Is This Your Bike?

Dear PoPville,

This bike was dumped behind my place that borders Raymond Rec Center. This bike is too nice to just be left so I’m almost certain it was stolen. If someone is looking for their bike then that’s where it is…

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  • lordscarlet

    Hey everyone, look, free bike!

  • So, did you call MPD, too, to report a most-likely-stolen-and-dumped bike, or did you absolve yourself of all responsibility by emailing PoP?

  • dreas, your comment really bothers me. I think it’s great that the OP took the time to put the find on blast via PoP. Your statement: ‘did you absolve yourself of all responsibility’ is really too much. An honest effort has been made in a widely read community forum and hopefully, the rightful owner will come forward. Hats off to the OP for the effort and honesty in trying to find the owner.

    • And if the owner of the bike doesn’t read PoP? Doesn’t know of it’s existence? Doesn’t think to check a blog when looking for their stolen bike, figuring that MPD deals with stolen stuff and anyone who finds something they suspect is stolen they would probably call the police, too? There’s more to the world than PoP and its readership. If the OP notified MPD, too, that’s great. But only emailing a neighborhood blog about a bike you presume is stolen is kind of lame, especially when you’ve given out the location and a lovely photo for anyone who’s in the market for a free bike.

      • Where did this post say that notifying PoP is the only thing that he or she did, dreas?

        Some people are so quick to attack for absolutely no good reason other than I guess they like acting tough on the internet when they’re anonymous

      • And during all your preaching to the OP you could have called too – right.

  • Announcing there’s a free bike sitting there for the taking isn’t a good idea. Can’t you secure it for a couple days to see if the owner is found?

  • No good deed goes unpunished in PoPville.

    • Don’t let people like that get you down. PoP is a great avenue for reaching out with this kind of helpful post, but the downside is having to deal with the horrible comments that inevitably ensue.

  • +1 dreas.

    Super nice of OP to try to get in touch with whomever lost a bike. When my bike was stolen I scoured Craigslist for days and was really bummed.

    But if I had seen it pop up on PoP, I would have been PoPissed. It takes just as long to call the police and say “a bike got dumped in my yard, it might be stolen” as it does to post a pic on PoP. Might be faster, actually. If it’s stolen, there’s a good chance there’s a police report with the bike serial number.

    Of course, OP could have just left it there and done nothing. He didn’t do that, so that’s good, I guess. But for the kids watching out there, please go to the police first.

    • when you assume (that the OP didn’t call the police), you make an ass out of you. just you.

  • Mine was recently stolen, and I’m on my way to the Alamo to find it.

  • Don’t punish dreas, the cops won’t likely do much. A bike was dumped by me (I was chasing the guy that dumped it) a while back. I called the cops (primarilly because the guy also tried to steal stuff off my porch). The policeman said that he could take it and it would likely be sold at auction, or that I could try to find the owner. I tried all available options at the time… and still have the bike. If you are missing a Marin bike please contact me with a description.

    • Could it be this one? “Gray Marin San Anselmo 24 speed Commuter bike Bag rack Topeak bag with two panniers 29”

      That description is from a DC listserve I am on. Bike stolen March 26.

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