Good Deal or Not? “transformed by award winning designers in 2008” edition

This condo is located at 2619 Garfield Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“PARKING INCLUDED IN LIST PRICE(separately deeded). Here’s the Wardman House, transformed by award winning designers in 2008. Beautiful 2 BR/2 Bath condo, flooded w/ sunlight. Open floor plan features gourmet kitchen W/Bosch & Subzero appliances, cabinetry/counters, high ceilings, hardwoods, Elfa closets in BR’s, Bose stereo, residential front & back Porch. OWN parking area right out the back door”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $699,999 ($236 monthly condo fee.)

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  • The designers should have gotten over themselves (and probably their “vision”), and actually put a roof on the front porch.

    Otherwise, really nice place.

    • Yeah, except that with a porch roof that first floor would not be as “flooded w/ sunlight”. I like the layout and location overall. But is it really worth $700K? Not to me. (I prefer more house for the money in NoMa.)

  • Clearly that “gourmet kitchen” isn’t for a cook, since there isn’t enough cabinet space to even store cereal.

    • Good call! That’s a faux kitchen for people who don’t actually cook but think a modern kitchen will impress their friends.

  • The parking space is not secured? Does it back up to an alley? Not clear from photo. If the parking space is included in the price but the deed is separate, can someone explain why this would be necessary to make a separate deed for the parking space?

    • Parking space would be deeded separately that way it could be purchased by the owner of any of the units in the building instead of being attached one specific unit.

      • The buyer could also elect to sell the parking space on its own if (for instance) he/she didn’t have a car, wasn’t planning on getting one, and didn’t want to mess with trying to rent it out.

        • Are you sure they could sell the parking space to someone else that does not live in the condo building? Because the parking space belongs to the condo? Not totally sure.

          • Depends on the Condo docs. Although, in my experience, most condos do require that you sell or rent parking within the pool of owners in the association.

      • OK thanks, that sorta makes sense. Let’s say there are 2 or 3 units of this small condo building and say there is only 1 parking space up for grabs for the building. If the owners who are selling their place (above) and they got the parking space (say lottery or they were the only ones to want it), doesn’t it imply that whenever that unit is sold, the parking space goes with that unit unless new owner doesn’t want parking space and then could put it up for lottery or sale to one of the other condo owners in the building? Or does the owner of the parking space whenever they decide to sell their condo then the parking space is back in the pool and up for grabs by any of the condo owners in the building?

        • Again, depends on the the condo doc rules. However, the space is owned by whoever it’s deeded to. It’s not owned by the association.

    • Maybe in case someone wants to eventually sell it separate (my guess). Would be convenient if there are fewer parking spaces than condo units.

  • notice in picture 14 that the cereal is kept on the windowsill. I am not a fan of this place, nor the interior design. Very funky current setup in the living room – tv at an angle in the corner with only one chair facing it?? I have a hard time even imagining a better layout based on how the walls/closets/windows are laid out. and as a previous poster mentioned: no cover on the porch?

    HBO’s show had a great analogy for useless thing: like using a croissant as a dildo. 1 it doesn’t get the job done and 2 it makes a [email protected] mess!

  • novadancer

    this seems like a lot of money for one level (let alone the kitchen issues). And how much soundproofing between floors is there? I could get a house with more sq footage for that price ($785k equivalent with no condo fees).

  • Pass. This could have been a very nicely appointed 1BR/1.5BA but instead the builder decided to cram in two bedrooms in order to jack up the sales price.

    As a result you have: two bedrooms with minimal closet space, one bedroom that is basically a study, two small bathrooms, and an efficiency kitchen.

    Good location, though.

    • Good location? This is a condo. This is only a good location if you want to buy a house.

      Who wants to feel cramped, spending 700k, and live in a shoe box? People who want to spend 700k on a condo dont want to live in Woodley Park and the people who want to spend 700k+ to live in Woodley Park dont want to live in a condo.

  • $700k for a 2-br condo? The finishes are nice. But that is too much scratch for a place that small. And good grief, if you want someone to fork out that much scratch for a mini-condo, at least take some 409 to the shower floor. Eww.

    • i noticed that grime on the show floor too – ew! and seriously, that place looks WAY overpriced for the size and layout. it doesn’t look like it could possibly have the square footage to make it worth 700K. frankly, i think the sellers are deluded if they think they’ll make more than 500.

  • The price seems high, but I’m not familiar with Woodley Park pricing. But based on open houses I’ve seen in the U Street area, it’s even high for U Street. Usually 2 bed/2 baths for that price are the top level and have 2+ balconies and a crazy loft.

    • Woodley Park is more expensive the U street, better schools, also less stabiness.

    • Mmm…maybe. For a “fancy” or newer condo you’re looking at closer to a Million down on U (never thought I’d say that) for a 2Br penthouse. In the 2020 Loft building at 12th and U and something not on the top floor now a days goes for close to the same price…maybe high 600’s.

      Their condo fees are probably doubled though.

  • what is the sf? why is this basic info not available?

  • At first, I thought that was the price for the whole house, and I thought it was a decent deal. It’s a nice condo, but that’s an outrageously ridiculous price.

  • it’s called greed.

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