Lots of Progress on Build-Out for Chipotle Coming to Barracks Row

Thanks to a reader for sending the updated photo of the Chipotle coming to 413 8th St, SE on Barracks Row. Did anyone notice any progress on the pizza spot coming next door to 415 8th St, SE?

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  • I get excited when I see a Chipotle . . . at an airport, highway reststop, or when stranded at some suburban mall.

    Pizza joint is a no-go on 8th (at least the earlier announced one). It’s happening on H st. NE instead

  • Another Chipotle, really?

    Am I the only one that finds their burritos pedestrian?

    How about a decent, affordable non-chain pizza place? All’s DC has is Armands (mediocre) the god awful Boli’s (garbage in a box – they fail health inspections), chains, or New York Pizza (see Boli’s)? And not one of those lame uber hipster $20 personal pizza places. I want “real” NY pizza and not another McDonald’s chain (which Chipotle is)

    • Not that it matters, but McDonald’s invested in Chipotle in 1998, it wasn’t a “chain” of McDonald’s. And McDonald’s fully divested itself in 2006.

      As for the burritos, I like them as good food not necessarily as good Mexican food. Once you stop treating it as “Mexican” the food really does hold its own.

      • I used to love Chipotle….until I read sat fat content of their burritos. Plus, they mostly fill those things with rice.

        • Sooo… get it without rice? And no cheese/sour cream? I don’t find it that hard to eat healthfully at chipotle. Especially if you get a bowl.

          • Seriously. All the fat is in the burrito skin, cheese, and sour cream. Get a bowl, double the black beans, and add a “good” fat like guacamole and you’re fine. I hope this place gives Chicken Tortilla competition because paying $11 for a carryout burrito is freaking crazy.

    • Between 7th Hill, We The Pizza, Matchbox how could you possibly want another pizza place?

    • Complaining about DC’s lack of NY pizza is like complaining about New York’s lack of Ledo’s.

      • No doubt – I get so sick of that. New York pizza is fine, but people from there act like it’s life-changing.

    • Don’t forget As’ on East Capitol and Pizza Iole on Penn right next to Fragers.

      • Second Pizza Iole near Fragers. Perfectly legit neighborhood slice-and-a-coke joint. Love Seventh Hill, but when I want a cheap slice, these guys hit the spot without breaking the bank.

  • I’m happy to see Chiptole moving into Barrack’s Row only because it cleaned up yet another section of 8th Street.

    Now if only Popeye’s would lose their lease…..the odor from that place is wretched.

  • what’s the deal with the Chipotle in CLEVELAND PARK?? This thing has looked 80% finished for about a month

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