Iron Gate Restaurant Reopening in Dupont with Chef from Vermilion

1734 N St, NW

Back in Oct. 2010 we were saddened to learn that Iron Gate restaurant was closing at 1734 N St, NW. The Washington Post shares the great news:

Tony Chittum, of the three-star Vermilion in Alexandria, plans to leave the contemporary American restaurant and reopen the romantic Iron Gate Inn in Dupont Circle.

The menu of the new Iron Gate Inn will highlight Italian and Greek flavors.

Stay tuned for an opening in about six months. Anyone ever eat at Vermilion?

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  • That boy can cook. Can’t wait

  • Vermilion is AWESOME. I have never had a dish there that wasn’t wonderful–and their King Street Lemonade is potent and perfect on a summer day. Went there fairly frequently when I worked in Alexandria.

  • Used to frequent Vermillion for Happy Hour when I worked in Old Town and loved it. Food was always really good and so was the wine!

  • Went to Vermillion once for brunch and it was fantastic. This is great news.

  • Vermillion is awesome. Exciting news for Dupont.

  • That’s great. I walked into Iron Gate once and couldn’t believe how cool it was inside, but the menu was literally a variety of meats served with potatoes and broccoli. It’s a fantastic location, so glad to see it head in the right direction food-wise.

  • The location/ambiance of Iron Gate is incredible, but it was only half of the Iron Gate story. The old menu was fantastic. Their lamb shank in particular was unbelievable. It would be a shame to lose that and similar menu items — despite adding a new talented chef who will no doubt still impress.

  • Most romantic place ever, but the food really sucked. With Chittum at the helm, I only hope I can get a reservation!!

  • This is great news! This place has THE best ambiance in the entire city, but under the previous management it had terrible service and even WORSE food.

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