Heritage India Moving Dupont Circle Location

1337 Connecticut Ave., NW

EaterDC shares the word from Heritage India:

Heritage India Dupont Circle is closing to relocate.

As of May 31, 2012, it will cease operations and close at 1337 Connecticut Av NW. Our lease is ending and we are opting to relocate.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve thousands of Washingtonians and domestic and foreign visitors since 2005. We will resume operations in another location where we can fulfill our commitment to providing world-class cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated setting.

Our new location will be announced this summer.

Heritage India Georgetown is open for lunch and dinner daily to serve you at 2400 Wisconsin Av NW. We sincerely thank you for your continued patronage and support. Please visit www.heritageindiausa.com for updates.

Heritage India’s Dupont location was the scene of a shooting on Nov. 27th 2011. An arrest was made in that case back in Feb. 2012.

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  • This would be a good opportunity to change the name and just start over. Heritage isn’t known as a place to get really good Indian food, as the middling Yelp reviews reflect. It’s known as the place where that guy got shot in Dupont Circle.

    • Really? I’ve actually never been to this location but I think the Glover Park Heritage India is my favorite Indian food in DC.

      • The Glover Park location is better as it focuses on making food, and not being a clubbing destination for murderous thugs from PG county.

  • After all the drama that place has been responsible for, I hope they relocate to India.

  • This is one of those places that people who haven’t been in D.C. in close to a decade list as a top D.C. food destination (the same people who claim that Mei-Wah is good Chinese food, Oceanaire is a great restaurant, etc. etc.). It is not. Similar prices to Rasika, but about 1/4 the caliber of food. Skip it in any location.

  • Overpriced and mediocre, with equally medicre service. Good riddance.

  • I’d love to finally get a Comfort One Shoes in the Dupont area.

  • Whatever it’s called, we love HERITAGE INDIA in Glover Park and have for a long time (lots of places near there seem to tend to tack “Georgetown” onto names – Holiday Inn Georgetown, for one – doesn’t affect food or ambiance.) I never even knew there was a place in Dupont. Rasika is fabulous – but entirely different, and meant to be.

  • hopefully something more 1337 will move in to the location.

  • Heritage is some of the best indian in the city, people. Not counting Rusika, but Rusika is in a totally different ballpark.

  • Yeah, this is definitely a smart move. It will only be known for the shooting, which is too bad, because the food is really good.

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