Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

This rental is located at 2232 13th St NW:

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The listing says:

“A wonderful 2br and 2 full bath condo for rent just a short walk from the U St metro. This is one of the nicest row houses on the street with a nice patio area and rooftop deck. You can rent it furnished or unfurnished.

– Master bedroom with attached full bath with tub and walkin closet with elfa storage
– 2nd BR
– 2nd full bath with stand up shower
– Stainless steel applicances
– Plenty of storage
– Washer and dryer
– Common outdoor patio area with seating, fire pit and bar-b-q grill
– Rooftop deck
– Just a short walk from YES! organic, CVS and all that U st and 14th St have to offer
– Metro 2 blocks away
– Dog or cat ok with approval, may need additional pet deposit
– Available June 1”

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,700/Mo.

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  • Why does this seem like a good deal? Too good to be true or really a good deal?

  • Looks nice, but see also the recent articles in the WPost and City Paper on the precipitous decline in affordably-priced apartments in this city. (Not subsidized or low-income.) Obviously this place is not the cause of the problem, but it is symptomatic of the problem. There is a real problem and it is only getting worse. How will this city function when it’s only the very poor and the very rich who can afford to live here?

    • There’s always Omaha if you find it too expensive here! JK. I totally agree with you. But DC is, for whatever reason, likely one of the top 5 most expensive U.S. cities to inhabit (along with NY, LA, SF, etc). Unless you can only do your job here in DC, why not scope out some places like Chicago, Dallas or Atlanta if you want a big city environment without the crippling living expense?

      • Chicago might provide the big city environment, but not Dallas or Atlanta — both are cities where you need a car to get around.

        I say this having lived in Atlanta for a while and having liked it very much. I don’t mean to disparage it, but it’s very different from D.C.

      • Speaking only for me, this is home. I grew up here, went to school here, and I’m currently just about priced out of owning a home here, and I can’t afford most of these rents. I’m well educated and have a good job. So telling me to move to Chicago or Atlanta is completely asinine, because frankly, that “solution” doesn’t solve the problem that many residents – including long term ones – are facing.

        • You can’t afford Petworth/Pleasant Plains/ Trinidad/Hill East/Rosedale/Carver Langston or somewhere else similar? No beef just asking.

          • Frankly, what I can afford were on blocks that I was not comfortable with. There have been a few in the Petworth and Hill East, but IIRC, they had multiple offers. And? That doesn’t address the issue that there is limited affordable, safe housing in this area. “Move” is not good enough, unless the general goal here is to have a city that consists entirely of the rich with absolutely no support staff (and that perspective is short sighted).

  • I am neither very rich or very poor but I have always managed to find a place to live. It has not always been ideal (roommates as a 27 year old), but I made it happen. Perhaps people’s expectations are out of touch? I would be worried more about the city doing little in terms of crime than housing…

    • Ha ha.

    • claire

      People’s expectations are out of touch because DC is significantly more expensive than other places. I have roommates and a really good deal in a “transitional” neighborhood (Bloomingdale, which I love) – yet I still pay nearly twice as much as my sister and her boyfriend pay for their large 1 bedroom apartment in the nicest part of downtown Kansas City.

      • The nicest part of Kansas City doesn’t employ as many high-paid people (for better or worse) in positions (for better or worse) of significant political “importance” (self or real). Having gone to college in Pittsburgh where I paid $600 rent to live alone in a huge apartment right next to campus, I would love to go back there, but with that comes a Pittsburgh lack of employment opportunities. So, I lower my expectations for where I can live and for a large chunk of my first/second year in DC, worked 2 jobs. It’s very possible.

  • The pictures make the space look small, dreary and cramped. However, at 2.7K for 2 bedrooms in that area, this is probably a decent value.

  • I am the girl who always stops at this property on her way home to admire the awesome front yard.

  • I worry about reports that came out today about DC falling in terms of employment opportunities, as the market settles and people start repopulating private-sector jobs. DC falls out of favor, and housing gets cheaper. All these people that bought houses at the height of the market are going to be very disappointed. If that happens. Which it might not.

    • Aren’t people who bought at the height of the market going to be disappointed regardless? I thought that in most neighborhoods, prices aren’t yet back up to their (circa 2007?) peak.

  • That second bedroom looks tiny and unappealing to me, but mostly I think it’s probably a good deal for that area.

  • what! i used to walk past this twice a day until last year. that front yard is amazing. It’s by far the nicest house on the block. I say it’s a good deal. I paid $2300 for 2 bed/1 bath half a block away from there last year.

    • The tax records have this place as a 1 BR, 2 BA and say it’s 784 square feet. So it’s not huge. And presumably the tenants are on the hook for all utilities. Assuming two roommates, each can expect to pay in the range of $1450 to $1500 a month for the place. Not bad, but you’d really have to like your roommate to pay that much for such a small place.

  • I love that house and had absolutely no idea it was a condo?! We walk this way sometimes and I always thought it was single family. It’s easily the nicest place on the block — and the front garden is the nicest I’ve seen on U Street. They sometimes have fires going in the winter and it makes the whole hood smell like a camp fire. I love that.

  • We used to live in 2234 nextdoor. The place is small and you can hear everything going on nextdoor. Whether that’s “cramped” or “cozy” is totally subjective. But there’s always a lot of foot traffic on 13th so it never felt unsafe.

    • I’m one of their neighbors and can attest for how nice this place is and how well it’s been maintained. The say you don’t want to have the nicest house on the block, but I’d make an exception for this place!!! I haven’t seen the rental unit, but I did tour the penthouse unit during an open house a few years ago. It is H-U-G-E, and it two stories with an awesome lay-out. Its suprising that the income unit is cramped, but I haven’t seen it so I can not say for sure. 13th is definitely looking nicer and nicer on this end that is for sure!! I told the guy who I think owns this building that he can never move away because someone has to take care of all the trees the city just planted in the tree boxes on their side. I told him he needs to run for mayor or something. Like other people have said, this is a really good area and it is very safe along 13TH as far as I am concerned. This is just a couple streets away from U as well so it does not get as much of the party goers.

  • I live around the corner and watched them build this house up a few years ago. It is new construction. They had to tear down the old house. They did a nice job with the front, that is for sure. The back is almost as nice to be honest with all the rod iron gating and plants and stuff. They changed out the trim for black which look good. The red door really pops to. But holy cow that alot of money. I hope they get it! To bad it isn’t for sale tho but I can’t imagine what it would go for in this neighborhood these days. Prices have gone way up and keep getting more and more.

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