Off Road Indoor Cycling Coming to 905 U St, NW Wants Your Advice

905 U St, NW

Back in January we learned that Off Road Indoor Cycling was coming to 905 U St, NW (next to Dickson Wine bar.) Renovations are progressing nicely and they’d like your advice. From an email:

“Should we leave some plaster and paint a mural or just expose the brick? Owner’s Tali Wenger and Tammar Berger are hard at work with The District Parlour to finish off the space. Tell us what you want.”

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  • Paint a unique mural! Sure exposed brick looks nice, but it’s everywhere nowadays

    • I just think exposed brick (properly treated) will be an easier to clean surface, which should help keep the stank down from all the spinning.

  • I almost soiled myself because I thought from the name of the place that it might be something like Ray’s Mountain Bike Park /

    Of course nothing like that could go in on U Street, but a boy can dream.

  • their website says Shaw metro station is on the red line

    • Yeah… shaw is on the green line and, contrary to the site, the place is about 4 blocks from the Shaw Metro Stop and 1 block from the U Street Metro stop.

    • Thanks for catching that! Total oversight on our part… it has since been corrected!

  • definitely a mural. exposed brick is getting boring – it’s everywhere.

  • PS… do a mural.

    and, noticed they are also offering boxing classes there… anyone have any details on that?

    • In addition to a full schedule of cycling classes, we will be offering strength and intensity classes. We will provide more details shortly. (Watch for this information on our website or on facebook and twitter)

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