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14th and Park Rd, NW

From Aquiline, Laina (ANC 1A05) via the Columbia Heights Listserv:

Z Burger’s application for a sidewalk cafe was approved contingent upon the following conditions (please note: this is not the specific language used by the committee, but a summation):

1) Z Burger will choose furniture that is more consistent with the furniture at other restaurants in the Columbia Heights Public Realm, subject to the approval of the Office of Planning.

2) The layout of the sidewalk cafe as applied for by Z Burger will remain the same, except for the removal of a four-top table (the middle of the three tables to the left (west) of the granite bench) and the handicap four-top table adjacent will be shifted to the left (west), in the former table’s place, allowing greater access to the granite bench.

3) Z Burger will only have a fence that runs parallel to Park Rd. There will be no fence enclosing the bench or on either the east or west sides of the cafe.

PSC approved cafe layout plan

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  • LOL @ “Opening Summer 2011”

  • Thank god the neighborhood busybodies finally resolved this. I’ve been unable to sleep out of anxiety over the fate of that bench. /sarcasm

  • Good thing z-burger finally realized a public bench is not their property and adjusted their patio accordingly


    • Because no where can one find him or herself a servicable hamburger anywhere in Columbia Heights (not)!

      • Hey, their milkshakes are delicious. Good shakes in Columbia Heights are hard to come by.

        • Potbelly’s has good shakes… just sayin’

          • Agreed that potbelly has good shakes, but Z-Burger has like 75+ flavors of shake. If you go off menu and order a chocolate oreo shake + mint, it tastes EXACTLY like a girl scouts thin mint cookie.

        • I don’t know about that, there’s a guy who hangs out in front of the Giant most days, who usually has the shakes.

  • Why didn’t they open the inside while this was pending, does anyone know?

  • This place is an eye sore as is (hello “Opening Summer 2011” sign); I hope it opens soon.

  • the fact that this was held up over a year because some self-important ANC people wanted to flex their muscle over a table and 4 chairs is absolutely assinine! the epitome of how truly stupid some people in society have become. grow up and get over yourselves! how much $ was lost in a year-long fight over a table??? the ANC should be horribly ashamed of itself.

    • Ummm, I don’t see how this issue (which affects only outdoor seating, after all) in any way held up Z-Burger’s opening. They could have opened, as there is plenty of indoor space and plenty of nearby public seating outdoors, to boot, while continuing to resolve this issue. They just chose to instead prioritize the opening of another Z-Burger location. Blame the ANC for many things, fine, but not for this, as there is no evidence that this place would have opened sooner but for resolution of this issue.

  • So does this mean it will actually be opening at some point over the summer (2012, not 2011 obviously)?

  • Glad to hear this is resolved and hope this speeds up the opening process. Not sure where the guy that lifts weights listening to the funky sounds on the boombox is gonna go though…or if he’ll keep jamming & lifting no matter what.

  • So will the Conditional Use Permit boobs be serving the burgers at Z?
    Or will they just man the Fry Bin??

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