Ice Cream Coming to 1731 7th St NW?

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up about 1731 7th St, NW. Looks like it could be an ice cream spot or perhaps a bodega. Anyone hear anything?

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  • It might be the humidity talking – but an ice-cream sounds pretty good to me right now.

    • Oh and to clarify, when I say ice-cream, I don’t mean the fancy-schmancy ice-cream, I’m talking about the good ol’ fashioned stuff. Now, yum!

  • a good ice cream place would be fantastic!

  • Color me skeptical, but I’m guess that this’ll be a bodega — then again it is awfully nearly the new office building over the Howard Metro entrance….hmm…

  • omg. omg. if this is an ice cream place, I’m going to flip out. there is a serious lack of ice cream parlors in DC.

  • There is (used to be?) a Hershey’s ice cream place in the McPherson Square area. It was really tasty. Birthday cake ice cream was the BEST!

  • Hershey’s is decent mass-market ice cream. Nothing wrong with a bodega that does hand-dipped ice cream. When I was a kid, every convenience store always had ice cream. Getting an ice cream cone never took planning, it was allways everywhere.

    Not the same, but if I was rich and didn’t care about money, I’d figure out a way to set up an urban Dairy Queen.

  • Less fro-yo more ice cream!

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