New Georgetown Nike Store Anticipates a Summer 2012 Opening

Looks like Georgetown’s new Nike store coming to 3040 M Street, NW in the former Barnes & Noble space is aiming for a summer opening:

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  • Lame Time. Summer 2012.

  • Lame… Lame… LAME! I saw the “Niqe Inc” or “Nuce Inc” or something like that on the construction permits a few weeks ago, and I thought it might end up being Nike. They’re taking up that entire building? Is there an entire floor devoted to Michael Jordan and/or Tiger Woods?

  • I’m excited! There are a million Lululemons and hasn’t been any Nike stores in this area. Nike has the best workout gear and it LASTS forever. Im personally very happy (though will avoid it and all of M St like the plague on weekends as usual)

  • I agree, this is lame. i think there could have been better stores for this location. Barnes and Noble was great and wish it could have stayed.

  • … are they partitioning off part of it for a Comfort One shoe store? … I think we need more of those.

  • Who goes to stores anymore???

  • Nike is one of the few major brands that I don’t hate. The innovation across so many product lines is outstanding. Quality is always good.

    I don’t mind the location either. M St has long been conquered by the chains so who cares if another one moves in. I’d prefer to see the quality local stores move closer to where I live anyway.

    Also, for somebody who is probably typing comments on a Mac or Iphone, it’s a bit hypocritical to criticize Nike’s labor practices. Virtually every product you are currently using had parts produced in developing countries with poor environmental and labor regulations. Just be glad you are in a country that decided it was more important to export high value technology and import low value consumer goods. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be on the other side of that trade agreement.

  • alxindc

    Anybody planning to get Flyknits from there?

  • Another HUGE store in Georgetown is not needed.
    What is needed is more good places to eat. Georgetown has few of these.
    The Nike store will just attract lame tourists and other people who go there just to hog the streets and the parking.
    City Sports is enough. You want sports crap go to a MALL.

  • i was wondering how can i apply for the new nike store in georgetown.

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