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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Cannot shake this feeling of frustration and lack of patience that’s been following me this morning. And it’s impacting work and my perspective on my relationship right now.

    Rave: Lots of good stuff going on – horse show, beers with friends, trip to NYC, Phils in town, etc.

    Rant: Good music and ranting isn’t cutting it for me to get out of a funk this morning. Maybe a run…?

  • Rant: Losing in triple overtime.

  • claire

    Rave: Goslings! There’s the cutest set of four goslings roaming around with their parents at my work campus (in Maryland). Saw them last night and again this morning, and both times, it really helped my mood.

    Rave: Three day weekend starting tomorrow!

  • Traveling via Amtrak to my gig in NYC, and wondering why I ever fly. I drove up to Union Station, walked 200 feet to the gate, got on the train with plenty of room to stretch out. I went to the café car and got a banana, oatmeal, and coffee for breakfast. Now using the free wifi. Such a relaxing way to travel, especially when lugging a guitar and pedalboard (no security!).

    • Allison

      Oh man me too! I took the NE Regional to NYC for the first time last year and I will *never* fly again if I can help it! Unless I’m going to California, because dang that’s like 5 days by train.

    • A good friend of mine recently took Amtrak from BWI to NYC. It cost him $49 round trip! I’m definitely taking Amtrak next time I go to New York.

      • Yeah, I think they paid $49/ea way for me…I tried to change my ticket back so I could spend more time in NY with some friends, but they said it would be over $100 to change it, so I stuck with my 7am return time…might just chill in Penn Station for the evening.

        Allison, I once took a sleeper car to Chicago. It was long, but awesome. I liked just sitting in the observation car and checking out the areas we were rolling through…It was actually a really fun trip, although I had a claustrophobic panic attack trying to sleep in the top bunk. But I always had the bottom bunk as a kid…

        • amtrak is very rarely that cheap. i am car-less and my family lives in new jersey, so i take amtrak when i go back up for a weekend. it usually costs between $130-250 round trip (it varies by a wide margin), unless they have those few, but rare times where you can get the $49/each way.

          • I’m not sure if this is always the case, but in general if I book about four weeks in advance and am flexible on time I can get roundtrip tickets to NJ from Union Station DC for $100 all together. You just need to book pretty far in advance, before they start raising the prices.

          • I’ve also found that I can generally book a trip from DC to Newark for around $100 if I book far enough in advance. Are you an Amtrak guest rewards member? If so, you usually can get some deals if you travel often enough.

          • i am an amtrak rewards member and i usually book trips 5-8 weeks in advance. it’s a complete crap shoot in terms of what their pricing will be.

        • I wonder if the $100 change fee is a new thing. I’ve changed my ticket numerous times for no charge. But I haven’t ridden amtrak in over a year so maybe they changed their policy.

          • Just a guess of course, but the $49 fare is probably a discounted price that is either non-changeable or not applicable to other travel times. So the $100 to change would just be the difference between the discounted and regular fare, not a “change fee”. Maybe zrc will let us know.

          • exactly…the $49 was an early-booking rate, and $100 was the difference between that and the full-fare. My fault for waiting so long!

    • I never fly to New York. When you factor in travel to and from the airports and the advance time for getting through security, Amtrak is just as fast and comparably priced. As you say, it is waaay more enjoyable.

    • NOTE: if you purchase a ticket and you find that the fare decreases before your travel time, call Amtrak and they will credit you the difference. I was amazed how easy this was. I saved $55!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Chipped one of my front teeth last night eating a cucumber. It’s a big chip 🙁

    Rave: Learned a new word today: deinterleaver. I have no hope of ever using it in a sentence.

    • i’m confused… i need more information about this cucumber. and i’m very sorry for your loss!

    • Oh no, I’m so sorry! I have nightmares about that sort of thing!

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s not bad enough to be capped, thank heavens. It will just look scraggly (snaggly?) until the sharp parts wear down & smooth out. If it does break more, no biggie. I’ve already got fake teeth (genetics), so I am used to the idea.

        If you have nightmares about deinterleavers, then you need to seek professional help. 🙂

        • When I chipped the corner off my front tooth, I went to dupont dental associates (they were recommended by pop commenter a while back) and they were able to fill in the corner very quickly and easily. Of course, this isn’t a permanent fix but it was cheap. I’ve had it filled for months now with no problems and no one can tell my tooth was chipped.

  • Rant: Supplying a new apartment is EXPENSIVE. So much for my meager savings.

    Rave: My boyfriend has been so great about helping to move/arrange/construct things in the new place, and help out with shopping.

    Rant/Rave: Applying for second jobs, until I get a better paying full-time. Unfortunately I am the clumsiest person ever, ruling out food service.

    • You might try looking into Freecycle for various things for your apartment.

      I moved recently from a smaller place into a much bigger one, and Freecycle has been great for acquiring all kinds of things — shelving, curtains, etc.

      • Yes, I definitely will be scanning freecycle and craigslist for that sort of stuff, but I luckily don’t need too much furniture. Already got a desk for free and a dining room table for cheap, but otherwise am mostly set on furniture. I’m not financially well-off enough yet to have nice, matching furniture, so my apartment will still sort of look like I’m in college, but that is okay for now. Mostly what I’m having to buy are food staple type things (salt, spices, etc. that my former roommates kept at the old place) as well as other basic kitchen/household items like tinfoil, plastic bags, garbage bags, etc. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s adding up fast.

        • Can you build your kitchen basics/necessities slowly or do you need to stock everything at once and right now? Maybe start with what you use a lot and then over time, add this spice and that roll of wax paper and so forth. Sometimes that helps. You’re right, though, when first-time stocking kitchen basics, it adds up fast up front. Good luck with the process.

          • Yeah, I’m definitely going to spread it out as much as possible so I don’t actually go broke. Hoping to scrape by as long as I can without various things 🙂 And yes– dollar store and Ikea are going to be my new best friends!

        • I actually find a lot of that kitchen stuff at Good Will on S. Dakota and the Salvation Army on Kenilworth. I also restock on plates and glasses because my sons seem to break them all the time.

        • Two word: Dollar Store. And if you break it…you don’t get upset!

    • Hey EW, i’m trying to make sure we don’t miss your application, “EW” – your initials?

  • Rave: Was an extra yesterday for a scene in the Kevin Spacey series thats filming in Baltimore.

    Rant: For the scene we had to ring in the New Year……over 50 times! I hope I never hear Auld Lang Syne again.

  • Rave: Boyfriend and I have decided to explore buying a home!

    Rant: No idea how to even start that process, beyond looking at online listings…

    • You need to find a realtor! Getting a referral from a friend is the best way. Have fun! It’s a stressful but fun process.

    • First determine what you can afford, not what you can get approved for, but what you can afford. Then decide if location or amenities are of primary importance. Make a list of what you absolutely need v. what you would like. At that point, call a realtor.

      • get preapproved for a mortgage so you can move fast when you see something you like. but don’t but something that’s right at the top of what you’ve been preapproved for–take repairs, maintenance, property taxes, condo fees, etc. into account!

    • My husband and I had a really wonderful time exploring open houses before we even called a realtor. We went to explore neighborhoods and to understand what each price point gets you in what neighborhoods. You can make a list of your must-haves and your non-negotiables but it is really beneficial to also see how the amenities play out in an actual space and neighborhood.

      • I am going to rain on your parade.

        Buying real estate with a boyfriend/girlfriend…i.e. anyone where there isn’t automatic clear legal standing is just messy.

        It complicates the buying process because you aren’t a financial “unit”, it gets incredibly complicated and expensive should you decide not to stay together. I would really just not do it.

        If one of you makes more than the other and has better credit, I would buy the place in that persons name.

        • Your post made me think of this question. Do you know if there is any truth to this – someone once told me that in DC if you are not a legally-recognized couple and you move into a place where one owns the home (apartment or what-have-you) that if you live together in said space for at least 2 years, then the other person becomes a de facto owner and so if original owner wants to sell the place, they need the permission/consent of the de facto owner; as if they both co-own the place and then in order to sell, they both need to agree to sell.

          • There is absoluteness no basis in the law for this. As an unmarried couple purchasing a home you have a choice in how to deed the property, joint tenants with a right of survivorship, or tenants in common. In the first option should one of you die the living person gets the home, in the second the deceases individuals share of the home passes through the estate. In BOTH either individual can sell their intrerest in the share of the property. In BOTH cases creditors (think if you one person gets sued) can reach the share of either tenant and take half an interest in the house, which they could enforce via lien, forced sale etc. The only protection from this is to be tenants by the entirety, only available to married couples. Only in tenants by the entirety can can one individual restrict the right of the other to transfer interest. There is no two year rule.

          • Thank you – I thought it was a little unusual sounding but sometimes things are a little different in the District (for good and for bad). Heh

          • DC does have common law marriage which may be what the person explaining to you was trying to get it but the people have to hold themselves out to others as a married couple (aka they tell everyone they are married, they just never went down to the courthouse for the ceremony). It wouldn’t be a de facto win for the person not on the title either…it would be a hot legal mess!

        • I bought a condo with my boyfriend (now husband) and it was no big deal at all. Business parnters buy investment properties together all of the time. If one person buys alone, the other person ends up paying towards a mortgage and gets no financial benefit from that in terms of credit ratings, etc. It’s smarter to buy it as 2 buyers, equally on all the papers. Don’t pay your partner’s mortgage, you don’t get any benefits and won’t even get the benefit of being an official renter.

          • I wouldn’t under-play people’s advice to be wary or cautious about buying together when you are not legally-recognized (e.g., marriage). You are fortunate that it worked out for you and your-now husband. There are risks and rewards, advantages/disadvantages to both. I think before stepping towards this shared goal, it would be important to realistically evaluate your relationship. Perhaps you and your then-boyfriend-turned-now-husband were pretty clearly in it for the long haul (or near engagement or marriage) when you decided to buy so it seemed a safer than not bet in your case. It doesn’t always work out that way – and when it doesn’t, financial entanglements through property ownership, etc. can become messy and quickly.

          • I forgot to add that your point about business partners buying property together all the time – but there usually isn’t the emotional complication that can become entangled and tricky. Business partners will have iron-clad contracts (of course you can have this when relationship partners are involved) but people who are romantically involved tend to think this is not romantic and less likely to do so. Why do you think the notion of a pre-nup is an inflammatory subject.

          • I do agree that you need to be careful and create a realistic plan but I also think you are underestimating the financial costs that can come from not being an owner when paying towards a mortgage. For most people in their 20s and 30s, your biggest expense is rent/mortgage and to pay towards one person’s mortgage without any of the financial benefits is losing out on a huge investment potential – thus your suggestion that the person making more money buy the place alone. This really puts one person at a huge disadvantage financially. If you are adult enough to buy a house together, you are adult enough to do the paperwork to protect each other.

          • Sorry, it was Joker’s suggestion that 1 person buy alone.

          • Please understand I was not disagreeing with you necessarily. You wrote that “…it was no big deal…” and I thought it made sense to voice that there are legitimate concerns when things don’t work out well in a relationship to think about an investment, which is usually thought of as a big one, such as property ownership. When you pay xx amount for your living situation and you don’t get any investment return on it, it’s called renting; lots of people do it. It is just what works for some people at certain times of their lives. I’m glad things worked out really well for you.

        • As someone who happily bought and owns a house with a man that I still refer to as “boyfriend,” we didn’t find it at all complicated a process. No, I wouldn’t recommend making that large of an investment with someone if your future is uncertain, but if you’re in it for the long term, go right ahead!

          In terms of other advice, do get pre-approved and take a long hard look at your joint finances. We took the opportunity to build a household budget and a plan to pay down our other debts, and I’m so glad that we did. Our pre-approval also brought us back down to reality in terms of what price bracket we could shop in – I found that some of those mortgage calculators can lead you seriously astray.

          Also, shop around for realtors! We took a recommendation from a co-worker and would not wish him on our worst enemies.

        • My wife and I bought our house several years before we were married. Obviously, only you can really assess the strength of your relationship. If you haven’t already, perhaps do some soul searching before buying. But it’s really not that complicated to buy with your significant other.

        • claire

          I think this really depends on the situation. Married couples buy real estate and then divorce, and that ends up complicated and expensive – it’s not like marriage is somehow protection against that. It’s likely that the OP and her/his boyfriend have chosen not to get married (or not to get married right now) for a very legitimate reason (not enough time/money/energy to plan a wedding immediately jumps to mind – certainly seems like that sort of money is better spent on a house!), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are less committed or more likely to break up than a married couple. Of course, I’d certainly advise anyone against any big commitment with another person (be it buying a house, getting married, or adopting a pet together) until they’ve been together for a lengthy period of time (certainly no less than a year or two) and have discussed the future of their relationship and the possibility of it ending after having made the commitment (I am very pro pre-nup).

          • Haha, it’s like you know us! Committed but not up for planning a wedding + roughly equal incomes– that’s our situation almost exactly. I had also assumed everyone in our situation drew up some kind of agreement before making joint investments, and I’m kind of horrified to hear that’s not the case. Thanks to all upthread for your advice, it’s well taken!

          • Sure, there are no guarantees, even in marriages. It does give you some advantage (or disadvantages depending upon your gender in a traditional marriage), though, of course, depending upon which state, for laws on divorce vary state-by-state. You’re right, though – divorces can be complicated and expensive. What I’ve heard is the ones where there is a lot of financial gain/loss at stake, those are especially venemous and costly. As for the OP’s state-of-relationship, I have absolutely no idea where it is, but the suggestions were general and probably not bad advice for anyone contemplating this as a next step.

        • We LGBT people seem to navigate this without a lot of extra hassle. It’s called joint tenants. I don’t recall it ever being a big deal in the course of two home purchases.

          • Are you referring to what Anonymous 11:28 wrote about?

          • I was responding to Joker, but yes, anonymous 11:28 provides a pretty good picture of the options. We bought and are listed as joint tenants with right of survivorship. We did not have to hire a lawyer to do this. We also were fortunate to have had similar salaries.

          • Two women friends of mine bought a house together and split up several years later.

            It was complicated because one of the women wanted to keep living in the house, so there wasn’t the option of selling the house and splitting the proceeds.

            Further complicating things, there was enough of a difference in their salaries that they’d been contributing to the mortgage in different proportions, rather than half and half. So it was a real headache for them to decide how much the woman staying in the house needed to pay her ex who was leaving to account for what 1) she’d contributed to the down payment, 2) what she’d paid in mortgage payments, and 3) the house’s increase in value.

            I think any unmarried couple — straight or otherwise — would do well to get a lawyer when buying property together.

          • and, of course, LGBT folks in the district can now do tenancies by the entirety if they’re civil unioned or partnered.

    • Maybe talk to a mortgage broker / bank to get an idea of the price range you’d be in. That makes online viewing much more interesting!

      Before we contacted a realtor I did a lot of online viewing on my own, with a price range in my head. That way we had an idea what we could get for our money, where we could afford, and didn’t have to totally rely on a realtor for knowledge. A friend of mine had a bad first realtor who obviously just wanted a quick sale, kept saying the listed prices were great. We kept talking them out of putting in an offer and it was crazy to see the final sale price, was much lower than asking. That realtor was eventually fired. It’s always best to have some idea of the market yourself. Have fun, I love the process of looking for a house!!

    • In addition to the excellent recommendations above, I suggest that you also get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start looking. You don’t want to let your dream house slip away because you’re not ready to buy.

    • Congrats! A bit of advice, however. Get married before you buy a house with a boyfriend. Or, if you never plan on getting married, get a really good lawyer to draw up a contract before you go in. Trust me.

      • Yes!!
        However, be wary of this too!
        Friends of mine bought as boyfriend and girlfriend and they drew up an iron-clad contract that stated that whoever pays the most (by some equation and tracking they figured out) to the downpayment and mortgage, owns the greater percentage of the equity of the house.

        BUT they forgot about the reverse. ANd now they’re underwater and the one who has contributed the most also is hurt the most by the fact that their house has lost value!! Luckily they still really like each other 😀

      • Agreed with this and what Classic_Six said above.

        Obviously, even marriage is no surefire guarantee of the relationship lasting. But if there is any doubt whatsoever as to the relationship being on for the long haul, getting real estate together could be a risky step.

        If you’re not going to be married beforehand, get a lawyer.

    • Once you get an idea of the neighborhood you want, read the local blog. Learn lots about what is going on in the neighborhood. If public transportation isn’t an issue, I think Woodridge is a great value. Get in before the Cosco and other big box stores come in. Nice single family homes.

    • Go to a home buying seminar. Also, if you like looking around at stuff on your own, try Redfin – they split the commission, which you can use towards closing thta pesky $4180 recordation fee at closing. Also, decide how much you want to spend total out of pocket for mortage, taxes, insurance, etc. and go from there. If you are unsure about how much you afford, contact your bank for a mortgge quote . . . and then contact Lending Tree and see what offers you get.

      As for the comments below, I agree that an assessment of where the relationship is heading would be a good thing before you financially tie yourself to another person. When my fiance and I were looking to buy, we put the house in my name due to some credit issues of his. But I qualified on my own and made sure that my monthly payment was something I could afford on my own. Owning real estate with someone gets tricky if you do break up, so just explore all of your options.

      • as someone who knew nothing about buying but recently bought a house with my sister, advice to start the process

        -i echo the sentiment of going to a home buying seminar. redfin puts on some for free and it provides a good summary of things you should start thinking about
        -after the seminar, go and get preapproved by a bank. you dont have to go with them, but itll give you a realistic idea of what you can/cannot afford (for online viewing)
        -when you get to the realtor process, I recommend Nate Ward of Rock Creek Realty. As a first time buyer, he was so helpful with my naivety and really helped us find an area (bloomingdale) and home that had everything we were looking for.

    • No one mentioned this step: check your credit score, and share the info with your significant other. That’s good to know prior to talking to the bank, and whether one of you needs to address it.

      Discount the neighborhood blogs, and your friends; none of our friends recommended that we purchase our place. Besides: it’s up to you two to make the decision.

  • Registered for a Bike Link card yesterday. I can’t wait to start biking to Metro. Screw you and your $4.25 a day to park, WMATA!

  • Rant: I’m taking 2 community college classes and working full time, and up until now this semester has been manageable. Now that it’s finals time, I’m feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that needs to be in my head and by the work I’m expected to do at work, at school, and at home.

    Rave/Rant: Feeling like I’ve dealt with my breakup (in March) pretty well overall. At the moment though, feeling really lonely and surrounded by happy couples–not a great combination.

    Rant: I will never get used to leaving my dog at home every morning

    Rave: I have such a cute dog

  • Rave: 3 month old just rolled over for the first time. He was able to get up on his side for some time now, so it was only a matter of time before he completed the move. The only problem was his arm got pinned, which pissed him off. Arms get in the way when you’re not using them.

    Rant: Now the worrying about him accidentally sleeping on his tummy begins. And there is no official suggestion from the pediatric experts now.

    Rant #2: SO forgot to pack something for me, so he had to drive 30 miles to bring it to me. He parked out in front of my building (NOT impeding traffic) and must’ve been out there for two minutes, sitting in his car with it on. I come out to find him being scolded by a parking enforcer. I get that it was a no parking zone, but for real. Was that necessary?

    • So cute! Well, if he’s strong enough to roll over on his stomach, then he’s strong enough to not suffocate, right? I guess just make sure there’s nothing else in the crib (pillows, pads, blankets).

      • I think I’d go crazy waking up all the time at night to flip him over on his back.

        • Continue to swaddle a 3 month old at night, for calming and preventing roll overs.

          • Oh we do. When we moved him over to his room, that’s the only way he would sleep. But he’s also really, really good at breaking out of swaddles.

      • Unfortunate this is not entirely true. Just because they can go one way, doesn’t mean they can get back. Also, once they roll over, even if they could get back,they might not know that is what their supposed to do. They might not have the strength to keep their head up an out of a pillow/blanket. Just keep everything out of the crib.

    • If he’s parked in a no parking zone, then yes, I’d say it was necessary.

      • I understand that he was “parked” where he shouldn’t be. I’m 95% bitching about a stupid circumstance that could’ve been avoided, and 5% bitching because I work in the building, and that spot is often parked with limos and SUVs for VIPs. I don’t blame her for doing her job, though. I blame the sign.

    • btw, I slept on my stomach as a baby with a pillow.

      • In my experience, most babies prefer their tummy, but that’s a big no-no these days. Pretty much anything that soothes a baby is dangerous now.

        • me

          Just keep this in mind- a lot of things become bad, and then good again, and then who knows. Like eggs. They used to be good for you. Then bad. Then good. Now people have different opinions. So many years have gone by with loads of tots sleeping in loads of different ways- while it may make you a bit uncomfortable, I would think that he’d be ok as long as the bottom of the crib wasn’t so fluffy that anyone would have problems in it. I’m sure you’ll all be fine. 🙂

          • Ignore this, and listen to your pediatrician. Public health research can change, but why would you ignore a simple step in avoiding SIDS.

          • me

            You’re right. How did the human race survive before all of these warnings? My best friend, a pediatrician, said what I said earlier, and I stand by it. People can choose to listen or not.

          • I didn’t know any kids with peanut allergies when I was a kid (in the 70s.)

          • @me, the human race survived, but a lot of babies died. with NIH’s “back to sleep” campaign, they saw a 30% reduction in SIDS deaths in 2 years or something like that. kind of remarkable. now, they’re reworking the campaign to also focus on the sleep environment… meaning no blankets, no pillows, no nothing in the environment, the right temperature, do not expose children to smoke, and putting the baby to sleep on his/her back. clearly, some babies will still tragically suffer SIDS if you do all this, but most who don’t have all this will survive.

    • My little guy started this at about three months. I went through about a week of him rolling onto his belly at night, crying until I flipped him over, him rolling again, more crying, etc. After a few nights of this he just got used to lying on his belly, even with an arm trapped under him. Now he moves the arm out of his way and falls back to sleep. We did stop swaddling, which went better than expected.

      I did/do not want him on his belly, but there’s no way to prevent it unless I wanted to hover all night. I’m no longer really bothered by it.

      • As with everything else, I keep telling myself that he’s going to have to learn how to get unstuck sometime. Hopefully not when he’s sleeping.

  • Rant: Bus arrives at my stop this morngin and lets off 6 – 8 people. Bus driver then shuts the doors and drives away, leaving 10-12 other people looking at at one another, wondering how they’re going to get to work.

    WTF metrobus management and metrobus drivers?!?! You absolutely, positively suck ass…

  • Rant: Went from having great luck with responses to resumes to hearing nothing back. I want so desperately to get out of my current job and do the things I want to do professionally, and I KNOW that I am well qualified for. Still bummed from the great oppurtunity with the great company I was turned down for…at least I was a front runner. But whats that saying?

    Rave: Awesome 5 day vacation starting tomorrow. Headed to Colorado for my first half-marathon and quality time with some great friends. Excited to ask my friend to be a bridesmaid!

    Rant/Rave: Keep going back and forth between two wedding dresses. LOVE them both but can’t decide which one I prefer, they are both very similar just different fabrics. Not sure what to do. The trunk sale for one is next weekend and the offered discount would be very useful, the pressure to make a decision by then is making this stressful.

    • claire

      I’ve heard that when you’re trying to decide between two options, asking someone to pick one can help you figure out what you really want – after they pick, you’ll either feel happy or unhappy with what they picked, and that can let you know which option you really wanted. Just a thought!

    • On your Rant about being a front runner:
      I used to think of this as being a Silver medalist in the Olympics; I had a lot of second-place finishes – did good, but just not quite good enough. Or being the nominee that didn’t win the Oscar – sure it’s an honor to be nominated, but I got tired of going home empty-handed. But eventually….

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Finally thought I was getting over this cough I acquired in early April, but it’s back in full force today.

    Rave: Cough may have been affected by cheering hard for Desmond’s hit in the bottom of the ninth inning. Yay, Nats!

  • Rant: While moving out of our old apartment we found even MORE water damage and mold from our upstairs neighbor flooding our apartment twice and apparent “radiator leaks” which has led to water coming through cracks in the ceiling. Our landlord does nothing to improve the living situation, thus us moving out.

    Rave: Our new apartment is beautiful and kept up very nicely. The stress I’ve been carrying for months living there is almost all gone!

    Rant: Any poor soul who has to live there next.

    Rant/Rave: Wondering if it’s worth discussing with the landlord on our walk through this weekend.

    • YES…as a landlord I would want to know that. Now if you already told them and they did nothing that’s a different story…but if they don’t know about the damage they can’t fix it! Best of luck in the new place!

  • rant: conference calls where nothing gets accomplished.

    rant: said conference calls are filled with stupid catch phrases – “let’s talk offline” “keep a constant drumbeat” “let’s flesh this out some more” “we can circle back this afternoon”

    rant: people who send emails with the subject line ALL IN CAPS.

    rant: me. for having all work-related rants.

    • me

      I hear those all of the time. The worst is “Let’s talk offline” when you’re in a meeting… you’re not online, how can you talk offline??? Consulting MBA-speak is what I deal with on a daily basis, and it drives me bonkers! (I especially love the meetings to discuss what we will talk about in a later meeting that is only being held to discuss what will be talked about in yet another later meeting.)

    • I echo your all caps rant. It makes me want to reply back WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate when people say interface, like “Let’s interface tomorrow over lunch.” or “I was interfacing with Sam about the project.” Seriously? You couldn’t use word like talk or discuss? Idiots.

  • Rant: I hate America’s obsession with guns.

    • me

      Rave: I love mine.

      • Me too! (mine, not yours)

        Hoping to buy my second pistol this spring or summer.

        • Did either of you buy while living in DC? I hear you have to buy elsewhere and have your gun shipped to the one person in the entire city who is licensed to receive a firearm for a DC resident.

          • me

            Plus, you have to go through classes as well. Pay fees. Wait forever. But, from what I understand, you can no longer do it because the one guy that you could get them from is either not in business or there is something else going on with him that he is unable to complete his part of the process. So it’s stalled again.

        • wow.

          I can’t believe real people buy guns.

          • me

            I have 2, my husband has 1. We exist. And we might be your neighbor!!! *insert evil laugh and make a Snidley Whiplash gesture*

  • Rave: Got a hearing on my property-tax appeal!
    Rant: It’s tomorrow, and I didn’t get the notice because I was out of town.

    Now I just have to prove to the assessor that raising my assessment, while the assessments of every other house on our block went down, is inequitable.

  • Rave: The sun is finally peaking through and I’m going to see John Legend and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings tonight!

    Revel: My friend’s graduation party this weekend is going to be the BEST!!

    Rant: The toxic atmosphere in my office. Wish people would get a life and keep it professional.

  • Rave: This time tomorrow I’ll be in sunny (hopefully) San Antonio!

    Rant: I always get cold feet before I travel. Now I’m worried about, “What if he (friend) doesn’t really want to see me? What if the weather is bad? What if, what if, what if?”

    Rant: Boyfriend shows up after work last night, at 1 a.m. We get along for about ten minutes, then fight until approx. 2 a.m. I am EXHAUSTED today.

    Rant: Lots of work to do today, including my Annual Self Eval, but can’t focus on anything. Except PoP, apparently.

    Rave: Awesome friend who is willing to drive me to Baltimore tonight!

  • Rant: The 64 going North was stopped at Grant Circle this afternoon by the police. Two teens were hancuffed. 30 minutes later I saw the 2 teens walk pass my house. It took the police longer to have someone ID the teens then it did to release them.

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