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  • So excited to see this! I just got back from Senegal a few weeks ago. Coming home through customs, the agent asked me where I’d been and the nature of my visit (vacation). I answered and he narrowed his eyes and said, “No one goes to Senegal for vacation.” It’s true, but it’s too bad — it’s a great country.

    • It’s true? I thought a lot of people went to Senegal for vacation (albeit Europeans and not us Americans).

  • I really enjoyed being in Senegal – although I was there for work, I could see coming back on vacation. Good food, beautiful beaches, great music, lots to see and do.

  • I just got back yesterday morning from my vacation in Senegal–I was visiting a friend, had such a great time. We visited Goree in Dakar, flew down to Casamance, went to Oussoye and Cap Skirring, we also visited Saint Louis. In Dakar we also went diving (very cold! and sheep on the beach 😉 but my fav part may have been the trampolines–why don’t more cities have public trampolines?

  • senegal, namm naa la torop! I loved visiting Goree; tried to get a Fulbright to go back but alas, didn’t work…

    And people don’t go to Senegal for tourism? Ha! Well… sadly more like French men go for sexual toursim… 🙁

  • My nominee for best surfer-dude hair.

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