Homicide Stabbing at 5th and Florida Ave, NW

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MPD writes:

On May 1, 2012, at approximately 2:15 a.m., Third District police officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Florida Ave. N.W. for a traffic accident. Upon arrival, officers found an adult male suffering from an apparent stab wound. The adult male was transported to Howard University Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Branch is currently investigating this incident.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 727-9099.

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  • additional detail: the car slammed in to Shaw’s tavern.

  • channel 9 has some video footage – but hard to tell the extent of damage to Shaw’s Tavern. maybe the car stopped on the sidewalk before hitting the windows? http://wusa9.com/news/article/204024/158/Two-Men-Killed-In-Separate-Attacks-In-DC

  • Dear PoP,

    Wasn’t there another fatal stabbing in NE, too, that took place in the early morning (1:30 am or so). The victim was stabbed in the stomach but later died, I think.

  • Luckily Shaw’s wasn’t damaged too badly, that place can’t get a break. Would be interested in learning more about the stabbing. Random act of violence? Unfortunate to see a death occur.

  • I’m personally more concerned about the victim than a building.

    • Agreed. The rash of violence in the area over the past week has been truly concerning. Gunshots, two ADW, armed robbery and now a homicide all within a few blocks of each other – i’m just skipping the simple assaults, robberies and drug arrests.

      As much as I’d like to see Shaw Tavern thrive, some insured building repairs shouldn’t be the subject of the majority of the posts.

  • The victim was a good guy. Innocent. Not drug related. Worked at the Washington Hospital center as a CT technologist. Had a wife and family extremely well educated ant trained in medicine. Senseless murder and nothing he could have done to deserve this.

    • So terrible. My thoughts are with his family.

    • So sorry for your loss. Hoping the victim and his family can atleast have justice. Popville, let’s focus more on the loss of an innocent human being rather than the state of Shaw tavern….

  • I’m tired of all these vauge reports. why is it that POP readers can give more details than the news or the police. A small information can go a long way.

    Some may say its profiling, jumping to comclusion, unfair, I don’t care, I call it living in a city with crime issues and being a alert citizen.

    Where was the car from, what kind of car, how old was the person invloved, what race was he or she. Just facts. Unfortunately if you have lived in DC long enough you know these mean alot.

    Listen, when I heard that the “hammmer” kid was targeting anybody of any race and age, I take alert. Maybe not walk alone, blah blah.

    When I hear that some crew from one street shot at another crew of another street, it affects me a differnt way.

    According to Pop poster this was an innocent man STABBED IN THE NECK. a little details and facts please beacause when they come out in a month they are never reported.

    • ??? They’re under investigation.

      • I hope there doesn’t need to be an investigation to figure out where the car was from, how old was the individual, white, black, blue, green. Simple small facts. For me they are very telling.

  • I heard on the really early news this morning that this allegedly followed an argument. Apologies if someone already posted this in one of the links; I haven’t read any of the below-linked articles.

  • how did the stabber get in the car with the stabbed?

    • The early thinking on this was that the victim was stabbed and then got in the car, and tried to drive off. I don’t believe that this all took place at Shaw’s Tavern but instead nearby and crashing into the Tavern was a casualty, as was the victim, who later died, sadly.

  • Does anyone know anything about the mugging turned stabbing at Columbia Heights on Monday April 30th? Increased police presence in the area to-day…

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