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  • pablo .raw

    Reminds me of Falling Water!

  • Nooooope. Fail. Should have had a drawbridge.

  • I think it’s awesome! Except for that silly, um… smoke stack(?)

  • Your previous link was 27 months ago, they had the foundations poured and the framing done then, and they aren’t done yet!!

    Obviously built by someone with more money than brains. I don’t care how “unique” or “revolutionary” the design is..taking nearly 3 years to build a house is straight up crazy.

    • Yep. I’ve been running by that place for years, and I don’t think they’ve done any construction in several.

  • I agree with Pabloraw; Falling Water

  • I think they stripped it down and rebuilt it with the rust colored sidding, after haulting construction for months. New owners perhaps? Pretty ugly now though.

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