Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

This rental is located at 2125 14th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“This is simply gorgeous! The brand new condo unit is good as it gets… Luxury amenities such as the granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, washer/dryer, modern layout and fixtures, a wonderful view, and more importantly it comes with parking! Near metro.”

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,000/Mo.

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  • that building smells like mushrooms.

    • I love it when buildings show pictures of the lobby in listings… Tons of people go to the place expecting their apartments to look like the lobby… It’s genius. WHO CARES ABOUT THE LOBBY?

  • Someone has a large mortage and condo fee to pay…

    • Not necessarily – $3000 for a 2 bed/2 bath with parking probably just pays the mortgage/fees/taxes.

      As a condo owner, I doubt they are making much, if any, money off it. I think it’s a good deal if you want to live in that area.

      • Even if they are breaking “even” – having someone else pay YOUR mortgage and generate equity is a great way to make money.

    • me

      Their condo fees range all the way up to around $450/mo!

    • Regardless of whether they have a large mortgage or not, they will easily be able to get this. Rents in the U Street Corridor are ridiculous but people want to live there. It’s an awesome neighborhood, so I understand why. I just couldn’t afford to rent there.

  • I just looked through the pics after I commented and I really have to laugh.

    The whole “loft” design is so played out and such a rip off.

    Why? Because it costs money to frame in ceilings and hide things like the HVAC and Fire suppression system. So the developer saves considerable bread by selling you something that will forever look half finished, and still charges you top level market rates.

  • Rents in D.C. are too high. Whom can afford these high rents? Individuals making $65,000.00 yearly cannot not afford to pay $2,000 to $3,000.00 in rent monthly. This what has lead to overcrowding in many apartment buildings in Wards 1, 2, 4. I loved the buiilding post last week on Calvert Street, NW with a washer & dryer inside the apartment. However, the rent was $3,200 monthly. Only lobbyists, Attorney’s, Physicians, pimps, and drug dealers can afford these type of rents.

    • What is the point of your comment? Of course individuals making 65k can’t afford a 3k luxury condo. They can’t afford first class plane tickets, a new car and probably cant shop at whole foods, etc.

      • Randall Stevens, my point, D.C. have become an elitist city. Are you one of the elitist whites preferring so see longtime and native blacks like me pushed out of the city? By the way, there are a few items I can afford to buy at Whole Foods. The same applies to Safeway, Gaint, Harris & Teeter, and Wegmans. I prefer shopping at the Super WalMart grocery store in Severn, Maryland. I can get things much cheaper there than most grocery stores.

        • That’s the way markets work. It’s not a black/white thing… it’s that the property and surrounding area has become more valuable and people are willing to pay alot more for it. Should we not let them do that? Should we stop all development? White, Black, whatever, if you have 3k you can stay! If not, find somewhere cheaper and farther away to live.

          • Randall Stevens, this is the new Jim Crow, economic exclusion.

          • So you’re a socialist then? Am I “excluded” from owning a private jet or an island? No one is excluded — if you want to live in a 3k luxury apt, get a higher paying job. That’s all there is too it. Much nicer than Jim Crowe. Let’s call it Russell Crowe.

    • Low housing volume and high salaries in this area means high rent prices.

    • A person making $65,000 a year should not be living in a 2 bedroom luxury apartment in the U Street corridor unless they are willing to get a roommate or move in with their significant other (who should also have a job and be willing to contribute to rent). 2 people could split this thing, pay $1500/each and live in what is generally regarded as one of the better locations in the city. I am not saying it is a great deal, or even a good deal, but it’s about what I would expect something like this to go for.

    • It just so happens that this town is FULL of lobbyists, attorneys, physicians, pimps, and drug dealers.

      • [email protected]; noted and agreed.

    • @16thStreetHeights: You might have a point, if you hadn’t made it in the wrong place. Any city has a combination of rentals affordable to people making $65K a year and rentals that are NOT affordable to people making $65K a year. This is a luxury condo unit in a hot area … OF COURSE it’s not affordable to people making $65K per year.

      Instead of protesting emptily in the comments under a post about a luxury rental, why not do something about the fact that so many people take home so little money? Fight for an increase in the minimum wage. Don’t patronize restaurants that steal their workers’ wages from them. Go ask the City Council why the city’s wage and hour office refuses to demand the full range of remedies it can when workers are ripped off by their bosses.

  • 2 bedrooms in a newer building with parking near U Street for $3000. This is a good deal.

  • I’d love to know if they get this. If so, I may tell my wife we have to move and rent our place out. We have a 2 level, 3BR (or 2BR + den, not sure which), 2.5 bath, 1750 sq foot condo closer to the Columbia Heights metro station than this is to the U Street metro. Not as tricked out as this, but also a recent renovation. $3000/month would not only pay the mortgage, but put some money in my pocket.

    • U street >>> col heights, esp with all the new development on 14th

    • I agree with Randall, but I also think that you could get $3000 for yours, based on how you are describing it.

  • Randall Stevens, you are so wrong. I know many people making $30,000 living in the District can afford a new car. Most people in other States and cities would love to make $65,000. Why are you putting down hard working people that only make $65,000. yearly? Some of these people are college educated. D.C. is turning into Manhattan, New York, a city for the very rich and very poor.

    • I am not putting anyone down and am not the one that brought up salaries! I am just telling it like it is….

  • You non-profit folks are delusional. $65,000 is very easily attainable out of college in this city IF you work at a big consulting firm (BAH, Deloitte, Accenture, etc, etc) and went to a highly regarded school. Non-profits specializing in policy related to saving baby Rhinos just don’t’ pay as much due to the fact they aren’t billing OPM $300 an hour for “expert” advice.

    That bro-bag spilling miller lite everywhere at lucky bar? Yup he’s making around that much if not more doing “consulting” with his Finance degree from UVA Darden.

    This city hires these types of folks and pays hand over fist for them and there are a surprising number of candidates with high end degrees and work related experience that keep ending up here every year.

    Hell I’ve seen internal documents showing the average salary is around 100k at Booz Allen Hamilton.

    On the flip side, there are plenty of rental options in this city in nice areas if you have roommates. Don’t like roommates?

    Then go spend $30 on a CCNA, MCSE, ASP.NET or J2EE book and start spending all your free time getting awesome at IT or programming. Will it be fun? Nope. Fulfilling work? Fat Chance. But it is that last remaining field where you can still make the cash required for $1500 a month rent without having to get a college degree.

    • Salaries, are you saying HBCU schools like Howard, Morgan State, NCCU, North Carolina A&T, Hampton are not highly regarded schools? Everyone can’t afford to attend Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, GW, Columbia, and American Universities. I attended Howard University and I am a very proud Howard University graduate. I am seeing too many snobs now living in D.C. and some dislike seeing or living around low to moderate income blacks and Latinos. This is a negative to gentrification.

      • hahaha have you seen the annual tuition for howard these days? low-to-moderate income? LOL at that

        • AnonJohn, I wasn’t saying low to moderate income people attend Howard University. I was referring to low to moderate income D.C. residents living in gentrified neighborhoods, before the wealthy whites moved in.

          However, I attended Howard in the 70’s and I was able to apply for a free grant entitled, ‘Basic Educational Opportunity Grant’. If it had not been for programs like this back in the early and mid seventies, many minorities like myself wouldn’t have been able to afford to attend college. I am not privileged like many of the new comers moving into the District of Columbia. Most federal government jobs in D.C. are going to white educated professionals moving into the District. It’s about who you know, not what you know. As a black native Washingtonian born in 1955, I remember many of these so called neighborhoods considered the ghetto. Why is it, when whites move into black neighborhoods, the property value increase and when blacks move into white neighborhoods, the property value decrease?

          • Just had to address a few of the things you’ve posted about. Gentrify means neighborhoods renew & rebuild during the same time as generally more affluent folks move into these areas. Focusing on the fact that some poorer residents didn’t buy & may have to relocate does not capture its true meaning. Also, many of the residents did buy & are very happy that their neighborhood gentrified. With that said, not sure why the racist views on everything (wealthy whites, govt jobs going to whites, priveleged coming to dc, property value rationale, etc.). The folks that are coming to DC are college graduates, which would ironically make you part of this ‘privileged’ group that you seem to detest so much. Wealth implies that they have some sort of resources. The majority of recent college graduates have debt, not resources. The majority of govt jobs are going to veterans (many of which are disabled), & if you follow the stats regarding this, veterans are increasingly minorities. As for the property value question, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

          • I think it would help immensely if you stopped making it about race. I’m black, my wife is black… our child is black. It’s not about white – black anymore as it is about rich – poor. That’s not to say there aren’t still racial issues but when it comes to neighborhoods and gentrification and the problems this city faces are rich – poor.

          • Howard, like Georgetown who catered to minority Catholics primarily pre-1980’s, has evolved into a bloated high priced institution catering mostly to the needs or upper-middle and upper-class African-American students and is just as expensive as any other private school in the US.

            Again, this is not a race issue. I’m black and went to Hampton, earned a BS in Finance in 2002 and make enough money so that I was able to purchased a condo in this building. The issues you are raising are related to class. Race has it’s place in a debate about affordable housing, but it is far more complicated than just saying rent is high to push black people out.

            My family purchased land that was occupied in Northern Virginia by mostly poor rural white people. 20 years ago a developer grabbed all the land and we built a 8,000 sq house next to houses even larger. Those poor white people can’t afford to live where they grew up either.

          • ^are you single?

      • Life is all about choices. You choose where you go to school and where you live and where you work. Its better just to be content with what you have instead of digging yourself into a hole of anger.

        Highly regarded schools are ranked every year per program (financial times, us news, etc etc), it is what it is. You take out the loans and incur the debt to make the salary to get by in this city. 3k for a 2 bedroom on u st with parking is awesome. I’d love to pay less as well, but it’s supply and demand!

    • “Then go spend $30 on a CCNA, MCSE, ASP.NET or J2EE book and start spending all your free time getting awesome at IT or programming. Will it be fun? Nope. Fulfilling work? Fat Chance. But it is that last remaining field where you can still make the cash required for $1500 a month rent without having to get a college degree.”

      Not so much now. Lots of companies have been outsourcing those jobs to India and in-outsourcing to foreign guest workers on temporary work visas. Just like the factory jobs of old. These aren’t the inevitable, natural course of things: You can thank free trade agreements and guest work programs for that, and while you’re at it thank the corporate lobbyists and politicians on both sides of the aisle that they bought off.

      Individual choices definitely have their role to play, but there are also much bigger structural forces that are shaping this economy. No one should be working 40+ hours per week and unable to support a family on their hard-earned wages, but this is the economy we keep creating here.

      Lack of affordable housing is just a symptom of this much bigger problem.

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