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  • The pics of the new space look amazing. Better than the old space in Logan, from what I remember.

  • I was sorry to see them leave 14th St but this space looks great and does a much better job of displaying their goods.

  • hooray for h st! this is a very welcome addition! looks gorgeous, can’t wait to stop by!

  • space looks great. too bad they covered the window in that messy vinyl since it’d be better to show off what’s inside.

  • Big improvement on the 14th St location. Sad to see them go, but good for them. When H St becomes too gentrified and the rents rise, can all these former 14th St businesses move to 7th St NW?

  • Nice to see Mark has a new spot to setup shop. I always felt bad for him in the old location as the heating / air conditioning was not the greatest.

  • Wow! This space really looks swanky! Once you leave 14th street I guess you go all “New York”, huh??!! I thought the old space was pretty kool too. Loved the quirkyness and also enjoyed the search through the old apartment rooms. Nice that DC shops can “grow” like this and nice to know there’s life outside of 14th Street too. They may have been the first lil indie shop to move to H but I don’t think they’ll be the last.

  • i am just hoping it doesn’t smell like incense like before

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