Movement at Del Frisco’s Grill Coming to Old Les Halles Space on Pennsylvania Ave – Opening this Summer

1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Back in Dec. 2011 we finally learned who would be moving into the long vacant Les Halles space at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Signs out front say they’ll be opening in summer 2012. They’ve also just applied for a liquor license that says:

“Full service restaurant with summer garden. Seating capacity is 346.”

Their Web site says:

“Del Frisco’s Grille combines a social atmosphere with exciting cuisine, an expansive wine list & hand-crafted cocktails. Food and drinks are built to share, so get together with a friend or share the experience with your neighbor.”

You can see their New York menu here.

The burger looks pretty good…

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  • This looks like big-plate tourist comfort food, not precious small plates. Kudos on knowing their audience.

    • Good ol’ Mrrrkan fare

    • Agreed – as my eyes glazed over the menu, all I could see was overweight tourists in their shiny new sneakers ordering up some gut-busting mac and cheese. Isn’t Elephant & Castle bad enough? That’s only a block or so away!

      • Good luck walking a block when you’re tipping the scales at 450lbs.

      • I work in that building, and it’s nice to see something finally going in there. They are pouring a lot of money into it, too, with a serious expansion into the interior atrium area of the building.

        It’s true that downtown is dead after 8pm, but Elephant & Castle, which is in the same building, is absolutely packed all day during summer weekends. There’s nowhere closer to the mall to actually sit down and eat, so they do a good tourist business. Combined with expense account lunches and happy hour patrons, it might work.

  • I fell asleep (from a food coma) halfway through reading the menu. Meh. I miss Les Halles a fine go to restaurant that was not too expensive.

    • Les Halles had the best chocolate souffle… I still miss it.

      Was always my dessert and coffee goto after a show downtown.

  • Looks like expense account prices on that menu. The food looks tasty, though.

  • Glad to know it’s coming and it will be nice to have another option for those of us that work nearby, but really hope the prices are lower than what’s on the NY menu or else it won’t be here long.

  • I, for one, look forward to sharing my experience here with my neighbor.

  • It’s pretty disappointing that it’s going to a chain. And the prices are a bit high…but I’m sure the rent was as well. Hopefully they’ll adapt the menu a bit to DC’s evolving taste.

    • There’s a reason that Les Halles eventually folded and nothing has come in the space after… it’s a pretty dead location. Some tourist activity but no one is on that stretch of Penn after 8pm.

      • the reason is the landlord (now defunct ten-penh as well) thinks the property is worth more a mint… rumor has it lease prices were sky high. there is plenty of business for that location, there are few places to eat for those who work nearby.

        • Yep. I currently walk several blocks to find food. when I don’t bring my lunch. And another patio for drinks would kill….but again, prices. They’re catering to federal employees…they need to cater to that price range.

          • Problem is if they offer a $10 soup/sandwich lunch combo, even if the place is packed, they’ll still be losing money. The rents dictate the price of the menu items.

          • clevelanddave

            Walk around the corner. Cafe Phillips makes a mean sandwich. You also have a food court in the National Press Building a block away with some interesting alternatives. Three blocks is Old Ebbitt Express. And if you are of a mind there is also a nearby sandwich/deli, Potbellys and Chez Geoff as well as the already mentioned Elephant and Castle. I can go on, but the fact is that there are quite a few alternatives- and quite a bit of compettion.

  • Baked potato side for $9? Woowee.

  • I’ll go for the “potatoes and hand-mashed potatoes”. Mashing potatoes with any other appendage or mechanism is an affront to my culinary sensibilities.

    Using “frites” rather than “fries”, in a decidedly Americanized-Italian flavored food chain with no chef, factory-farmed Sysco food and a perennially staid menu is stupid.

  • I can’t tell what they’re trying to be. When I walked by, I was expecting a TGIFridays type of place. The menu items are a bit upscale for that, but don’t have any sort of theme. It looks like it’d be a total tourist trap, and tourists, not knowing any better, will probably pay those prices.

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