New York Avenue Beach Bar Getting Ready to Open Soon

645 New York Ave, NW

I’m still not sure if this is going to be awesome or awful but I’m super intrigued. Especially after spotting the waverunner…

Their Web site says their hours will be:

Tues. – Thurs. 4pm – 2am
Fri. & Sat. 12pm – 4am
Sunday 12pm – 12am

The Web site also still says grand opening May 2012.

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  • bahahh…it’s where? Awful.

    • Isn’t/wasn’t there a “beach bar” in Alexandria? Mango Mike’s? Whatever.

      I am calling for drinks in pineapples, servers in grass skirts, steel drums, tiki torches, fake Jamaican accents, fire dancers, the manager will dress like a ship captain like the old guy from Caddy Shack. They’ll also have a secret spot called “under the boardwalk” where you can smoke weed and make out.

      • Manager must also have a live parrot that sits on his shoulder. Preferably the parrot should crack insulting jokes about the customers.

        And a peg leg.

    • tonyr

      I’ll take a shot in the dark – 645 NY Ave.

  • No way, it’s gonna be awesome.

  • It is going to be super awesome. Cannot wait.

  • Seems like there is a high potential for it to be a terrible douchefest to me. But I will wait to hear more before I make up my mind.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    On twitter they say:

    “Sand comes tomorrow, so close I can taste the salt air!”

  • This will be a huge success if they can get the sand right.

  • Does anyone know how this will affect The Warehouse for Fringe?

  • Anyone else find it a little humorous that it’s next to The Eagle? (DC’s gay leather bar for those not in the know.)

  • Clearly some of us like having fun at the beach, and some of us sadly don’t.

  • When you live in Mt Vernon Square, you really appreciate anything that isn’t a parking lot. Would I rather walk by a vacant lot on my walk home from work, or a outdoors bar? If only people from my neighborhood to go this bar, then I’m ok with that too.

    The thing I disliked most about neighborhoods with a ton of amenities like Logan and Dupont was that they became weekend tourist destinations for people from Virginia and Maryland. Also, there was a much more transient huppie vibe in both of those hoods. So, I’m ok with my neighborhood bar looks like shit if it keeps away the bridge and tunnel crowd.

    • The bridge and tunnel crowd is a fact of life for DC. Nothing will stop them from coming in.

    • And I don’t think you have to worry about the bridge and tunnel crowd venturing over this way very often.

    • There are no tunnels around here.

      if you are going to co-opt the NYC phrase, at least DCify it by saying bridge and beltway.

      • um, yes, it’s called the metro tunnel and there are 2 of them. and it’s one way that stupid virginians sneak into the city under the cover of water

  • People from Arlington are scared to go east of 14th north of Mass. In addition, there isn’t an Orange line stop within a mile of Mt Vernon.

    Let’s not forget this place was conceived by the owners of the Passenger.

  • This Account Has Been Suspended
    Let’s hope they pay their other bills on time. I think this place has great potential, particularly compared to other Chinatown drinking options.

  • This is kind of crap because it’s shutting down the Warehouse theater for the summer (AFTER Fringe– Fringe shouldn’t be affected, is what I hear). However, that means that other local performing groups can’t use this awesome and affordable space. My awesome a cappella group, Capital Blend, usually has our major concerts here, but we have to find a new venue because of this thing.

  • this is a shit idea

  • It’s opening tomorrow night.

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