Poor Placement in Park View

A reader sends in the photo and asks:

“What is more important – public safety or new trees even if the new tree is planted in a way that could jeopardize public safety?”

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  • That does seem like a FAIL.

    Where in Park View is this? Maybe they could move the tree while it’s still young-ish so that it wouldn’t block the stop sign?

    • ah

      On the other hand, we could tolerate a year or two of run stop signs (we do throughout the city) and then the tree will be tall enough to have its lower branches cut and no obstruct the sign.

    • NE corner of Warder and Princeton. I used to live on that block of Warder 🙂

    • I keep trying to post a link to Kent’s blog because this was talked about in February, but it’s not going through the PoP comment system. Apparently DDOT was notified and they were going to move the stop sign.

      • Hmm, sounds like Kent (and maybe Jim Graham) might need to nudge DDOT to do what it said it was going to do.

        • The word in the hood is that Kent actually marked with spray paint where the trees on this block were to be planted. Please tell me that is not true.

  • Yeah, I think in this case safety trumps the tree.

  • just move the sign. No reason we can’t have both.

  • That stop sign is probably a graduate of the Milford Academy.

  • I vote for the tree.

  • Can’t we create a genetically modified stop-tree?

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if no one waters the tree during the next drought and it dies — solving the problem.

    • Totally agree. I watered six trees on my block, all in front of other people’s houses–people who kept asking me why I was watering the city’s trees.

      • Uh-oh. Maybe I need to start doing this (we have a couple of new trees on my block), in addition to picking up litter from in front of other people’s houses.

        I thought people had to sign some agreement committing to take care of the tree before the city/Casey Trees would plant it. No?

        • Not sure. But if no one’s watering them, and you can, please do. I think it’s something like 10 gallons a week unless it rains an inch during that week. You’re probably good this week.

        • True if Casey Trees plants but not if the city plants them.

  • In this case it seems like the tree is in the right place but the stop sign isn’t. I say move the sign.

  • We had a tree on our block grow to block the stop sign, so the city marked it to be cut down. We pooled some cash and on a specific date, volunteers moved the original tree to another empty tree box and planed a new, community-purchased tree that is tall enough to not block the street sign. It didn’t take much cash or effort from any one person, and the block looks even nicer.

  • It is things like this that really lead me to lower my expectations of the human race. Wheter the stop sign was there first, or the tree, one of them came second, and whoever installed it didn’t question its positioning.

  • There is unrest in the forest
    There is trouble with the trees…

  • Oh, man, and I bet the people who planted the tree are among the many who are likely to speed through the neighborhood, missing the sign, and proving Darwin right.

    The city planted a tree in the tree box in front of our house. But could they have centered the tree in the tree box? No. As we can assume in the case above, they planted it where the stake was. It was before my time, otherwise I’d have moved the stake.

    • No kidding, since northbound traffic on Warder doesn’t have a stop sign at that intersection. People tend to drive REALLY fast through that intersection.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Move the tree or get a new tree and put it somewhere else. Even mature trees can block stop signs (falling or drooping branches that don’t get seen to quickly enough). Waiting out a few year is not an option, people can be seriously hurt! Even if no one is hurt, there are many costs that happen when one is in a wreck.

    Time to call who ever is in charge of this stuff and get it fixed!

    • A more likely sentence:

      Time to call who ever is in charge of this stuff, try to get it fixed, get tired of being on hold, get really tired of the runaround, give up and hope for the best!

  • Take a look at this one, 31st at eastbound Garfield: http://bit.ly/IHyawM

    It’s been like this for a couple years, still looks like this now, and although I don’t travel through there often, I’ve seen lots and lots of people run that stop sign.

    • I’m guessing DDOT. Casey Trees people have brains.

      • As someone who knows the arborists that work for DDOT I think you need to think before you type. They are probably the hardest working people in all of DDOT and the least respected. Everyone talks about how great Casey Trees is and I know they are but they only plant about 400 trees a year versus UFA 4,000!!!!

        This looks like a sign replacement gone bad – and here again is a perfect example of who is working hardest at DDOT – not the operations department for sure!

  • Somebody should call Jackyl.

  • I don’t get the obsession with trees in the District. I mean we have MORE than enough trees! Look at all those trees lining the street on the next block ahead of this poorly placed tree. Yea the tree is beautiful but it’s blocking a stop sign. People complain to the city about needed beautification and then the trees are planted and die weeks later due to nonexistent care for the plants. We have HUGE parks, ROCK CREEK PARK takes up half the city, it’s nothing but trees, so is anacostia river. If you want to live in a forest, move to Frederick county and make sure the tin man gets his daily dose of oil!

    • There are well documented benefits to increasing the tree canopy. Better for the environment (air quality, storm water system, habitat for birds, etc), provides natural cooling during hot months, increases property values.

      How many is too many? We’re not there yet.

    • Ah, the all-too-familiar false binaries and “if you don’t like X, move to [distant suburb].”


      • oh please stop the madness…we have enough of a tree canopy in DC and do I HIGHLY DOUBT these tiny pathetic trees add any environmental help. This tree will be dead in weeks. This tree and the millions like it that are planted in vain, add no canopy. Frankly, I don’t need birds moving their bowels on my car that is parked on the street. The birds have a HUGE HABITAT in the HUNDREDS of huge parks in the area…Take your AL GORE propaganda do someone who gives a crap because honestly, the environment is screwed without a 5 foot tall dying tree. Solar Flares are careening toward earth and will probably wipe us and the trees out eventually. In the grand scheme of things, planting twigs all over the sidewalks doesn’t help the real envionrmental issue. You’d rather endanger public safety and ignore the fact that the real danger comes from DEFORESTATION, I.E. the disappearing rainforests, THAT my friend is what is hurting our environment and THAT is what we should be focused on. Not pathetic tree boxes that are surrounded by hundreds of fully grown trees that are often ABUSED by PEPCO.

        • Newt, is that you? Please don’t quit. Please.

        • you have proven yourself to be an idiot.

        • Do you know that small trees turn into big trees?

          Can you imagine working to save the rainforest AND improving the environment right here at home? They are not mutually exclusive.

          Are you suggesting we do nothing because in the end, we’ll all die?

          • Dear Universe,
            Please send a searing hot solar flare into the crotch of this nitwit.


            Go team tree!! Lots of ’em and more please!

          • ALL THESE TREES DO IS CAUSE POWER OUTAGES AND BIRD POOP COVERED CARS. When your power goes out, think about those precious trees before you complain that you can’t watch Desperate Housewives. And to the person who wants me to be killed by a solar flare…yea you sound much brighter by wishing death on someone. My point is that we don’t need to plant these trees in these POINTLESS locations. PLANT THEM WHERE THEY ARE TRULY NEEDED AND WHERE THEY WILL THRIVE! Why is this point of view so controversial? I’m the idiot? PEPCO constantly kills these trees by trimming them every year and the trees do nothing but cause injuries to people and animals during storms due to their proximity to power lines. These trees aren’t even properly cared for and now they are blocking STOP SIGNS! When your child is hit while crossing the street, then you won’t have much sympathy for these trees. PLANT THIS TREE WHERE IT IS NEEDED!!!

          • You really don’t know anything about urban forestry or landscaping….”trees do nothing but cause injuries to people and animals during storms due to their proximity to power lines”. Oh, and provide a convenient venue for bird poop to land on your car.

            I hope DDOT comes and plants trees in every available space on your street 🙂 Then you may understand what a benefit they bring to the community. Every community.

    • More than half the land in Frederick county is agriculture – meaning fields with crops or animals. Sure, lots of trees around the Catoctin Mountains but no one would rightly call this county heavily forested.

    • This is what has me scratching my head. The tree was JUST planted and it blocks the sign. Move the damned tree people – keep it in the hood but move it. It isn’t really that hard.

  • Attach stop sign directly to tree trunk. Done and done.

    • ah

      And in two years we’ll have a tree dead from the bands/screws and stop sign sitting on the ground. Win-win!

  • Well it IS a RED Buckeye…

  • Move the stop sign? To where? Jesus, get rid of the tree before some stoned ass hits a kid going to the school or the recreation center. There is nowhere to move the stop sign to.

    • The sign is easier moved than the tree. Move the sign a few feet so it is in FRONT of the tree, not behind. Easy.

      • I thought just the opposite—move it to the corner and plant it in the cement.

        Actually, I saw this situation somewhere else this weekend, and they rectified it by putting the stop sign on the opposite corner so it was clearly visible by approaching cars.

      • So the stop sign will be past the crosswalk? Darwin would love that one!

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