Le Caprice DC Gets Sweet New Outdoor Seating

In other bakery news Le Caprice DC which which opened in Jan. 2012 at 3460 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights now has some of the best outdoor seating in town.

These are the legit comfortable wicker chairs. And thankfully there are lots of them. The revolution continues on the 3400 block of 14th Street. And stay tuned for expanded hours coming in the next week or so.

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  • Looks great! Can’t wait to check out this place.

  • love this place. they’re gonna hafta add a second shift, tho, so that they stop runnin’ outta croissants & baguettes & stuff by early afternoon . . .

  • Wow, fantastic. As usual, Le Caprice gets it right — the food is fantastic, and now there is a beautiful spot to enjoy it. Well done.

  • We checked out their baguettes when they first opened, and found them to be not very good. Kind of white bread doughy with not much crustiness. But maybe that was early or we just got a bad batch. What do others think of their baguettes?

    • I had the opposite opinion. Skinny, rich, and HARD. Actually probably too hard for most people’s taste but that’s authentic french baguettes for ya, not our Americanized soft version. So I think you may have just gotten a bad early-opening batch. I’d try again.

    • I think you got a bad batch. Every baguette I’ve got form them has been nice and crusty. In my opinion they have the best baguettes in the city.

    • Completely agree. Some of their other breads are quite good, but their baguettes have not had the right sort of texture at all.

  • The owners are just as friendly as can be and I am so glad their bakery is a success. The tables and chairs make me feel like I am sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Arles.

    I know it’s better to do what you’re good at and not try to be average at everything, but I’d love to also go there in the evening for some bread and cheese and a glass of wine. Perfect dinner!!!

  • I had lunch there on Monday and enjoyed the spectacular view of the future home of Bacon Funeral (ugh) across the street.

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