Hidden Gem – YoonHa’s Kitchen & Deli Korean Restaurant in Capital City (Florida) Market

325 Morse St, NE

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on this great hidden gem. YoonHa’s is not fancy but it has two more important traits – it is delicious and it is cheap. It is located at 325 Morse St, NE in the Capital City Market (where Litteri’s is located) very close to the NoMa metro:

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They are open from 5am – 3pm from Monday thru Saturday.

A look at the menu after the jump.

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  • this is extremely relevant to my interests.

  • Anyone know if they have any seating or take-out only?

  • Is that bulgogi good? I would love to avoid the long schlep to Virginia to get my Korean beef fix.

  • Reminds me to ask; Is there any word on the possibility of the owner of Lion’s Liquor opening up a Korean BBQ joint/ Sushi Bar??

  • I love learning about places like this and can’t wait to give it a try. I hope the kimchee is good.

  • While you’re there, check out a produce market called “Mexican Fruits”. They’re as cheap and maybe as good as Yoon Haa’s. East side of 4th, a couple doors North of Morse. This place makes fresh vegetarian cooking more than affordable.

  • Sitting here now. 215pm on a beautiful Thursday, was maybe a 10-15m walk from noMa. 9 x 2 seat tables, I make the 4th customer here at the moment. Kimchee is nice and hot. Bulgogi and other sides good, too. Very fresh. Not sure whether they take credit cards or not: I paid cash.

  • It’s a shame that the menu has shrunk while the ownership has changed a couple times in recent years. Good stuff, though.

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