Good Deal or Not? “Top floor unit w/ GREAT park views” edition (reader request)

This coop is located at 2707 Adams Mill Rd, NW:

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The listing says:

“Seller says sell!! Top floor unit w/ GREAT park views, fabulous updated kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances & granite. Beautiful bath w/ soaking tub, hardwood floors throughout + a fantastic rooftop deck! Steps to Adams Morgan as well to the Woodley Park Metro. Low fees include you taxes, this one’s a must see!!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $314,900 ($436 monthly fees.)

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  • I’d say this sounds like a good deal. I think the backsplash in the kitchen is a little much but overall the place seems pretty decent. Nice roof deck. I think to have a contemporary sink in the bathroom looks silly especially since the floor tiles are pretty basic, but these are obvious small nits that I am picking because I would prefer something different. All in all, given everything, I would say good deal. Yes, I could live with the things that I mentioned above. It will be hot, though, in the summer – being top floor and all. No central air. Not sure how many floors high this is, though, so top floor could be 4th floor (not bad) or 15th floor (bad in terms of summer heat but great otherwise).

  • My friend lives in this building and I looked at a unit there when I was buying in 2008. I’d say this is a pretty good deal. The building is solid and has the original/charm character a lot of people look for; the roof deck is phenomenol; and a lot of people would love this location. There are a few things to be aware of (as with any condo building) but that’s why every buyer needs to read the condo docs before they buy. It sounds well-managed from what I’ve heard, too. I can’t help but cringe at the sound of the condo fee though… I’m sure it’s worth it but would never work with my pocketbook.

    A second floor unit I looked at was going in the 280s in 2008, which might not mean much but I still wanted to mention it.

    • It’s a coop fee and includes taxes. It’s probably comparable to what one would pay for a similar condo fee plus property taxes. The building is well priced, but co-ops usually go for a little less than comparably sized/located condos. The bedroom looks a little small. I looked at a unit in the building years ago, the first time I lived in DC and mostly was put off by the small rooms. I eventually bought a similarly sized unit in a fancier building (also a co-op and in the same area), which had a better layout.

  • I had a friend who lives on the second floor here. I’d buy this place for the roof deck alone, had some good summer nights up there. Everyone in the building is super nice and into gardening on the roof.
    Also across the street from a park. Short walk to metro. This should go fast.

  • I actually went to an open house at this place a couple of weeks ago – it’s a really cute place, and agree with the others the roof deck alone is worth it. It’s a top floor unit, and there is an elevator. You can see clear to the Cathedral from the living room.

    Just clicked on the listing, and it looks like they just dropped the price to $309!!! This building is a co-op, so financing can be a bit tricky with banks. But if you have good credit, this is an awesome deal.

  • The fee is a bit steep, but since it is a co-op that means it includes your property taxes. So it evens out. I say GOOD DEAL.

  • I used to live here, also on the top floor (I moved to Petworth in 2005). The building is FANTASTIC. There’s no better roof deck in the city and if you’re on the 5th floor the door up to the roof is just down the hall. True, there’s no central air but since you supply your own window units you can just get one strong enough to work for you. I think the price is good relative to other places in the neighborhood. Yes, it’s a co-op, but as far as I was concerned, if you really want to buy it to live in it, a co-op is a great deal. Real estate taxes are extremely low and included in your co-op fee which also includes heat. Best thing when I lived there were the neighbors, I knew most of the people in the building and it was so much fun. I love Petworth and having a house, but I miss a lot of things about living here and that fantastic roof deck A LOT!

  • Not that it’s a reason to not buy a unit, but boy that backsplash! I watch a lot of HGTV where ‘fun’ backsplashes like this are very typical, and have thought that that look would be dated eventually — but I had no idea it would be so soon! But like I say, it wouldn’t stop me from buying cause it looks fine otherwise.

  • Anyone know why they list this as being in Mt. Pleasant? Is Adams Morgan now toxic in real estate? This is a really nice, quiet, dense, and tree-heavy corner, but I always thought Mt. Pleasant started at Harvard.

  • I live here. Its the best place to live in all of DC as far as I am concerned. Some other positives that are not obvious is the building is owned outright with no underlining mortgage which means our finical situation is terrific. Also that we are an 8 minute walk to the redline.

    Life has a way of twisting and turning and thus my wife and I will be selling our one bed, west facing (sunsets every night) , 4th floor unit which is totally upgraded and slightly bigger than this one very soon. Thinking a FSBO if anyone is interested.

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