. Any “Residents Only” parking areas would need heavy enforcement 24/7, not just M – F during work hours.

      • I think this is already under way in Ward 1, on an ANC-by-ANC basis.

    • That’s really interesting. I used to live in Adams Morgan and one of the constant complaints on that hood’s listservs was overnight parking by people with out of state plates. I’m surprised no one has thought of getting some of those streets redesignated to be residential parking only 24 hours a day.

  • Rant: The fact that everyone and everything is essentially intolerable to me today. I apparently woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

    Rave: Nina Simone. And Pandora. I would be much less fun to be around if the only thing I had to listen to was the chatter of coworkers.

  • Rave: home today so I can work in the garden!

    Rant: spending too much time on PoP remembering favorite restaurants.

    Rave: old friend coming into to town tonight, so we’re gonna go see the sites and eat out.

  • Rave: my wife and I are starting IUI next month!

    Rant: Our phone call with the fertility clinic yesterday. The representative kept referring to us as “single women”. Upon correction, she tried to change course by saying, “I mean, I meant that you’re not a normal couple…for insurance purposes…” Probably not very smart for a fertility clinic to refer to a lesbian couple as not normal.

    • bfinpetworth

      Holy crap, that is so ridiculous!

    • I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about it. 99% of the couples they see are probably man and woman having problems conceiving naturally. Your situation is probably out of the norm for them.

      • Right. The word “normal” does not convey judgment, it only indicates what is usual or most common. Unfortunately I think enough people do use it with context to imply a judgment that many people now assume it does carry that meaning.

      • OP here. I agree that the rep wasn’t trying to pass judgment…if I thought that, we would no longer be working with them. I disagree, however, that the majority of the people they work with are husbands and wives with fertility issues. My guess is that they have a large portion of lesbian couples, single women and other “non-normal” family types that come there.

        I was mostly just surprised that there wasn’t some kind of training for the staff members on appropriate language to use, and how the connotations of “normal” might be misinterpreted and offensive.

  • Rave: It’s Friday! Life!

    Rave: John Legend, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and the NSO were absolutely amazing! Add to that the spoken word artists…an incredible experience.

    Revel: It’s Friday! Super excited for my friend’s party tomorrow; sad he’s moving in a month.

  • Rave: Flying to Senegal this evening, just found out two friends will be there at the same time, staying in the same hotel.

    Rant: Not looking forward to the 18 hour trip (for some reason, my friends are able to take the direct DC-Dakar 7 hour flight).

  • Rave: Contacted today by a second job I applied to yesterday (Molly from the forum, you should think about tutoring)

    Rave (Rant?): I just signed up for the FSOT, which is simultaneously the most terrifying thing and the thing I want to do most with my life. Not completely expecting to pass it on the first try, but it will be good exposure to know what’s coming if/when I decide to pursue it as a career option

    Rave: I love my new apartment

    • Why isn’t the reply button working? That’s twice that my Reply has ended up in the normal flow.

      ‘We commiserated earlier about international dev jobs. I just got an interview request for a position in South Sudan! Much luck to you on the FSOT.’

  • Allison


    In case anyone’s wondering what’s going on with the fountain in Meridian Hill, I talked to a very nice man who was working on it today. He told me that they expect some of the fish from last year might have gotten *into* the pumps and it is causing an insufficient amount of pressure. (He said something about usually being at 60-something-units and now being stuck at only 20-something-units.)

    He also said someone’s been putting fish in the fountain almost every year since he’d been working there, but last year was “ridiculously bad” because the fish multiplied so fast due to the unusually high amount of algae.

    The rave is that the fountain should hopefully be fixed soon.

  • Rave: Next week is my last week at an extremely toxic work environment. The new position is a huge step up, the organization is fantastic, my soon-to-be coworkers all seem great. I’ll get to travel, write and do real work!

    Rant: Having to endure another week in this extremely toxic work environment. Having to last another week at this place makes me feel sick, and it’s hard to focus on the positive new changes when being here leaves me feeling so angry and negative. I can barely bring myself to look at the one coworker with whom my relationship is the most strained because I feel so hostile right now. I stayed at this place too long once I realized it wasn’t a good fit, and I regret that.

    Rave: Since I care so little I am taking a personal day on Monday and giving myself a three-day weekend. It’s not like they are willing to pay out my vacation anyway…

    • Depending on the state where you work, they may be required by law to pay out your saved vacation days. You should check that out.

  • Rant: Had to come straight to work off the red-eye from California. Ugh.

    Rave: Getting out of here early and going home to enjoy some of the California beers I brought back with me (Alesmith…yummmm).

  • We commiserated earlier about international dev jobs. I just got an interview request for a position in South Sudan! Much luck to you on the FSOT.

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